Stardew Valley: How To Find Linus’ Blackberry Basket


One of the earliest quests you’ll receive is helping Linus locate his missing blackberry basket. Here’s where you’ll find it!

Linus' Tent in Stardew Valley, with words


There are a bunch of side quests in Stardew Valley, and sometimes, it’s hard to keep track of them all. Fortunately, there are several quests that are pretty straightforward, like finding Linus’ missing blackberry basket.

This is a quick guide to help you discover the blackberry basket without any immoderate looking. Keep reading to discover ways to be given the hunt, wherein the basket is, and what the rewards are for returning it!

Starting The Quest

Character Linus from Stardew Valley

Receiving this quest is pretty straightforward. On the eighth day of Fall, Linus will send a letter asking for you to find his missing blackberry basket.

There is no time limit on this quest, so you can take as long as you want. Although blackberry season only occurs during the Fall, the basket will remain on the map until you find it, regardless of the season.

Where To Find The Blackberry Basket

Stardew Valley Map with red circle showing where to find Linus' blackberry basket


After receiving the quest, you can find Linus’ blackberry in the Backwoods. This is an area of the map directly to the left of the Bus Stop. When standing by the bus, head to the left and you will enter into a small area with the bus tunnel and a few bushes. The blackberry basket will be on the north side of the road and is very easy to spot.

If you are having trouble finding the Backwoods, take a look at the map above. It’s fairly close to your farm, and can even be seen while taking the path above your farm to Robin’s house. However, the area where the basket is found is accessible from the Bus Stop, not the path to Robin’s.

This area of the map often goes unnoticed, because there is not much to do here. After finding the basket, try exploring a bit, you never know what secrets could be inside the tunnel! 

Returning The Basket

Linus' dialogue after returning the missing basket

Completing this quest will reward you with one friendship heart. Unlike other quests from people around town, Linus will not give a monetary reward. After you’ve returned his basket, you’re done! As mentioned earlier, this is a pretty simple quest.

This quest will only happen once and is not reoccurring. Since the reward is one heart of friendship, you will want to complete it before you’ve maxed friendship with Linus. If you are already at the max amount of friendship, an extra heart doesn’t do much. If you are still trying to befriend him though, the extra heart is very useful.

Linus most effective has a few quests, which includes finding his blackberry basket and finishing obligations on the “Help Wanted” board. If you are trying to build up a friendship with Linus, strive to complete the quests at the board, in addition to giving him objects that he will like. Overall, Linus isn’t very choosy; he loves all of the prevalent loves and could fortuitously be given (maximum of) your gifts, save for maximum foraged minerals, most gems, and maximum of the well-known dislikes and customary hates.

Now that you’ve finished Linus’ blackberry basket quest, you can go finish quests for others in town! Be sure to check out our guide for every special order in the game as well. With the recent 1.5 update, there is tons of new content to explore, including the new Ginger Island location.