Shadow Of The Colossus Leak Shares Best Look Yet At Cut Collosi

Several unreleased images of cut colossi just got leaked on 4chan.

Shadow of the Colossus - via PSN
Over 15 years later, Shadow of the Colossus stays one of the most influential video games of all time. The spiritual successor to Ico launched at the PS2 to vital acclaim, won more than one awards, and became the foundation for the way boss fights in video games could experience for the subsequent decade and a half. It turned into remastered for the PS3, remade for the PS4, or even got an indie “spiritual sequel” in Praey for the Gods.

For this type of critically acclaimed recreation, there is little or no left to mention approximately Shadow of the Colossus that hasn’t been said already. But a recent leak on 4chan gives us with insights into the sport’s improvement or even exhibits several colossi that by no means made it to the final version.

The  4chan threads were blended right into a single put up at the Gaming Leaks and Rumors subreddit. Both posts had been from an nameless person named Moe who’s leaked internal Team Ico files–or so he says. As with all leaks, we need to take this one with a heft grain of salt.

Shadow of the Colossus Spider - via 4chan

That said, the pix that have been posted in reality appearance a lot like Shadow of the Colossus. There are numerous photos of what appears to be the sport’s map as it advanced for the duration of development, ultimately main to the very last version with its sixteen Colossi fights.

An interview with an unknown Team Ico dev stated that they’d originally meant for 24 boss fights, however shorted it all the way down to simply sixteen for diverse reasons. This become in part because of time constraints, in part because of hardware limitations on memory, and partly because some bosses have been simply better than others and extra deserving of being inside the final game.

Cut Colossi - via Imgur

There’s a chart of several cut Colossi and how they compared to Malus, the sport’s final boss. Sirius, Devil, Griffin, Phoenix, Worm, Roc, Monkey, and Spider never made it into the final recreation, however elements and ideas from these bosses were regularly mixed into a Colossus that did make it, along with Griffin’s fire vulnerability being given to the 11th Colossus, Celosia.

Some of those reduce bosses are even mentioned inside the Shadow of the Colossus artwork ebook. Check out the leak right here, after which compare them to the art ebook yourself here.

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