Why Does My Spotify keeps Pausing? How to Solve it?


It would not be wrong to say that everyone loves listening to music. People choose music streaming platforms like Spotify to listen to their favorite songs.

But there are times when Spotify starts annoying the users by causing inappropriate errors like pausing for no reason. In such times you may feel frustrated and think why is my Spotify pausing?

Well, if you are reading this, it probably means you are going through such an issue. Moreover, this article will help you to understand “why does my Spotify keep pausing” and the solutions to it.

Understand “why does Spotify keep pausing” !!

Are you irritated because you cannot listen to your favorite song in peace? Do you keep on searching for the reason “why does Spotify keep pausing”?

Basically, there is more than one reason which leads to this problem. Therefore to be precise, it includes as follows


  • The problem in the Spotify server – there is a problem in the Spotify server.


  • Internet – probably, there might be a connection issue in the internet connection that you are using, it might not be as strong as it is required.


  • Multiple users- it is possible that your Spotify account is been used on multiple devices


  • Not updated – you might have to update the Spotify application


  • Caches- there are unwanted caches present


  • Data and power-saving mode- you must check if the data and power-saving mode of your device is turned off.


How to solve the issue when Spotify keeps pausing? 

Instead of sitting back and thinking why is my Spotify pausing? It is important that you focus on the solutions more. Therefore, here are some of the solutions listed below which can help you solve your issues.

  • Check the server 

One of the biggest reasons “why does my Spotify keep pausing” is this. There are times when the servers might get overloaded or technical issues may arise.

So before you blame your device for the trouble, make sure to know if the server is doing fine. Thus to check the Spotify server, you can visit the Spotify Twitter page named @SpotifyStatus or the Spotify ongoing issues board.

Once you find that the servers are doing absolutely fine, then move on to the next solution.

  • Sign out 

If you have heard of applications like Amazon Prime or Netflix, then you probably know the limitations they come with. This means users cannot overload their accounts.

However, Spotify is free from such issues but it can surely interrupt your music. This is why it is recommended to sign out from everywhere.

In order to do it, just go to the Spotify account from the browser and log in to your account. Then scroll all the way down to sign out from anywhere. Now you may log in back to check if Spotify is running easily or no longer.

  • Turn off the data and power-saving mode 

With technology getting smarter, there are thousands of features that mobile phones come with.

This includes the data saving and the power-saving mode. So this probably means you are facing the problem with your Spotify because of yourself.

In order to resolve it, just go to the settings to make sure that the data and power-saving mode is turned off. You can also do that using the notification panel of your mobile phone device.

  • Poor internet connection

Tried to download a movie and it stopped all of a sudden because your internet connection is poor?

Similarly, the answer behind “why does Spotify keep pausing” could be this. It is possible that you are in an area of poor network coverage or your internet speed is totally exhausted.

  • Update Spotify

You might be facing a problem with the Spotify application, simply because it is not updated.

If you keep using the old outdated software, then the chances of encountering errors are high. So make sure that your Spotify is updated along with your mobile phone device.

  • Clear caches 

Another unknown reason behind your Spotify pausing regularly could be the caches.

Sometimes the unwanted cache files get overloaded and it interrupts your applications. So just go to my files panel and clear them for a smooth operation.

  • Restart your phone 

If none of the solutions work, then sometimes the simplest thing can rescue you. Isn’t it? What do you do when the internet does not work?

You simply switch not the airplane mode to aid the problem and boom !! You are saved. Just like that, you can try to restart your device to solve the issue.

Turn the Volume up with uninterrupted music !!

Spotify is a very popular application that has millions of users. But of course, there are times when it might cause trouble and not meet your expectations.

In such times, instead of spending hours on finding out “why is my Spotify pausing”, all you can do is follow the above-mentioned steps to aid the problem. Surely you will see positive changes soon !!