Subnautica: Below Zero – Best Places To Build Your Base

If you’re going to thrive in Subnautica: Below Zero, it is best to pick the perfect spot to build your base for collecting resources.

subnautica below zero base twisty bridges and crystal caves


Subnautica: Below Zero is finally out of Early Access, and players are jumping beneath the waves to explore the new planet. Although the game might be about hunting down resources, solving the mystery of the icy planet, and evading terrifying Leviathans, no underwater explorer will be content until they have a base built.

So where is the high-quality place for a starter base? Which biome must you go for? Where goes to position you closest to all the sport’s content material? This listing will cowl a few simple suggestions and hints about wherein to area your base to give you a very good headstart in Subnautica: Below Zero.

Twisty Bridges Starter Biome For Your First Base

subnautica twisty bridges biome


The Drop Pod always lands on the Eastern side of the Twisty Bridges biome. This beautiful and relatively safe biome is the ideal spot for a first base. You won’t have to venture far from your Drop Pod, and many of the early game materials are present in the biome, such as plenty of Ribbon Plants. Even better? There aren’t aggressive creatures in this starter area.

An ideal spot is located in the Southern waters of the Twisty Bridges biome, close to the Thermal Spires biome. You’ll be heading in the direction of Delta Island, which brings you closer to the center of the map. There are a bunch of useful resources around, like Lithium, Titanium, and Silver, and you will be equidistant from biomes like the Arctic Spires and the Lilypad Islands.

Tip: The water starts to become shallower as you approach Delta Island. This is a good spot for a starter base as it makes it easier to harvest Solar Power from above the waves.

Unlimited Power At The Purple Vents

purple vent biome with multiple vents and purple water


Powering your base, particularly in the early game, can be a bit of a chore. The geothermal vents at the Purple Vents can be harvested with Thermal Generators, which basically gives you unlimited and consistent power for your base. The Purple Vents are located to the east of Delta Island. There are other geothermal vents located throughout the waters of Below Zero. Keep an eye out for them if you want to utilize their energy for a base.

Quick tips:

  • If you build really close to the Vents, there are some weird clipping issues that can happen, even in the game’s full release. This will deal damage to you even if you’re inside your base. Best to build just a short distance away from the vents, not actually on top of them.
  • Don’t build in the deeper parts of the Purple Vents biome…there are Chelicerates that can quickly become annoying.

If you decide this is a good spot for your base, you will be close to the wreck of the Mercury II. While this ship can’t be totally explored from the start of the game (you need to get geared up before certain areas are accessible) having a base nearby does make it a bit easier to explore later on. There is also plenty of room here to build a sizable base, ideal for storing the various vehicles at your disposal in Below Zero.

Iceberg Base Or Delta Island For Solar Power

iceberg and arctic area with penglings


In the early game, one of the most reliable sources of power is Solar Power. This is obviously easier to harness if you build a base that is close to the surface of the water or on land entirely. Ideally, the large spaces of the Lilypad Islands are perfect for an above-water base, but you’re a long way away from other biomes, like the Arctic Spires, for example.

No, during your first few days in Below Zero, you can build a base on some of the Icebergs around the Twisty Bridges biome. You don’t need to go far above water to spy some of these icy outcrops. Likewise, you could opt to build a base that protrudes from Delta Island itself. There’s even a Seatruck dock at Delta which you can make use of if you want.

Tip: Above-ground bases will keep you warm from exterior temperatures even without power, although these modules will require power to be able to do literally anything else.

Pretty Views Over At The Ventgarden

ventgarden in the tree spires biome


The Ventgarden is probably one of the coolest creatures in Below Zero. A giant Jellyfish with a whole garden growing inside? If you want a base that has some spectacular views, picking a spot near the Ventgarden is a cool idea. There are two of them, and they’re both located in the Tree Spires biome.

This area has a bunch of resources, a couple of nice, flat plateaus that are good spots for large bases, but does have the pretty significant challenge of being the home of at least one Chelicerate and a number of other smaller aggressive creatures. If you’re up for a challenge, and a home with a lovely view, then you’re in the right place.

Start A Snow Stalker Farm In The Glacial Basin

glacial basin biome with research area


Sick and tired of life below the waves? You could always build a base above-ground in one of the Glacial areas. The Glacial Basin is located to the west of the map, just beyond the Kelp Forests. You’ll find colonies of Snow Stalkers here, which can be aggressive, although over time you can tame them and start your own fur farm.

Watch out for the Ice Worms. These are likely the most important hazard available on the ice. With some Thumpers in place, you may not need to fear approximately different threats. With all of the Snow Stalkers already your friend, the Glacial areas really grow to be one of the more secure areas in Below Zero. Plenty of Solar power possibilities, as nicely.

Tip: The Glacial Basin is tucked away in the southwest corner of the map, and as a result, is pretty far from some of the crucial areas for exploration in Below Zero.

Why Have One Base When You Can Have…As Many As You Want?

mercury II crash site and crystal caves biome


One of the best things to do in Subnautica: Below Zero is to establish one main mega-base and then set up a variety of different hubs in key locations. You will probably want separate bases with stockpiles of food across the map. It makes exploration a lot easier, and you could even set up crafting stations to make it easier to stay stocked up on the move.

Different bases also mean you can set up a couple of scanning rooms. These industrial-degree habitat modules test a big surrounding vicinity for sources. You could be able to essentially harvest a biome-sized perimeter around every of your smaller bases.

Some ideas on where to set up forward bases:

  • Close to the wreck of the Mercury II — this ship is falling to pieces with several different areas to explore. You’ll need extra upgrades, Oxygen, and all sorts of other pieces of gear before you can explore it all.
  • Out on the Glacial areas, for harvesting Snow Fur and making use of the fun Spy Pengling.
  • On the Lilypad Islands, a great place to farm for Table Coral.
  • By the Crystal Caves and the Koppa Mining Site, for access to their resource-rich depths.

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