One of the greatest pleasures in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is stumbling throughout a clue that leads you on a grand adventure you by no means anticipated to be on. Many of the non-compulsory quests in Skyrim may be discovered by speaking to NPCs, visiting to out of the manner locations, or finding specific items hidden in the course of the world. These quests often start with simple duties or investigations and quickly spiral out into big subplots that, had you not taken that detour, you may have overlooked altogether.

These missable aspect missions are a part of the appeal of Skyrim and help create specific experiences for players and make the arena experience lived in. They typically tell an interesting tale about smaller characters, take you to elements formerly unknown to courageous robust enemies, and praise you with unique treasures in your efforts. The exceptional quests in Skyrim offer the player all 3 of these things.

One such questline in Skyrim is known as “Forbidden Legend” and involves an object of exquisite power, a tale of guys long because passed and absolutely forgotten, and a gauntlet of puzzles and battles that have left a lasting impression on gamers for almost a decade. In this manual, we will be overlaying the steps to finish the “Forbidden Legend” questline, the story info of the hunt, and the infamously difficult Geirmund’s Hall Puzzle.

How Do You Start The Forbidden Legend Quest?

The quest can be discovered in a number of ways. In order to beginForbidden Legend”, you will need to locate and read the book Lost Legend. There are over 20 places to find or purchase the book throughout the world of Skyrim, and many players will naturally stumble across the book during their play. If you haven’t found the book, however, a good place to get one would be at the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, as you can find a copy on a shelf with candles near where Astrid usually stands.

It’s worth noting that locating any of the amulet fragments may even start the quest, however if you wish to comply with the quest within the supposed and maximum natural manner viable, finding the Lost Legend e-book is step one.

The e book tells of the Legend of Archmage Gauldur, a smart and effective wizard who lived in the course of the first technology. Gauldur become recognised to be just and fair and beloved by way of the human beings of his time. His three sons resented his energy and coveted it, finally devising a plan to take it from him. Knowing that the source of his power turned into his magic amulet, the three sons killed Gauldur and divided the amulet into 3 equal portions.

They fast started a violent rampage during the u . S . A ., gaining the attention of King Harald, who sent Lord Geirmund, the king’s non-public warfare mage, and an navy of his first-class guys to forestall them. One by using one, the sons were tracked down, murdered, and buried in tombs spread for the duration of the world at the side of each of their amulet fragments. The king ordered that their deaths be stored mystery and that report of Gauldur’s deeds be erased from history. The amulet pieces are still out there, simply anticipating a brave adventurer to reunite them and claim their energy for themselves.

How To Complete The Forbidden Legend Quest

In Folgunthur, you will find a journal in a small camp that describes three adventurers who traveled together looking for the fragments. Journey through the tomb, avoiding the traps and slaying the monsters within until you locate the Ivory Dragon Claw and Danys Velen’s notes, which will lead you to the three tombs of Gauldur’s sons where the amulet fragments are located.

Use the Ivory Dragon Claw to open the gate and move the bridge deeper into the tomb. You will come upon a lever puzzle. If you are looking at the gate, the order you pull the levers in is 43-1-2-three. The gate will open and you may descend similarly into the tomb, investigating the Claw to find out the answer to the subsequent puzzle, Hawk-Whale-Snake. Then you may enter the final chamber to face off against Mikrul Gauldurson, the weakest of the three brothers. Defeat him to gather your first amulet fragment

The subsequent fragment can be located in Saarthal at the same time as finishing the “Under Saarthal” quest. This quest is acquired by becoming a member of the College of Winterhold and completing the quick “First Lessons” prerequisite quest. Follow Tolfdir to the excavation web site and defeat Jyrik Gauldurson to attain the second one amulet fragment.

There is only one fragment left, and to find it you’ll want to go to Geirmund’s Hall, a tomb near Ivarstead, in which the hero Geirmund gave his lifestyles to defeat the evil brothers and protect the world from Gauldur’s amulet.

How To Solve Geirmund’s Hall Puzzle

Geirmund’s Hall is yet another dungeon filled with traps, draugr, and frostbite spiders. Start by dropping into the pit in the ground near the eastern wall. Swim toward the ramp and go through the iron door where you will need to defeat two frostbite spiders. Eventually, you will find a set of steps that lead to a room with another stone tablet puzzle.

Unlike the last puzzle, the engravings on the claw are not the solution. Instead, look back throughout the tomb for images of the animals depicted on each stone. The solution is a mirror image of the order you saw them in earlier. To open the gate simply spin the stones in order until they are showing Hawk-Whale-Snake-Whale, and the door will open.

Fight your way to the end of the tomb and you will take on Sigdis Gauldurson, the most formidable of the three brothers. The trick to defeating him is noticing that Sigdis will have an accurate health bar while the clones will always show full health. This is the best way to tell them apart.


Defeat Sigdis, collect his fragment, and travel to Reachwater Rock to reassemble the amulet. You will need to defeat all three brothers one more time in order to put the amulet back together and claim your prize: The Gauldur Amulet; +30 Health, Majicka, and Stamina.