Valve Honours Late Dota 2 Caster Aldrin Paulo “Dunoo” Pangan With In-Game Voice Lines


Dunoo’s famous lines have been added as platinum tier guild rewards.

Valve has honoured Filipino caster Aldrin Paulo “Dunoo” Pangan in its Fall 2021 update for Dota 2. Dunoo passed away ultimate week because of Covid-19. The update will upload some of his iconic traces as a caster to the sport’s chat wheel.

“We have been saddened to hear currently of the passing of Aldrin Paulo “Dunoo” Pangan, an icon of the Filipino casting network,” stated Valve via the update statement. “As a tribute, for the subsequent season, the chosen chat wheels function some of his most iconic strains.”

As spotted via PC Gamer, Dunoo’s memorable strains can be brought as rewards for Platinum tiered guilds. They are:

  • “Easiest money of my life!”
  • “Lakad Matataaaag! Normalin Normalin.”
  • “The next level play!”

Dunoo’s strains have become extraordinarily popular the various Dota 2 community. Tons of memes had been made, and Gabe Newell extensively utilized the “Lakad Matatag” line at some point of his speech at The International 2018.

Elsewhere within the update notes, Valve has progressed the Dota Plus Item Assistant with Neutral Item Suggestions and better Quick Buy Recommendations. These capabilities were transferred over to Dota Plus’ core. Dota Plus contributors will also be eligible to buy the Fall 2021 Seasonal Treasure with shards. The treasure capabilities new sets for Vengeful Spirit, Abaddon, Nature’s Prophet, Witch Doctor, Disruptor, Shadow Demon, Tusk, Legion Commander, and Dark Seer.

A new set of Dota Plus quests have also been introduced to assist players earn shards for brand new relics and the seasonal treasure. Up to one hundred fifteen,two hundred shards are up for grabs over the direction of the season.

In July, Valve announced that it had discovered a brand new vicinity to host The International. The original plan become to keep it in Stockholm, Sweden, but the authorities did now not be given esports into its sports federation, which means that Dota 2 teams failed to qualify for COVID-nine visa exceptions.

“We are pleased to announce The International 10 – Dota 2 Championships can be held this October in Bucharest, Romania, and the epic struggle for the Aegis of Champions will fittingly spread inside the united states’s largest stadium — Arena Nationala,” introduced Valve at the Dota 2 blog. The institution stage for the match will run from October 7 to October 10, and the finals will run among October 12 and October 17.