Warframe: Top 15 Companions, Ranked


Warframe is a successful franchise. Here are some of the companions ranked in the high-rated game.


With the limited amount of mod slots available on every item in Warframe, it can be hard to get utility-based effects in certain build. Luckily, this is where companions shine at.

These sidekicks can provide bonuses ranging from grabbing every item near the player to granting status immunity. Companions are crucial to getting the most out of any build, granting nice bonuses that would otherwise not be possible. Some robotic companions, named Sentinels, can also bring unique weapons with them that can deal with reasonable damage or be built around stunning targets consistently. Here are the 15 best companions players can use in Warframe.

Updated October 7th, 2020 by Charles Burgar: Companions have received quite a few new additions with the release of the Cambion Drift. Both Predacite and Vulpaphyla companions have added quite a bit of variety to the game and should be considered when creating a new loadout. On top of these new creatures, new Primes and Mods have made certain companions stand out over others. Here are five additional companions that are worth farming for in Warframe.

15 Helminth Charger

Warframe Nidus and Kubrow deluxe skins.


If players need a bodyguard rather than a utility robot, consider using a Helminth Charger. These mutated Kubrows can take a significant amount of damage and dish out just as much punishment.

To obtain one, players will need to get infected with a cyst on their Warframe. Random players can spread the disease. Once obtained, wait a week for it to mature. Put the matured cyst into a Kubrow egg to create this monstrosity. Helminth Chargers can pull enemies close with their Proboscics, trample over targets and deal massive damage, or spawn maggots that deal a percentage of the enemy’s health. They are also very tanky if the player has Vitality or similar survivability Mods.

14 Vasca Kavat

Warframe Vasca Kavat preview image.


This vampiric Kavat’s abilities focus around draining the life force of enemies and reviving its master.

Unfortunately, this life steal is a set amount that is not based on damage dealt. Furthermore, its revive mod has a two-minute cooldown before it can be used again. Despite these negatives, Kavats are just strong picks in general due to their fantastic scaling with their owner’s weapons and Warframes. Its revive is enough to warrant a pick in a player’s loadout if they play solo, but there are definitely better options for harder content.

13 Lambeo MOA

Warframe Lambeo MOA customization.


MOAs can be created from a multitude of parts, but the model—more so a headpiece—is arguably the most important. MOA’s model determines the abilities it can use.

Lambeo is the best because it is a top hat. If fashion isn’t enough, this top hat comes with a stasis field that slows enemy projectiles immensely, reducing the damage they deal when they do make contact with the player. MOAs can also come with some incredibly strong companion weapons like the Cryotra, making them a very versatile companion to bring on any mission.

12 Shade

Warframe purchase option for Prisma Shade.


Shade is a great Sentinel for players that want to cloak their Warframes without the use of Helminth. Its Ghost precept allows Shade to make its owner completely invisible for a short time.

After players break invisibility, Shade can provide decent covering fire. Its Prisma Burst Laser weapon, found only on its Prisma variant, is one of the better Sentinel weapons in Warframe. A unique mod for Shade also exists that allows it to provide its owner a large damage boost when breaking invisibility for a short time.

11 Dethcube

Warframe Dethcube Prime promo image.


Despite the description of Dethcube and Dethcube Prime, this is not a Sentinel that is adept at killing targets. What Dethcube is good at, though, is providing endless utility to a player’s loadout.

Besides the time-honored Sentinel Mods that make these partners useful, Dethcube is the handiest Sentinel in Warframe that could help with a participant’s energy financial system. The Energy Generator Dethcube-precise Mod lets in this Sentinel to create power orbs for each ten kill assists. Dethcube Prime’s wonderful EHP is another reason why this Sentinel is really worth considering.

10 Medjay Predasite

Warframe Medjay Predasite Kubrow companion.


The Cambion Drift has introduced a new type of Kubrow named Predasite that offers a few solid abilities. One precept Predasite is the Medjay Predasite, an Infested Kubrow that specializes in Finishers.

Infectious Bite and Paralytic Spores are two mods exclusive to this class of Kubrow. Infectious Bite will infect targets with a virus that stores all damage dealt. After three seconds pass, the virus will cause the target to take all accumulated damage at once. Paralytic Spores are also fantastic on this Kubrow, as they grant the ability to open hordes of targets to Finisher damage.


Warframe Loki And Wyrm Prime.


Wyrm is the definition of reliable. He has reasonable stats on his Prime version and comes with some fantastic precepts to keep players alive and make the enemy’s job a little harder.

Crowd Dispersion causes Wyrm to stun enemies when players get swarmed. Unlike most abilities, however, Crowd Dispertoin flings enemies away from the player upwards of hundreds of meters. Wyrm’s powerful mod called Negate also allows Wyrm to negate a status effect that would otherwise be applied to the player. It’s an amazing pick for someone who wants a jack-of-all-trades Sentinel that can handle anything but the hardest of content.


Warframe clan build requirements for Djinn Sentinel.


Djinn is one of the weakest Sentinels in the game, having a low armor and shield value. Its Fatal Attraction precept is bugged and draws aggro instead of stopping an enemy fire.

So why is Djinn on this list? A specific mod called Reawaken permits Djinn to revive itself each 90 seconds whilst it dies. This makes Djinn one of the first-class choices for past due-sport content material, as he can simply respawn when he dies. Besides that, his Thumper principle lets in Djinn to attack enemies at exceptionally long distances. Best of all, it may additionally use the Sacrifice mod to self destruct to restore its owner. Combined with Reawaken, Djinn can revive its proprietor each 90 seconds if it desires to, making it a super pick out for staying power missions and Arbitrations.

Vizier Predasite

Warframe Vizier Predasite Kubrow image.


Vizier Predasites are utility Kubrows that excel at providing damage and survivability through indirect buffs. It achieves this with its Acidic Spittle and Iatric Mycelium precept Mods.

Acidic Spittle will cause targets to become immobile while dealing Corrosive damage, complete with the armor-stripping effect if a player’s Predasite has enough status chance. Iatric Mycelium is also a great Mod as it provides passive healing to the Kubrow and all nearby allies.

Adarza Kavat

Warframe Adarza Kavat imprint screen.


Not all Kavats are lacking. The Adarza might lack uniqueness, but it certainly makes up for that with its solid abilities.

Adarza Kavats can grant nearby allies a massive, additive 60% critical chance for a short time. This makes nearly every gun in the game able to crit consistently, and critically based weapons deal significantly more damage with this buff on. Adarza’s are some of the best companions to bring to Eidolon hunts because of this. Their Reflect precept is also fantastic for keeping them alive, reflecting the damage they take to nearby enemies.

Sly Vulpaphyla

Warframe Sly Vulpaphyla Infested Kavat inspect screen.


Sly Vulpaphylas are Infested Kavats that apply defensive boons to their master in life and death. These companions are all about evading attacks.

Survival Instinct will furnish the participant a 40% growth to the evasion stat till they attack. This buff is granted once each five seconds and eight seconds after the player kills a goal. Sly Devolution is the actual superstar of the display, permitting the Sly Vulpaphyla to show into an Infested Sentinel while killed at the same time as granting 20% elevated evasion while in this mode.

Evasion will make attacks miss the player. The more evasion they have, the fewer attacks hit them. Since Sly Devolution makes these Kavats invincible when normally slain, there are few better choices in the companion slot that this.


Warframe Ash and Carrier Prime promo.


Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Considered unanimously as the best companion in the game, Carrier originally was the only Sentinel that could collect loot.

Of course, Vacuum is now a mod any companion can use, so what does it do now? Carrier can convert ammo when needed. This can be invaluable for bullet-hose secondaries or ammo-hungry primaries. Besides its main precept Mods, Carrier Prime is the tankiest Sentinel in the game thanks to its high armor and health stats.


Warframe Banshee Prime and Euphona Prime


Helios is the only Sentinel in the game that comes with a melee weapon. Instead of firing bullets or lasers at targets, Helios will detach a part of himself and throw it at enemies.

This way that melee mods may be used to create a rather powerful Sentinel weapon. Better but, Helios can also test objectives to fill out a participant’s Codex, granting extra enemies to check towards in the Simulacrum. If an enemy is completely scanned, gamers can also use the Detect Vulnerability precept to have susceptible points be discovered on enemies, making them take more harm much like the first-rate Banshee Warframe’s Sonar energy. It’s hard to find a scenario Helios struggles in.

Panzer Vulpaphyla

Warframe Panzer Vulpaphyla Companion Infested Kavat.


Should Digital Extremes ever nerf or rework the Smeeta Kavat, the strongest companion in Warframe would easily be the Panzer Vulpaphyla. This Kavat can never die, can inflict Viral to nearby targets thanks to its precept Mods, and has the same Spore mechanic as Saryn.

Viral Quills is Saryn’s Spore ability in pet form. The Vulpaphyla will fire six quills that will spawn spores, increasing in damage the longer they persist while proccing Viral nearly every damage tick. It can do this every four seconds. Better yet, Panzer Devolution allows the Kavat to fire Viral quills at targets even after it dies since it will morph into a Sentinel when it takes fatal damage. As long as players don’t need the Smeeta Kavat’s luck-based buffs, the Panzer Vulpaphyla is an objectively better companion for difficult content such as Steel Path.

Smeeta Kavat


If players are going to farm resources, the Smeeta Kavat is the uncontested best companion in the game. If players want a wide range of buffs, the Smeeta Kavat is the uncontested best companion in the game.

Smeeta Kavats can provide vital buffs, loose power, double XP and loot, immediately reloads, and can distract goals using a decoy of themselves. Smeeta Kavats are high-quality at almost the entirety, with their simplest con being that the buffs they offer are completely random. Players might get an XP buff three times in a single recreation and none of their next task, making them truly unreliable. Certain mods can alleviate this, but common the buffs they do provide are each commonplace and strong enough to warrant bringing them. They are presently the first-class Kavats in the sport and, arguably, the first-class partners in Warframe duration.