After every major update to Warframe, plenty of new players hop in to see what the sci-fi space ninja game is all about. With its fast yet fluent gameplay, deep customization, and overall alien art style, it has made plenty of hardcore players hooked.

It can also ward plenty of new players away with its plethora of confusing systems and lacking tutorials. Along with that, the game gets progressively harder if players do not use good weapons or Mods. While good Mods are important, a good weapon is equally as important. Here are ten of the best primary weapons you can use in Warframe.

Updated July 27th, 2021, by Charles Burgar: The addition of Galvanized Mods and Weapon Arcanes has shifted Warframe’s meta considerably. Primary and secondary weapons can now compete with melee weapons, making some of the game’s more forgotten weapons some of the most powerful. We’ve updated this tier list to account for Warframe’s new Mods, Arcanes, and weapons released over the last few mainline updates. Happy hunting!

10 Rubico Prime

Warframe Rubico Prime concept art.

Sniper rifles are rarely visible as a possible alternative in any fast-paced online game, commonly missing mobility upgrades or ease of use like different weapon categories.

The Rubico Prime does not include any of those bonuses, but it does make up for it with its notable damage. Its damage output is so high that it may kill a number of the hardest bosses in the sport with a unmarried bullet. With an inexpensive fireplace charge, speedy reload, and exquisite essential stats, it is easy to look why that is the desired weapon for Eidolon slayers and boss killers.


Warframe Excalibur with Corpus armor and Stahlta weapon.

Boltor fanatics have subsequently met a competitor. If pinning goals to walls and firing a death laser sounds interesting, bear in mind crafting the Stahlta assault rifle.

Every shot from this weapon has a high threat of causing a status sickness or crucial hit, as one would count on from a top-tier gun. What makes the Stahlta truely stand out, even though, is its alternate fireplace. After a 1.6 2nd charge time, the Stahlta will fireplace an explosive projectile dealing a whopping 1,2 hundred Radiation harm with a forty one% danger to significantly hit with a 3x damage multiplier. Needless to mention, modding this weapon for vital hits turns it into an objectively higher Opticor with a few Boltor DNA jumbled in.


Warframe Excalibur with Trumna assault rifle.

Galvanized Mods have given the Trumna new life. Released alongside the Cambion Drift, the Trumna is a slow-firing, hard-hitting assault rifle that puts most Archguns to shame.

Full-auto shots deal 82 damage biased in Heat along with great critical and status stats. Nearly every shot will critically hit and apply a status effect on this weapon, which pairs nicely with Galvanized Mods and any Primary Weapon Arcane. As great as the Trumna’s main fire is, this gun has one more trick up its sleeve.

Every five kills with the Trumna will charge its alternate fire, an arching projectile that detonates with each impact. This explosion deals 1,000 Heat damage per impact with a 38% critical chance, 2.4x critical damage multiplier, and a 50% status chance to boot. The only downside to this gun is the Trumna’s horrid five-second reload time, but this can easily be remedied with the Synth Mod set or auto-reloading Mods.

Ignis Wraith

Warframe Ignis Wraith flamethrower.

Getting this augmented flamethrower is rather strange, as its blueprint can only be obtained from clans who participated at some stage in an event that happened years in the past. Baro also once in a while sells a fully-built Ignis Wraith. Since the Warframe network is so first-rate, all you want to do to reap this weapon is ask for a blueprint in trade chat. No, in reality. Most clans will give this weapon out without cost.

Those who personal it recognize of its large variety and potential to pierce bodies with its innate punch through. Reasonable critical stats and its obscene status effect threat make this flamethrower one of the most effective weapons within the whole sport, doing away with hordes of enemies in seconds quite simply. Slap on a Galvanized Aptitude Mod to ramp up this weapon’s harm to obscene degrees.


Warframe Acceltra assault rifle.

Statistically speaking, the Acceltra is a good critical weapon that has little status chance. On paper, this means the weapon will fall off significantly in endurance missions and Steel Path content against Grineer.

In practice, the Acceltra simply doesn’t care. Every round from this fully automatic rocket launcher detonates in a small radius for massive critical damage. Its critical stats are so great—32% critical chance with a 2.8x multiplier—that Hunter Munitions becomes a top-tier choice for this gun. Once players get used to the speed and explosive nature of this gun, it is incredibly hard going back to other weapons. It might not be the strongest gun in the game, but it does a hell of a job blowing up every enemy in sight.


Warframe Phantasma

Out of every weapon in Warframe, the Phantasma arguably got the largest buff from the Sisters of Parvos update. This status-focused beam/shotgun hybrid is seen by most as a good status primer, inflicting status procs constantly with its 22.2% base status chance and 12 fire rate.

But this gun is so, so much more than that. Thanks to the introduction of Galvanized Mods and Weapon Arcanes, the Phantasma has become the ultimate beam of death. It can’t proc Slash through Hunter Munitions, but it doesn’t need to. This gun does so much raw damage with the right build that Steel Path enemies become a complete joke. Its innate Radiation damage type also helps counteract its lack of critical damage, as most of Warframe’s hardest foes are weak to this element. Innate punch through also ensures that this weapon can clear hallways just as well as an Ignis Wraith. Throw on Viral or Corrosive, get some Galvanized shotgun mods, and prepare to melt through Warframe’s hardest content with ease.

Kuva Bramma

Digital Extremes have again and again nerfed the Kuva Bramma, yet it remains as one among the sport’s strongest bows. Every arrow packs an explosive punch that detonates before liberating smaller cluster bomblets.

Nearly each explosion from this bow will critically hit or inflict a status ailment whilst modded well. It’s outstanding area coverage and high damage must make this the undisputed king of number one guns, yet it suffers from intense self-stagger while utilized in close range and has a terrible ammo economy. Both of these issues can be fixed with certain Warframe and weapon Mods. As long as gamers are willing to invest in their Warframe and weapon in same measure, few number one guns come close to the energy of the Kuva Bramma.


Warframe Cedo Featured

The Cedo is Lavos’ signature shotgun that has Condition Overload as a passive. As the enemy is afflicted with more status types, this gun becomes stronger. Not only does this stack with Galvanized Savvy, but this gun’s alt-fire can inflict every basic elemental status effect.

Fire your elemental glaive at a group of enemies, clean them up with your main fire, then repeat. You could also use the gun’s alt-fire mode exclusively for AoE add-clear, using your primary fire mode only for tougher targets that aren’t immediately killed by the glaive. It deals absurd damage, scales extremely well, and has AoE coverage. What’s not to like?

Kuva Zarr

Warframe Kuva Zarr

Introduced in the Sisters of Parvos update, the Kuva Zarr is a significantly more potent version of the default Zarr. This weapon is correctly a grenade launcher and shotgun strapped collectively, both providing amazing important and status probabilities.

Firing a cannonball at a target deals large harm over a huge radius, further amplified through the weapon’s cluster bomblets that spawn once the principle cannonball detonates. This successfully makes the Kuva Zarr a higher Kuva Bramma since it has a magazine and extra ammo reserves, but it receives even higher. Its alt-hearth shoots a shotgun-like round that has innate punch via. Clear a hallway together with your alt-fire, clear rooms with your cannonball mode, and use both to annihilate an enemy’s fitness pool. If you like AoE weapons and shotguns, you want to get this gun immediately.


Warframe Bubonico

Take the Cedo’s terrific status effects and pair it with the Kuva Zarr. You grow to be with the Bubonico, an Infested arm cannon shotgun that is more akin to an Archgun than a right number one weapon.

Just just like the Zarr, the Bubonico has fireplace modes: a multishot barrage this is full-vehicle and an AoE attack that fires in bursts. The latter is awesome for applying popularity results, and the previous deals an absurd quantity of uncooked damage. The excellent element? The Bubonico has countless ammo. Once your mag receives low, wait a few seconds to get better your ammo to retain firing. The Bubonico has splendid base damage, fame hazard, critical danger, and nearly as a lot AoE insurance as a Kuva Bramma. When you combine all of those benefits with Galvanized Mods and Weapon Arcanes, the Bubonico is arguably the quality primary weapon in Warframe.