Warframe: 15 Best Assault Rifles, Ranked


Because everything looks so alien in Warframe, it can be hard to spot good primary weapons to use, let alone assault rifles. Here’s our guide to help.

Warframe top 15 assault rifles.


Assault rifles are some of the most recognizable weapons in any video game. From modern titles to games more focused on science fiction, a fully-automatic rifle that is highly versatile is easy to spot and satisfying to use.

Because everything looks so alien in Warframe, it can be hard to spot good primary weapons to use, let alone assault rifles. The good news is plenty of assault rifles exist to fulfill any playstyle. Some are generic weapons that can be used while leveling, while others have alternate fire modes that can annihilate foes. Regardless of your playstyle, assault rifles can fulfill any role you wish. Here are the 15 best assault rifles you can use in Warframe.

Updated October 17th, 2020 by Charles Burgar: Warframe’s meta is in an ever-changing state. In 2020 alone, Digital Extremes overhauled status effects, altered enemy armor scaling, and added plenty of new weapons for players to use. Some of these new weapons happen to be assault rifles, which means that this list was due for an update. On top of revising some old entries, here are five additional assault rifles that are sure to impress in Warframe.


Warframe Quellor concept art.


The Quellor is one of Warframe’s strangest weapons. It has a main full-auto mode that focuses on status effects while its alternate beam attack focuses on critical chance and damage.

Instead of focusing on one mode, players should consider the Quellor a hybrid weapon. Its main fire is phenomenal at applying status effects like Viral or Heat to weaken a target. Once they have a few status ailments, hit them with the alternate fire to watch their health bar phase out of existence. To mitigate its long reload time, use Tactical Reload in the Exilus weapon slot to let this weapon passively reload when it is stowed. As long as players build for fire modes, the Quellor is sure to please.

14-Supra Vandal


Warframe Supra Vandal assault rifle.


Miniguns are fun to use in any game, but the Supra Vandal takes it to another level thanks to shooting high-status lasers for each shot.

Instead of firing hitscan projectiles, the Supra Vandal fires bolts that have travel time. To make up for this, the Supra Vandal has a solid 16% critical hit chance and 30% status chance with each shot. It can also use the Entropy Burst Syndicate Mod to give itself +20 flat status chance and the Entropy effect, granting Energy to the wielder after they achieve a set amount of affinity.

To make the most out of the Supra Vandal, build it for both critical and status chance. Viral damage works best here, and Hunter Munitions isn’t a bad idea if the player is using Arcane Avenger or Harrow. Just note that this weapon starts to struggle when engaging in Steel Path missions. Otherwise, this laser minigun is a solid hybrid weapon that shouldn’t be overlooked.


Warframe Excalibur firing Zenith.


Similar to the Quellor, the Zenith is a weapon that demands a hybrid build despite its stats suggesting otherwise. Its main full-auto mode has a great status chance of 34% that compliments the Slash damage bias quite well. However, its alternate fire mode has a lower 8% status chance but makes up for that with a whopping 35% critical chance and 2.5x damage multiplier.

Unlike the Quellor, the Zenith’s alternate fire has infinite punch through and highlights enemies through walls. This can come in handy in any defense-oriented mission and is especially useful in Railjack. While the main fire is nothing astounding, the Zenith’s unique alternate fire makes the ludicrous 100-day login requirement worth the hassle.

12-Kuva Quartakk

Warframe Kuva Quartakk weapon


Fans of the Hammerhead from Gears of War will feel somewhat at home with the Kuva Quartakk. It can fire in full-auto or fire a four-round burst in quick succession.

Firing from the hip will spray bullets in a full-auto setting that deals considerable damage to enemies thanks to a 21% critical hit chance and 33% status chance. Since Kuva Lich weapons come with an inherent status ailment, this weapon is incredible when utilizing Viral and Heat or Corrosive and Heat.

What truly makes the Kuva Quartakk worth using is its four-round burst mode while aiming. It gains increased critical stats at the cost of slightly lower status chance, which isn’t an issue since it fires four rounds per shot. Fire rate is crucial to making this mode feel less clunky, however, so prepare to invest some Forma into this gun. Pairing this gun with Wisp or other Warframes that buff fire rate makes this weapon phenomenal. On its own, though, it will need some Forma before it truly begins to shine.

11-Kuva Karak

Warframe Harrow and Kuva Karak. From Lukario Warframe (YouTube)


Make no mistake, the Kuva Karak is the most generic weapon in Warframe. Its lack of gimmicks or great audio make it this game’s M4A1, but that isn’t inherently bad.

A 70-round magazine, 23 base damage that biases Slash, 23% critical hit chance with a 2.1x multiplier, and a 31% status chance is a fantastic set of stats for a full-auto primary. Hybrid builds work exceptionally well here, giving this weapon consistent Viral and Slash procs with every shot. Obtaining a version of the Kuva Karak with Heat will make this weapon much better at dealing with armored targets.

Instead of using Rime Rounds, consider using Primed Cryo Rounds to make up for the gun’s rather low base damage. This weapon is the definition of reliability, but don’t expect the Kuva Karak to clear Steel Path content on its own.

10-Soma Prime

Warframe Soma Prime weapon


How the mighty have fallen. What was once the uncontested best weapon in all of Warframe is now considered by many to be a mediocre weapon. Arguments can be made that the Soma Prime isn’t the best option, but the changes to status and the new Hata-Satya Mod gave the Soma Prime new life.

The Soma Prime excels as a rapid-fire critical weapon. With a 30% critical hit chance and 3x multiplier, this weapon was destined to use Hunter Munitions. Its high Slash bias and great fire rate allow this weapon to apply dozens of Slash effects on a target in under a second. When it is paired with the new Hata-Satya mod and some ammo efficiency, the Soma Prime becomes a fantastic weapon for all non-Steel Path content.

9-Prisma Grakata


The Prisma Grakata doesn’t care about accuracy. This is not the weapon to use for long-range engagements. If players need to clear out a hallway of enemies, however, few things can top this gun.

It fires nearly 22 rounds a second, has a 25% critical chance with a 2.5x multiplier, has a massive 21% status chance, and it can use an augment mod that lets it expend its entire magazine at once which refunds ammo on multiple rapid kills. The Prisma Grakata’s ammo efficiency, arguably its largest downside, can also be fixed with the Energized Munitions Helminth Ability. Few bullet-hose primaries are as fun yet equally viable as the Prisma Grakata.

8-Baza Prime

Warframe Baza Prime SMG


Few submachine guns exist in Warframe, which automatically sets the Baza Prime apart from the rest. What makes it even more unique, however, is how it is inherently suppressed.

Warframes like Ivara, who rely on stealth to stay alive, need suppressed weapons or silent weapons like bows to stay concealed from enemies. The Baza Prime can fulfill that role while also dealing a considerable amount of critical damage. It fires a whopping 16.67 rounds a second, giving weapons like the Soma Prime a run for their money.

7-Kuva Hind

Warframe Kuva Hind and Kuva Nukor weapons


A recent addition to Warframe, the Kuva Hind is a Lich variant of the rather terrible Hind burst rifle. It has been upgraded in nearly every way, including better critical and status chances alongside higher base damage.

Like the Tiberon Prime, the Kuva Hind can modify its fire mode among semi, burst, and full-auto. Unlike the Tiberon Prime, the Kuva Hind is higher at applying popularity outcomes. Rapid Slash and Viral procs permit this weapon shred thru maximum targets, as one would assume from a properly-built primary. It can even take care of Steel Path content if modded nicely. That said, burst-rifle fanatics might revel in the Tiberon Prime extra due to its better essential stats.

6-Sybaris Prime

Warframe Sybaris Prime weapon.


While it lacks a full-auto function, the Sybaris Prime is a formidable burst-fire rifle that can take down hordes of tough enemies in style.

Not only does it look pretty but it packs a serious punch as well. With a 30% critical chance with 87.9 base damage, the Sybaris Prime hits rather hard if the user Mods it for critical hits. Its damage output is so reliable that this weapon can be comfortably used in Steel Path, provided players can deal with enemy armor with either Corrosive or through Warframe powers.

5-Tiberon Prime

Warframe Tiberon and Kronen Prime weapons.


Alternate fire modes on weapons are somewhat uncommon in Warframe, but having three distinct fire modes on one weapon is something only the Tiberon Prime and Kuva Hind can do.

The Tiberon Prime was the first weapon to consist of a semi-car, burst fireplace, and full-car fireplace mode. Each mode shifts the reputation or important hazard around, with the slower firing modes biasing important stats. When this weapon gets multiple Forma and high-level mods, it can tear via any enemy in the sport, inclusive of Steel Path foes. This gun can snipe enemies at long range, strip armor with its complete-automobile hearth mode, or locate a nice middle floor with the burst mode. No rely your desire, the Tiberon Prime has something to provide.


Warframe Jovian Concord cover with Wisp and Fulmin.


Wisp’s signature weapon, the Fulmin is easily one of Warframe’s best primary weapons. Featuring solid critical and status chances, this weapon can be built for both stats as most top-tier hybrid weapons.

However, what makes the Fulmin stand out is its unlimited ammo. Its rechargeable magazine allows for 60 shots before it needs to recharge. A powerful automatic mode makes it solid for applying status effects, but the Fulmin’s alternate fire turns it into a shotgun that accepts rifle mods. Both modes pack a serious punch and have no downsides that hold the Fulmin back. It can even hold its own in Steel Path missions when heavily invested into.


Warframe Excalibur with Corpus armor and Stahlta weapon.


Every bolt fired from the Stahlta packs a serious punch. Every steel rod that this gun fires deals 52 damage with a bias in Slash, and is further enhanced with a 24% critical chance and 22% status chance. Those stats alone make this weapon a solid automatic weapon, but the Stahlta gets much better.

Whenever the player faces a tough opponent, they can use the Stahlta’s alternate fire to take them out near instantly. After a short charge time, the Stahlta’s alt-fire will launch an explosive steel rod that 600 damage on impact, then explodes soon after for 1,200 Radiation damage. This is further enhanced with the alternate fire’s 40% critical chance, 3x critical hit multiplier, and 50% status chance. The Stahlta puts the Battacor and most semi-auto weapons to shame.


Warframe Excalibur with Trumna assault rifle.


If the player needs any target in their line of sight to drop dead at once, it’s hard to top the Trumna. Obtainable from the Entrati, this Entrati assault rifle deals an incredible 82 damage a shot with 24% critical chance and 30% status chance. As with nearly every top-tier weapon in Warframe, this weapon also comes with an alternate fire.

After achieving five kills, the Trumna will be able to fire a projectile that ricochets off hard surfaces up to seven times, detonating every time it makes contact with an object. Every explosion deals 1,000 Heat damage and has a 38% chance to critically hit for a 2.4x damage multiplier. Its only downside is the weapon’s long reload time, which can easily be fixed by using the Tactical Reload Exilus Mod.


Warframe Acceltra assault rifle.


Ever since Digitial Extremes changed status effects and reduced enemy armor scaling, the Acceltra has morphed from a great weapon to a top-tier option. It might lack high damage per shot, but the Acceltra more than makes up for it with its explosive rounds.

This complete-car missile launcher has a extremely good critical threat of 32% with a 2.8x multiplier. Hunter Munitions is a ought to on this weapon because of its high essential stats that in addition enhance the Mod’s forced Slash procs. While the Acceltra does not deal the maximum harm in the game, it clears packs of enemies so quick that it’s tough for any non-melee weapons to compete. As long as the player can strip armor or offer a damage bonus with their Warframe, the Acceltra may even take care of Steel Path content.