Some of the aspect quests in Breath of the Wild are simply small slices of lifestyles, and might not take you very lengthy to complete. This one involves a Zora couple who have been separated.

Here’s everything you’ll need to know to complete it, and what your reward will be for helping out.

How to Activate the Quest

fronk from the a wife washed away quest in breath of the wild


This quest is very easy to find and activate. However, you’ll need to have finished the main quest revolving around the Divine Beast Vah Ruta first. If you haven’t dealt with the Divine Beast, you won’t able to activate this quest.

Once you’ve done that, head to Zora’s Domain and look for a Zora named Fronk. He can be found during the day on the eastern side of the city. There’ll be a gaggle of Zora kids running around him. At night, he’ll be sleeping in a more central area.

He’ll tell you that, during the chaos caused by Vah Ruta, his wife, Mei, went missing. He’ll task you with finding her, while he continues to endlessly tap his chisel against that post for the rest of time, other than when he sleeps. So, you can head out to look for her.

Find Mei

a map from breath of the wild showing where the player can find mei during the a wife washed away quest


If you don’t feel like searching all over Hyrule for this Zora woman, no problem. Head to Lake Hylia, just west of the huge Bridge of Hylia. On a small island next to the larger Hylia Island (very creative with the names in this part of the world), you’ll find her either hanging out or swimming in the water.

You can get right here both via taking walks/swimming from Zora’s Domain, or, to keep a piece of time, just teleport to the Lake Tower. It’s placed just south of where you’ll discover her. Or, to get even nearer, warp to Ya Naga Shrine, as long as you’ve unlocked it as a warp factor. It’s on Hylia Island, so it is a bit closer.


mei the zora


Once you tell Mei that her husband has been worried about her, she’ll explain that she got a bit carried away while fishing.

She’ll then head back to Zora’s Domain. Before she leaves, she’ll leave you with five Staminoka Bass as a thank you. With this, the quest completes, and you’re left five fish richer as a result.