Stardew Valley: 15 Powerful Rings You Need To Have


There isn’t a ring to rule them all in Stardew Valley, but to fight monsters in the mines, you’ll need to equip these powerful rings to survive.

If you’re playing Stardew Valley, then you’ve probably found yourself venturing into the mines. You’ve probably also learned that the mines are littered with monsters who love to spend their day interrupting your ore harvest. If you are attempting the monster slayers’ goals, trying to get specific drops, or even just trying to reach the bottom of the mine, then you are going to need to equip some rings.

Rings, similar to armor in other video games, help the player get via drones on monsters. Along with having a good sword and boots, you will additionally want to accumulate various jewelry to be able to make your lifestyles easier. Below we’ve indexed effective jewelry which you need to have.

Updated March 18th, 2021 by Jessica Thomas: As Stardew Valley has grown, even more enemies and items have been added to the game’s extensive item list. Rings are a staple for combat and exploration in the game, and there are several new rings that players can receive from exploring the Volcano Dungeon. These rings can be the difference between making it to the bottom of Skull Mine or getting wiped out in the first few floors. Rings can also help with things like night farming by providing light, and some even help to boost the player’s overall luck. This can make finding rare items much easier for the player.

15-Soul Sapper Ring

Qi's Hungry Challenge

The Soul Sapper Ring is an excellent item for those who spend a lot of time fighting in the mines. For every enemy that the player kills, they will get back four energy. On floors with multiple enemies and easy enemies, this can easily help a player to keep their energy up. The Soul Sapper can be found from checking chests in the Volcano Dungeon on Ginger Island.

14-Lucky Ring

Volcano Dungeon Items

The Lucky Ring is the perfect item for offset bad luck days. The ring gives the player a permanent +1 luck increase that can help out a lot with finding ladders of fishing up chests. When combined with items like the Rabbit’s Foot, this item becomes even more powerful.

Players can find the Lucky Ring from level 100 and up of the Skull Cavern or from panning.

13-Phoenix Ring

The Phoenix Ring is highly recommended for those who like to explore the Skull Cavern. It also can be a great help with Qi challenges that keep the player from healing. The ring has the ability to revive a character at 50% of their health once per day, which is extremely overpowered.

This is another item that players will need to find in the Volcano Dungeon, making it reliant on RNG.

12-Hot Java Ring

combat skills stardew valley

The Hot Java Ring is a bit different than other rings on this list. Instead of focusing on combat, it makes enemies commonly drop both triple-shot espresso and coffee. These can be sold for a decent amount of money or used to keep your speed up while exploring the mine.

The ring can be obtained from chests in the Volcano Dungeon and is a great way to farm coffee.

11-Savage Ring

Considering that Stardew Valley requires the player to sleep, time is of essence during day time. Therefore any gear that boosts the player’s speed is usually a fantastic addition to anyone’s arsenal, and will save a lot of time and effort.

The Savage Ring is a pretty unique item that does just that. Whenever a player kills a monster, they’ll get a short 3 second +2 speed burst, which is great for getting out of harm’s way if they get swarmed by monsters. The ring is gifted to the player after killing 150 Void Spirits at the Adventurer’s Guild.

10-Vampire Ring

This ring is an excellent choice, especially when you find yourself on mine levels with multiple enemies. When equipped, the Vampire Ring will give you a small amount of HP each time you slay a monster. It’s great for situations where you run out of food and has helped save us from passing out several times. This is also an easier ring to earn as it is one of the first slayer goals many players complete.

To get the vampire ring, simply kill 200 bats in the early levels of the mine, and every time you kill a monster, you will earn back 2 HP.

9-Magnet Ring

There are two magnet rings you will find in the game: the small magnet ring and the full-powered magnet ring. Both are useful, and the small magnet ring will grab items up to one tile away from the player, while the normal ring will grab items two tiles away from the player. This is especially useful if you are trying to harvest ore and rock fast from the mines and works well with bombs.

Both of these rings are found in monster drops, but many players will get them early in the mines as they are a rather common item.

8-Slime Charmer Ring

This is a ring that you’re not going to get much later in the game, but honestly is a must-have for when you start the Skull Caverns. The Slime Charmer Ring basically makes all the slimes around you peaceful so that you can mine without being bumped into. It also makes finding ladders quickly easier and is great if you choose to farm the creatures later on. You can even kill the slimes without worrying about status effects or retaliation.

It will take a bit to earn the ring as it is the reward for killing one thousand slimes, which can take several in-game years.

7-Napalm Ring

One of our personal favorite rings in Stardew Valley is the Napalm Ring. This handy item helps to clear rocks and damage surrounding monsters at the same time. When wearing the ring, every monster you kill will release a small explosion that can kill close by mummies and destroy rocks to find ladders faster. Unlike most bombs, though, the explosion caused by the Napalm ring won’t damage you.

The ring will be a late-game item as you need to kill 250 serpents, which can only be found in the Skull Cavern.

6-Crabshell Ring

The Crabshell ring is another great choice if you enjoy combat and want some extra help with the monster slayers’ goals. When equipped, this ring grants the player +5 defense, which can be especially helpful when fighting higher level enemies like purple slimes. The ring is slightly challenging to be earned, but many players can have the Crabshell ring by the time they enter the Desert for the first time.

To earn the ring, you have to kill five hundred rock crabs for the guild, which can be done by repeating the first few levels of the mine.

5-Burglar’s Ring

The Burglar’s Ring is great for players who are harvesting items from monsters or trying to find rare drops like a rabbit’s foot. The ring can be equipped to make monsters drop two items at once. The items aren’t guaranteed to be the same as the random generator is forced to role twice to give you a higher chance of receiving rare items. This can be a great way to harvest ingredients for mega bombs.

To get the Burglar’s Ring though you will need to kill five hundred dust sprites, these can be found around level fifty of the mine.

4-Glow Ring

The Glow Ring is a very special item, that can keep you from loosening your cool in certain levels of the mine. When you have the Glow Ring equipped, you will have a radius of ten tiles that are lit up around you. When you get to dark rooms in the mines, this will help you to expose enemies and find ladders easier. It can also be useful when walking through town at night to find worm spots or items.

The Glow Ring is a common item that can be dropped by several different enemies but is most commonly found through breaking boxes and barrels in the mine.

3-Warrior Ring

While the Warrior Ring is a bit more of a gamble than the other items on the list, when it works, you get a huge combat boost. The Warrior Ring will give players random boosts of Warrior Energy that gives them +10 attack for five to ten seconds at a time. This can be just the boost you need to quickly cut through a pack of mummies, and the ring is easier to get since it’s not linked to a slayer goal.

The Warrior Ring is a recipe that you get when you level your combat up to four and can be crafted from items that are easily found in the mine.

2-Sturdy Ring

The Sturdy Ring is one of the easiest rings to get in the game but is incredibly useful when fighting enemies that can give you buffs. The Sturdy Rings cuts the time you are buffed by an enemy in half, making many of the slimes annoying affects less troublesome. The ring is available as soon as you hit combat level one and can be crafted using your menu so that you can equip it at the start of the game.

Even better, the recipe for the ring just needs a bit of bug meat, slime, and two copper bars, all of which can be gained in the first few levels of the mine.

1-Iridium Band

The Iridium Band is a late-game item that won’t be obtainable to you either get to the Desert or ace Grandpa’s Evaluation. The ring has the same effects as the Glow Ring, Magnet Ring, and Warriors Buff. This allows you to have all three abilities while giving you a free slot for helpful rings like the Napalm. Sadly, you won’t be able to craft it until you hit combat level nine, which can take quite a bit of time.

Once you do unlock it, the recipe will call for five iridium bars, 50 solar essences, and 50 void essence, making it one of the most expensive items in the game.