Sylvester Stallone and Richard Gere Reportedly Got into a Fight Over Princess Diana


In the beginning of their Hollywood professions, future Rocky star Sylvester Stallone and the possible American Gigolo and Pretty Woman star Richard Gere were combined together for the 1974 film The Lords of Flatbush.

In any case, when the film hit theaters, Gere was no place to be seen — Perry King had assumed control over the job Chico due to pressure between the two entertainers. “We never hit it off,” Stallone disclosed to Ain’t It Cool News in 2006. “He would swagger around in his larger than average bike coat like he was the baddest knight at the round table.”

While both became true blue driving men in their own privileges, their contention has persevered through forty years — frequently thought to be the wellspring of a mind blowing gossip about Gere and a disastrous private occurrence with a gerbil (which even got a notice on Saturday Night Live), yet in addition uncovered to be the explanation behind a foiled fistfight over Princess Diana, as per Elton John.

Stallone pushed Gere out of a vehicle during an on-set lunch

From the beginning of their time together on the arrangement of The Lords of Flatbush — a dramatization about Brooklyn road youngsters additionally featuring Henry Winkler — pressures rose intense among Stallone and Gere. “At some point, during a comedy, he got me and moved somewhat diverted,” Stallone said in the meeting about the two reproducing a battle scene. “I let him know in a delicate manner to help up, yet he was totally in character and difficult to manage.”

In any case, the occurrence that truly sent Stallone to the brink occurred in the rear of a Toyota on a cool day in Coney Island. Stallone said that he was eating a sausage when Gere entered with mustard-secured chicken that made certain to dribble.

“He continues to nibble into the chicken and a little, oily stream of mustard lands on my thigh,” Stallone clarified. “I elbowed him in the side of the head and essentially pushed him out of the vehicle.”

In spite of the fact that they were on their mid-day break, word about the episode immediately got out — and inevitably Gere was terminated. “Right up ’til today, [he] truly despises me,” Stallone said in 2006. “He even believes I’m the individual liable for the gerbil gossip. False, yet that is the gossip.”

The crazy metropolitan legend has gone so far that even Gere has tended to it. “I quit perusing the press quite a while past,” Gere disclosed to Metro UK in 2008. “There is a scandalous ‘Gere stuck a hamster up his bum’ metropolitan fantasy. I anticipate such a thing, yet when legitimate magazines fired creation up stories guaranteeing I was in a nation I had never been to with somebody I didn’t have the foggiest idea, I simply chose not to focus on any of it. It’s a misuse of vitality.”


As per John, Gere and Stallone nearly got into a fistfight over Diana

After 10 years, when John delivered his collection of memoirs Me in 2019, one story leaped out — all things considered, it included two Hollywood heavyweights and a British imperial.

John expounded on an evening gathering he facilitated with powerful visitors including Jeffrey Katzenberg, George Michael, Richard Curtis and Emma Freud, just as Gere and Stallone.

“The most particular scene created,” John wrote in his book. “Straight away, Richard Gere and Diana appeared to be taken with one another.”

John recalls Gere and Diana somewhere down in discussion before the chimney when the state of mind of the gathering changed: “As most of us talked, I was unable to help notice a bizarre air in the room. In light of the sort of looks he continued shooting them, Diana and Richard Gere’s recently blooming companionship was not going down well with Sylvester Stallone by any stretch of the imagination. I figure he may host went up to the gathering with the express expectation of getting Diana, just to discover his arrangements for the night destroyed.”

At the point when the time had come to eat, the gathering moved over to the lounge area, however Gere and Stallone were recognizably absent, as indicated by the book. So John sent his accomplice David Furnish to discover them.

“He returned with them two, yet he was wearing a genuinely powder-colored articulation,” John composed, saying that Furnish handed-off that there was “a circumstance.”

As per John, “It unfolded that he’d found Sylvester Stallone and Richard Gere in the hallway, facing one another, clearly going to settle their disparities over Diana by having a fistfight.”

Outfit had split it up in the nick of time by calling them to supper.

After the abnormal supper, Diana and Gere returned to the chimney and Stallone “stomped off home.”

“I could never have come in the event that I’d known Prince f****n’ Charming was going to be here.,” Stallone snapped, as indicated by John. “On the off chance that I’d needed her, I would’ve taken her!”

John ignored the episode

Notwithstanding the expected reality of the mounting strain, when Stallone was good and gone, the state of mind helped.

“We figured out how to hold up until his vehicle was far out before we begun giggling,” John composed. “Back in our lounge, Diana and Richard Gere were all the while looking intently at one another. She appeared to be totally unruffled.”

While just those inside the gathering know the specific course of occasions from that night, John remains by his story, while, because of fan getting some information about the occurrence, Stallone covered in the remarks of an old Instagram post “Total creation.”

Whatever did or didn’t occur over the regal inside John’s home, Stallone and Gere have never featured in a film together — or even showed up at an occasion together — in the forty years they’ve both been working in Hollywood.