Sims 4 CC: Cutest Cat & Bunny Ears Accessories

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Are you a lover of all matters cute?

Do you locate yourself attracted to adorable cuddly animals and bask in their spell binding bushy glory?

Then it can be time to take some aspect of the loveable fluffs for your sim’s world.

We’re providing you with an amazing list of CC for the cutest ears of all time.

Are you going for a casual ordinary look? Or want to fill your favourite family with a harem of cat and bunny ladies (or boys)?

Wait no longer!

10. Unisex Cat Ears

Unisex cat ears CC - TS4

Cat got your tongue? Well in this case, the cat’s got a tail.

CC maker NotEgain did a great job on this.

For the first pair of cat ears on our list, there are 19 color schemes that you can mix and match with the tail from the same set.

Most of the shades are dark and are the ones you frequently see on real cats.

There are 5 versions in the pack, two are for the cat ears. The first one, you only get the ears. And the next one comes with the tail.

Go full or half-cat; the choice is yours.

9. ArtRave Headband

ArtRave Headband Design for Sims 4

Artsy but still a cutie. One can never go wrong when it comes to bunny ears.

The geometric approach artist Leah Lillith did on this custom item gives you a flashy, futuristic feel.

It’s available in 4 metallic tones and occupies the glasses slot. You can add more accessories if you want to be even more Avant-Gard.

Also, I think we all agree this is something that Lady Gaga would have worn at some point.

8. Ominous Headband

Ominous Headband CC

Ominous? More like gorgeous!

You realize, for some thing named after awful vibes, this pair of ears couldn’t be similarly from it.

Made out of visibly gentle lace, you could even see the tiniest information of those patterns.

Any sim could appearance angelic sporting this sublime CC. Creator Toksik provides the sheer ears in five subdued colorations.

Putting this on will absorb the hat slot, and right away make any sim top notch fancy.

7. Bunny Ears

Bunny Ears CC for The Sims 4

Ready to go “aww, shucks”?

Prepare your heart for this cutie-patootie uneven rabbit ears.

Produced by CC makers Deetron-sims, Nolan-sims, Riice, and Pixielated, the ears come from the Spring Fling Stuff Pack.

You can choose to download this individually, or partner it up with the other spring-themed items.

Pick from 20 festive shades, varying from bright colors like yellow, hot pink, and orange.

It’s also found in the bracelet option, so this specific CC leaves space for another head accessory. Maybe a cute bow?

6. Arena Ear Headband

Arena Ear Headband CC for The Sims 4

Keeping it casual with cat ears.

Take your daily dose of feline goodness with this laid-back but versatile headpiece.

Pralinesims made this piece accessible in 50 colors, recreated from an original that inspired this CC.

Specifically the cheetah print headband was worn by South Korean singer Daehyun.

You can feel the love in the designs, as all fabric surfaces are distinct. The colors are fun and they certainly pop at first glance.

Perfect all-around hat wear. I think your sims will enjoy this for any events.

5. Bunny Ears

Bunny Ears CC for The Sims 4

Baby Thumper, is which you?

Very cute and harmless searching fine describes this CC.

This pair of bunny ears will make you need to cuddle up, or go out clubbing. These floppy fluffs are ideal for all genders too, and accessed thru the hat option.

Made with the aid of custom content material artist Lilit, you could experience it in 8 shades.
A mix of number one and colourful shades, and a spotted pattern often visible on rabbits as properly.

4. The Cats Outta The Bag

Cats Outta The Bag CC

Sassy and classy cat ears.

Raised high, this pair of sharp and easily surprised predator ears are fiercely endearing.

It has an undeniable charm that makes you want to touch it, despite knowing the danger. And the rejection, since the girl wearing these will probably ignore you anyway.

Available in 2 swatches, black and brown, with white tips. This CC by creator Toskami includes an identical cat tail too.

Note: to download this CC, click the ‘updated graveyard’, as the original site is no longer active.

3. Bunny Headband

Bunny Headband CC for The Sims 4

The classic bunny ears.

Often associated with fishnets and magazines (you know that one), the headband by itself is adorable.

There have been different iterations of it through the years. In anime, films, TV series, you name it.

But one thing has been made clear. It’s captivating, no matter where you place it.

The silky-smooth sheen of the cloth and the thin, sleek strips make this particular pair of bunny ears a hit.

Creator SMsims made this part of the bunny collection, made up of a bunny suit with a tail, detachable collar, and headband. All are available in 5 shiny hues.

But because of the artist’s settings, you’ll have to register on the site or log into your existing Deviantart account to view the download link.

2. Cats of City

Cats of City CC for The Sims 4

Move over, Victoria. The cats are strolling this show now.

Some lovely cat ears to slowly wrap up the list, those ears are too fancy to disregard.

There are three ears in this set total. The small one has 3 colorations, the fluffy one has four, and the patterned one has 6.

Jennisims made positive to make one kind for each occasion!

Besides the ears, you might additionally experience the accessories that include them, so test out the entire CC set when you have time.

1. Rabbit Ears

Rabbit Ears Mod for The Sims 4

A must-have for fluffy lovers.

Chinese artist Wenwen recreated the perfect usagimimi, AKA rabbit ears, with this CC.

The fuzzy fur surrounding your ears adds an ‘aww’ factor that sets off your cutesy instincts.

Do I want to touch it? Should I pet it? How soft is it?

The attraction is inescapable.

Only in one color, it’s part of the Cheongsam + rabbit ears + high heels pack.

Give in, click download, and get it for your cutest girl Sim today.

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