Sonic’s Cursed Movie Design Returns In Disney’s Chip N’ Dale Reboot


Ugly Sonic is back, and he’s on Disney+

Sonic the Hedgehog sped back into cinemas earlier this year. The sequel has been an even bigger hit than the first movie, breaking all sorts of video game movie records at the box office. The big-screen fate of Sonic could have been very different, though. The original design for the cinematic blue blur was awful. So awful that it has been buried in a Paramount vault ever since. Until now as the cursed design apparently makes a cameo in Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers.

Disney’s Chip n’ Dale reboot arrives on Disney+ this Friday. However, evaluations of the movie have began to seem on line this week, revealing that “Ugly Sonic” makes a cameo look. “But the funniest moments characteristic person who’s never previously made it to the display screen. Yes, brace yourself for ‘Ugly Sonic’,” Empire’s overview reads.

The trailer for Rescue Rangers, which you can check out below, features cameos from all over Disney’s ever-expanding universe. Flounder from The Little Mermaid, an aged-up Peter Pan, and even a Star Wars reference. It gives off serious Space Jam: A New Legacy vibes, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. Since Sonic is owned by Sega, and movie Sonic was created by Paramount, it’s currently unclear why and how the scrapped version of the hedgehog has made it into a Disney movie.

For those of you who have blocked the reveal of OG movie Sonic from your minds (and who can blame you?) the design was revealed during the trailer for the first movie in 2019. A silhouette and a poster featuring nothing but Sonic’s legs shown off beforehand already had fans worried. The full unveiling justified those fears, and the backlash was so fierce Paramount delayed the launch of the movie for a complete redesign.

If you want to check out Rescue Rangers and keep your eyes peeled for Ugly Sonic, the movie hits Disney+ this Friday, May 20. If Disney has somehow managed to get a Sonic cameo in there, it’ll be worth every penny. While it might not result in people subscribing to the service just to check out the cameo, it will get more people watching the movie than would have originally just so they can find out how Sonic has been shoehorned in. The mention of CGI surgery in the trailer makes it seem likely Ugly Sonic will be the poster boy for when it goes wrong.