Remnant From The Ashes: Every Armor Ranked From Light To Heavy


Some of the armor in Remnant From The Ashes is heavier than others…


Armor sets in Remnant From The Ashes have varying weights that make them either light, medium, or heavy. This affects how movement feels while wearing it and your ability to spam the dodging button. With the number of additional mobs you get during a boss fight, spamming the dodge button is very much needed. But not mandatory. Especially when the heavier armor can sometimes offer more interesting buffs.

For each world and progress you make within the game, there will be a themed piece of armor to go with it. There are Earth armor pieces, Rhom armor, Yaesha armor, and Corsus armor. Much like weapon mods, these armor sets share the same aesthetic and visuals of the worlds that they came from.

14 LIGHT: Adventurer’s Armor


Adventure armor is the piece of clothing you were sporting in the educational and cutscenes. Classic, green, and easy. This set has missing portions that require Glowing Fragments to acquire, along with the hero sword and the adventure goggles. Glowing Fragments can be obtained through playing the game in tough mode or buying the Swamp Of Corsus DLC and playing the rogue-like mode. The journey armor set offers you as much as a 35% growth in hazard of getting substances while breaking breakable objects. Its weight is 14.

13 LIGHT: Bandit Armor


The bandit armor set is earth armor that requires a randomized event to take place. Through earth dungeons, you have to chance upon Brabus. There are multiple ways to deal with Brabus, from killing him, killling your friends, or walking away with armor. To get the armor set, you must have already met Mud Tooth at a checkpoint and exhausted his dialogue. This gives you a pocket watch which you then give to Brabus. The bandit armor allows you to horde ammo. You get a 25% increase in the amount of ammo you loot and up to a 35% chance to not lose bullets you hit. It comes in at a weight of 17.

12 LIGHT: Akari Armor


Akari armor is another set that requires you to find a randomized event within Rhom. You must get the dungeon that has three locked doors at the end which hold the set of armor. If you have this in your world, you will find Glowing Rods within dungeons. Looting these allows you to unlock those doors. The set allows you to ace your dodging skills and have that benefit you in the long run. You get up to a 30% speed boost depending on how many parts of the set you have on. If you make successful dodges, your firing, melee, reload, and evade speed is increased. Akari armor weighs 20.

11 LIGHT: Hunter’s Armor


Hunter’s armor is one of the beginner class armor sets that you automatically have access to. If you didn’t already choose the hunter class, you can buy the other class’ armor sets by speaking to the guy you upgrade armor at in Ward 13, Rigs.

This set will allow you to perfect hunting enemies from afar. You get up to a 20% increase in both ranged and weak spot damage when all three pieces are equipped. It also reduces your overall gun spreading by 20. This armor weighs 21.

10 LIGHT: Elder Armor


Getting into the cooler-looking pieces, Elder armor can be acquired in Yaesha from a random event. This random event is a dungeon where the end puts you in a large room with a wolf carved in the wall at the very end. The wolf’s eyes will turn red and hordes of enemies will appear. After surviving, you get this set. Elder armor grants you an overall 30% damage increase as well as Dragon Heart buffs. When you use a Dragon Heart, it buffs your damage further. The armor also gives you a 25% chance to not consume a Dragon Heart when using one, meaning you get to heal without your Dragon Hearts decreasing in number. Elder armor weighs 21.

LIGHT: Cultist’s Armor


Another beginner class armor. If you didn’t choose this class you can buy the armor off of Rigs. The cultist armor set is all about your weapon mods and getting the most use out of them. With every piece of the set equipped, you can get a 100% increase in mod duration. This means that your weapon mods will last very long, especially summons. Summons won’t leave you after a couple of minutes but will instead stay with you on alert for a longer amount of time. Your weapon mods will also regenerate over time after use. The cultist armor weighs in at 22.

MEDIUM: Drifter’s Armor


The drifter armor set is an Earth set that doesn’t require a random event. You can easily get it if you explore The Founder’s Hideout and keep a keen eye. It’s one of the very first armor sets you can get in the game that isn’t the class armor.

Drifter armor gives you special stacks that can be seen under your health bar. These stacks increase in number as you sprint, evade, and slide across the floor. For each stack number, you will get a damage increase of up to 5% which lasts for ten seconds. Your stamina also regenerates a bit faster. Drifter armor weighs 32.

MEDIUM: Slayer’s Armor


This piece of Corsus armor is both disturbing and radical at the same time. You can get it by buying it off of the Iskal Queen at one of the Corsus checkpoints. Slayer’s armor makes it so that whenever you reload, you get a damage buff towards the next enemy you hit. Because of this, your reload speed is increased. The damage buff lasts ten seconds and can go up to around 30% extra damage. Slayer’s armor weighs 34.

MEDIUM: Osseous Armor


Osseous armor looks both cool and kind of dorky at the same time. You can buy it off of the merchant, Wud, in Rhom who sits in a plane with a dog. This armor increases your maximum damage and allows you to stack damage to one enemy as you’re attacking it. Ranged and melee attacks increase this damage by up to 35%. Because of this, your fire rate and melee speed are increased when you wear it. Osseous armor weighs 38.

MEDIUM: Scrapper Armor


The last of the 3 newbie instructions. Again, if you didn’t pick the Scrapper class, you could buy the armor spark off of Rigs in Ward thirteen. This armor is all about being scrappy and up for a combat. Any damage you supply to an enemy from any form of weapon or mod will boom and accept to any enemies within five meters of you. Because of this, you may acquire 15% less damage to any enemies inside those 5 meters. Scrapper armor weighs in at 41.

MEDIUM: Twisted Tree Armor


Twisted Tree armor is an Earth set that requires a random event to take place. You would find a random area that doesn’t look like a boss fight or anything special. When going through the fog wall, you must defeat the waves of enemies. After that, a special altar will give you the armor set you must purchase or craft. Twisted Tree armor gives you stacks like the Drifter armor. These stacks increase every couple of seconds by doing nothing, but remove if you take damage. The stacks give you a damage boost per number of stacks up to 3%. The armor also passively heals you a very small amount. The armor weighs 47.

HEAVY: Radiant Armor


Radiant armor can be bought off of a merchant in Yaesha who is found near a large locked door and a large caravan. She offers secrets for money. This armor increases your critical hit chance and your damage. Every time you hit a critical hit, your critical chance and damage increase and this can stack. Because of this, your recoil will be reduced. This armor weighs 59.

HEAVY: Void Armor


The coolest looking armor that you’ll see most players wearing. Void armor can be found on Rhom after solving a puzzle on the floor that will create an elevator downward upon completion. You’ll find a world stone and squares on the ground. You have to press down the squares in a specific order, which is randomized every time. Then the middle square will open. Void armor gives you a damage boost, but on the condition that you are a perfect shot and dodger. This comes off as more of a challenge. You gain a total damage boost every five seconds, but if you take damage it turns into damage reduction, protecting you from more harm instead of making you stronger. Void armor weighs 63.

HEAVY: Leto’s Armor


This is the heaviest armor in the base game. It was added after the developers came out with the Swamp Of Corsus DLC, giving us some free base game content. Leto’s Lab is a random event you can find on Earth. When you go through this lab, there will be a teleport machine that moves you to another location. If you use this machine more than once, it will teleport you to secret locations, but you have to do it a lot. One location is an extra luminite, the other is this armor set. Leto’s armor lowers your stamina cost by 25% and protects you from damage. The amount of health you’re missing creates a stack that gives you a 10% damage reduction per amount of health. It weighs in at 90.