Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition (2020 model) review


A bargain-priced set, the Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition is a prime example of what you can get for a little money—as well as what you’ll miss—in an inexpensive 4K set.


  • Rock bottom price
  • Amazon Fire TV with Alexa smarts


  • Less than accurate colors
  • Lack of brightness

A customary 4K LCD TV, the 50-inch Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition (50LF621U21) isn’t simply one more deal valued 4K TV. It’s additionally a shrewd TV for individuals who need the comfort of Alexa and web-based features in a solitary bundle.

For easygoing TV seeing, the Toshiba Fire TV holds up all around ok, and the voice search managed by Alexa and the controller’s underlying mic make it an alluring bundle.

Nonetheless, its image execution is not exactly awesome. Shading precision was discovered needing in our tests and the board’s 60 Hz (versus 120 Hz) invigorate rate restricts its capacity to convey a strong, sensible picture.

Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition survey: Price and accessibility

Accessible in three sizes, from 43 to 55 inches, this 50-inch model is the center offspring of what the organization calls its LF621 arrangement. The 43-inch adaptation is $100 less and the 55-inch is simply $50 more. The greater screen model has a similar list of capabilities and comparable particular to the 50-inch model we tried. So the moderately little value bounce is justified, despite all the trouble for the bigger set, particularly if all you’re searching for is a subsequent set to place in the rec room.

Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition survey: Design

With deal costs you get normal looks and a practical way to deal with plan. For instance, the Toshiba set doesn’t have a razor-slight bezel like driving sets; the dark casing or boundary around the screen is over a large portion of an inch wide. If you locate that recognizable relies upon your stylish.

Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition

Light at just over 23 pounds including its stand, the 50-inch Toshiba is quite maneuverable. It can easily be lifted onto a tabletop, resting on a pair of V-shaped feet that attach at either end of the set.

Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition

The design proved stable and solid on a credenza that could accommodate its 45-inch width and 11.5-inch deep feet. If you’d like to put it up on a wall, the Toshiba 50LF621U21 conforms to the VESA 200 mm x 300 mm standard mount brackets.

Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition review: Ports

The Toshiba set makes connections easy. On the back left side there’s a panel of ports that includes an optical digital audio output and a 3 mm jack for analog audio output to headphones or an external speaker (making that connection automatically mutes the set’s own speakers).

Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition

There is also a USB port and three HDMI ports. More expensive sets usually come with more connections, such as two or three USB slots and four HDMI connections. Toshiba doesn’t specify if the HDMI ports are version 2.1.

Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition

On a downward facing rear panel, you’ll also find an Ethernet port, composite video and audio outputs (for older equipment) and a coaxial cable port for an antenna. There is also wireless Bluetooth and 802.11ac Wi-Fi support.

Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition review: Performance

The Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition is a moderately unadorned LCD set. So it doesn’t utilize quantum speck movies to support its shading bed or miniLED backdrop illumination to improve contrast. It is a fundamental 60 Hz show (versus 120 Hz) with a standard LED backdrop illumination, as opposed to further developed full-exhibit neighborhood darkening. Furthermore, those equipment realities are reflected in its image execution.

A portion of our number one 4K YouTube recordings of nature scenes and unknown dialect coach glanced agreeable in the Toshiba set’s default standard picture mode. We likewise found that the standard mode didn’t totally oversaturate colors, which is astounding since most sets use it to drive tones to blindingly brilliant levels, especially for in-store shows.

Notwithstanding, we found the best preset picture mode for the Toshiba Fire TV Edition was the film mode, where tissue tones looked more practical and brilliance and differences levels were set to more sensible levels. In any case, some absence of nuance was evident. The 4K HDR adaptation of Knives Out, for instance, glanced bolder regarding difference and shading contrasted with other 4K sets, disposing of shadows toward the sides of certain scenes. And keeping in mind that a few tones, for example, green vegetables in the house’s kitchen, looked loyally repeated, others would in general look supernaturally orange, for example, in wood furniture and appearances. This made the helpless cosmetics on Chris Evans look practically clownish with splendid red lips and misrepresented eyeliner. Such visual impressions underscore the way that you won’t get all the image potential out of the HDR and Dolby Vision uphold because of the absence of full-exhibit backdrop illumination diminishing.

Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition

By and by, subtleties in the Toshiba Fire TV’s 4K picture were acceptable. Wrinkled countenances were characteristic and Daniel Craig’s houndstooth coat was fresh and liberated from any image commotion.

While a few watchers will see the not exactly strong picture because of the lower invigorate rate, we additionally found that the 60 Hz recurrence gave films like 4K Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker a more realistic or cinema look. The image was not as punchy as, state, that of a substantially more costly OLED set, and the vivid outsider market scene with its splendid red and green ensembles did not have some energy. There was likewise some concealing around the edges of the screen on certain scenes, no uncertainty due partially to the absence of full-exhibit dynamic neighborhood darkening.

Then again, there weren’t any intolerable picture defects. The was negligible banding, for instance, in shading changes in sky and desert scenes. Also, dark levels were adequate to forestall letterbox bars from turning out to be diverting.

Upscaled material looked a little level, again deficient with regards to some differentiation. Nonetheless, disregarding its lower 60Hz revive rate, we didn’t identify any undeniable stammer or picture curios when managing lower HD material that was knock up to 4K. Furthermore, that is a positive note given that even today a greater part of substance isn’t yet accessible in 4K.

Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition audit: Test results

Our test outcomes affirmed that while the Toshiba 50LF621U21 is fine for easygoing survey of streaming and broadcast programming, it will presumably baffle genuine cinephiles. Most eminently, it did not have the shading constancy film buffs treasure.

Likewise with most of sets we test, the Toshiba had the option to replicate the vast majority of the Rec. 709 shading array, turning in 98.6 percent of the full range. Be that as it may, precisely delivering those tones was another issue. In such manner, utilizing our X-Rite colorimeter and CalMan alignment programming it turned in a Delta E estimation of 3.3; lower numbers are better with most sets expected to turn in a Delta E of around 2 or better. The Vizio V-Series V505-G9, for instance, had a Delta E of 2.3 in our tests and it’s $50 more affordable than the Toshiba. On the off chance that you need a further developed and bigger set, the $650 Hisense 55H9G turned in an astonishingly shading precise Delta E of 0.9.

While splendor issues will in general be less of an issue with enormous screens nowadays, we saw that it was a slight shortcoming of the Toshiba Fire TV Edition. Under common conditions, the image is sufficiently splendid, yet sun-drenched rooms will introduce a test. In our tests, greatest brilliance with a 10 percent design size came out to 423.7 nits. That is not horrendous but rather positively not as much as quantum spot LCDs we’ve tried as of late, for example, the Hisense 55H9G (668) and the Vizio M-Series (647.2).

Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition audit: Gaming

In gaming, milliseconds check. Shockingly, we found the Toshiba was a slouch when it came to battling beasts and shooting miscreants. It turned in a moderately moderate slack season of 30.1 ms in gaming mode utilizing our Leo Bodnar signal slack analyzer.

While narratively we discovered it was sufficient for an easygoing game or two, we’re not in the title class of e-atheletes. When all is said in done, slack occasions of more noteworthy than 17 ms will in general be seen by genuine gamers, so those searching for a subsequent set committed to Call of Duty rivalry should look somewhere else. We’ve discovered snappier reflexes in the Hisense 55H9G (16.1 ms), a bigger set costing $650, for instance, and even the $300 Vizio V-Series V505-G9 improved at 27.4 ms.

Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition survey: Audio

The inherent sound of the Toshiba utilizes a bunch of descending terminating speakers on the rear of the set. Similarly as with most TVs, the Toshiba offers a few pre-set sound modes (Music, Movie, Clear Voice, and Enhanced Bass). The default setting is Standard mode, which we found a touch sonically confined however adequately proficient to deal with generally content without causing to notice itself.

Film mode attempts to extend the sound stage utilizing DTS incorporated encompass sound programming. It figures out how to make a satisfactory showing conveying a more true to life sound, particularly from a financial plan evaluated set, without darkening the exchange. Nonetheless, shooting a 4K video of Aha’s Take on Me uncovered that a similar mode would in general be exceptionally bass hefty to the weakness of the renowned high flying vocals. Changing to Music mode resurrected the vocals, boosting the top of the line and straightened out the bass (which sounded slushy in film mode).

Curiously, Toshiba gives you more choices, permitting you to change bass, high pitch and equilibrium inside every mode. There’s likewise a high level setting where you can change exchange lucidity (with ordinary outcomes), the DTS Virtual X level (medium) and a volume leveling highlight. As far as volume levels, turning it up the 10-watts a side sound to 50 percent on a music video was sufficient to occupy a humble family room with sound, just as upset the nearby neighbor, which we took in the most difficult way possible.

Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition survey: Smart TV highlights

The expansion of Amazon’s Fire TV smartTV programming and interface is unquestionably an advantage. It contends with Roku and Google’s Android TV for watchers warm gestures and figures out how to stand its ground against those two. Roku actually holds the title for simplest to utilize and Android for most full-highlighted, Amazon TV has a secret weapon: Alexa.

Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition

Setting up the set is generally direct. Toshiba consequently first refreshed the distant and afterward gave me alternatives across the highest point of the screen: Home, Live, Your Videos, Free, Movies, TV Shows, Apps, and Settings. To set up the Wi-Fi association, you skirt back to the initial screen. On the off chance that the set necessities it, you can likewise refresh the product when setting up the TV.

The primary screen on Fire TV shows 8 tiles of programming alternatives with a blend of shows, channels and applications. You can skip around or pick a class. Nonetheless, we found the classifications confounding. “Live,” for instance isn’t simply live transmission TV yet rather a blend of nearby stations (accepting you’ve snared a reception apparatus) and real time features like Pluto.

String cutters will discover the Toshiba set performs well. We discovered 46 stations subsequent to checking our metropolitan territory in New York City. Hitting the alternatives button on the distant when observing live TV will summon a convenient electronic program guide, and you can delay live TV for as long as 2 minutes. That is not up to regular DVR guidelines, yet it’s sufficiently long to get a nibble from the ice chest without missing anything.

The opposition for culmination—who has what web-based features—is a moving objective. Amazon’s Fire TV is equivalent to Roku and Android, despite the fact that it doesn’t have the same number of applications yet figures out how to cover all the majors like Netflix, Showtime, and big deal like CBS and ESPN. There are two prominent exemptions, notwithstanding: there’s no HBO Max or Peacock TV. Amazon has additionally joined the sets offering a “Free TV” segment. It’s still a little meager contrasted with Roku, and draws fundamentally on IMDB TV, however it will undoubtedly fill later on and you can download any semblance of Tubi, Pluto, and Crackle to enhance it.

Obviously, the significant draw for the Toshiba Fire TV is Alexa. Simply press the far off’s mouthpiece catch and you can utilize all the standard Alexa abilities: get some information about the climate, how far the moon is from the Earth, or the most recent games scores. Even better, you can do programming look through utilizing Alexa and by and large it functions admirably. Press the mic catch and state, “Play Toto Africa video” and the YouTube video will kick in. Not all the TV applications are Alexa empowered, but rather the essential ones are and you can see which ones are covered under the Apps tab.

Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition survey: Remote control

Frequently the seemingly insignificant details, similar to controllers, go unnoticed and that is something to be thankful for. It implies they are subtle. Shockingly, we never got that OK with the Toshiba Fire TV’s distant.

Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition

It is the substance of effortlessness. There are no numeric or alphabetic catches. A four-way directional hover with a middle enter button, handles most assignments, alongside a mic button, controls for delaying or rewinding/quick sending and devoted catches for conjuring Prime Video, Netflix, HBO, and Hulu. Quiet, home, back, menu and settings catches total the controls.

We had no bad things to say with the variety of controls, and they are run of the mill for savvy TVs that utilization other programming, for example, Roku. In any case, we never felt comfortable with the far off. Its blend of more modest size and in any event, weighting (around 50/50 front to back) caused it to feel abnormal and bothering. Also, similar to a scratchy fleece sweater, it was an inclination we were unable to shake.

Toshiba 50-Inch 4K Fire TV Edition survey: Verdict

It would be too flip to even consider saying, you get what you pay for. While the facts demonstrate that the 2020 Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition (50LF621U21) is definitely not a top entertainer, even in the class of deal evaluated sets, it is as yet an appealing choice for easygoing survey circumstances. That is fundamentally because of its simple to-utilize smartTV highlights and the consideration of Amazon’s Alexa.

Gamers and film buffs will need to search for better entertainers, in any case. We’ve discovered faster gaming execution in the Hisense 55H9G (16.1 ms), a bigger set costing $650, or even the $300 Vizio V-Series V505-G9. Those searching for a more brilliant more exact picture are encouraged to go through more cash for the previously mentioned Hisense model or one of the Vizio M-Series sets.

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