Pokémon: 10 Things You Never Knew About The Rotom Phone


Pokémon Sword and Shield introduced fans to the Rotom Phone, and here is everything a player should know about this curious little device.

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It’s always satisfying to see how video game series have evolved over the years and incorporated more modern mechanics into the experience, but Pokémon is a series that always finds especially creative concepts and ideas to add into each new title. Admittedly, some Pokémon games are more bloated than others, but the latest entry, Pokémon Sword and Shield finds a balance that’s able to highlight both the old and the new.

One such function inside the Nintendo title is the Rotom Phone, which has changed into one of the greater uncommon gadgets within the collection. This may additionally appear to be a simple piece of generation, but the Rotom Phone has many greater capabilities than it we could on.

10 It’s Possessed By A Pokémon

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There have been some curious Pokémon designs throughout the years that don’t just imply some major things for the species, but also the larger world around them. Rotom is a Pokémon that’s the rare mix of a Ghost- and Electric-Type. The major concept behind Rotom is that the Pokémon can possess the motor of some appliances and change forms as a result. Rotom can turn into things like a heater, a fan, or even a washing machine, but the Rotom Phone is one of its most popular uses.

It Can Power And Connect With The Rotom Bike

Pokemon Anime Rotom Phone Powers Bike


Part of what makes the Rotom Phone so special is that it’s a smartphone that has the added abilities and insight of the Rotom that has possessed it. Rotom is a Pokémon that’s very versatile in terms of the appliances that it can enter, but the Rotom Phone is able to channel this energy to work in tandem with the Rotom Bike. The Rotom Phone can power the Rotom Bike’s motor, which allows for much more efficient travel and it’s even able to move over water after the proper upgrades.

They Come In Many Different Colors

Pokemon Anime Visquez Yellow Rotom Phone


Appearances are everything these days and it’s been interesting to watch how the Pokémon series has incorporated more customization into the experience, whether it’s through the look of characters or their fashion accessories.

The number one shade for Rotom Phones appears to be orange and it is the version to be had in Sword and Shield as well as what Ash has inside the anime. However, the anime has depicted all varieties of exceptional types that variety in shades from blue, yellow, pink, magenta, and Team Rocket even has a black version.

It Has A Friendly Rivalry With The Rotom Pokédex

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Rotom is a Pokémon that’s able to invade various appliances, but they all carry the same purpose of helpfulness towards the world. Despite this common goal, the Rotom Phone can still hold certain prejudices against other Rotom products or even be sensitive towards its own abilities. In Pokémon Journeys: The Series, Ash’s personal Rotom Phone exhibits a bit of an attitude towards the Rotom Pokédex and tries to asset superiority due to how it contains more functions. It’s unclear if all Rotom Phones will react this way to Rotom Pokédexes, or if this is specific to Ash’s model.

It Can Include A Pokédex

Pokemon Anime Rotom Phone Pokedex Reading


There are a number of different options that Rotom have when it comes to what items they possess, but it ultimately seems like it’s the Rotom Phone that’s able to offer the Pokémon the most freedom and be able to do more than simply facilitate communication. Since the Rotom Phone is a smartphone, it’s able to house many different applications, including a Pokédex. This is a fantastic feature for the device and it pretty much renders the standard Pokédex irrelevant since the Rotom Phone is able to provide its luxuries along with many more perks.

They Don’t Speak In The Video Games

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The Rotom Phone really blurs the line between Pokémon and machine and this distinction becomes even harder to make when the Rotom Phone will actually talk back and voice its opinion on things. The Rotom Phone is a great source of information, but the device never lets the user forget that there’s a living Pokémon that’s also inside of it.

Curiously, the Rotom Phone featured in Sword and Shield aren’t nearly as vocal with this being a trait that’s an awful lot more frequent inside the anime series. However, even then Ash and Goh’s Rotom Phones are on the quieter aspects.

Team Rocket Has Their Own Distinct Model

Pokemon Anime Meowth Team Rocket Rotom Phone


The Pokémon series does a good job to illustrate that different models and varieties for the Rotom Phone exist and Ash encounters more of these unique styles as he travels to different regions. The Pokémon Journeys: The Series episode, “Flash of the Titans!” highlights that Team Rocket have been gifted their own Rotom Phone from Giovanni. Their Rotom Phone is a sleek black and it comes with a decidedly sassier personality, especially when it comes to its Pokédex entries, which feels very fitting for Team Rocket.

They Keep Track Of Caught Pokémon

Pokemon Anime Rotom Phone Pokedex Entry


There are so many Pokémon out in the world that without a Pokédex most trainers would be absolutely lost when it comes to the cataloguing of these creatures. The Pokédex is a useful tool in terms of identifying new Pokémon and keeping track of which are in the trainer’s possession, but the Rotom Phone’s Pokédex adds a few important, new features. The Rotom Phone doesn’t just contain a record of which Pokémon have been caught and registered, but by whom. It’s more thorough data and provides helpful information about opponents rather than just the Pokémon themselves.

They Contain Information On Locations And Landmarks

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Something that’s been entertaining about the Pokémon series is how it’s been able to feature new areas that don’t only contain completely new Pokémon, but sometimes also region-specific versions of old and familiar faces. Each new title in the series expands the Pokémon world and it can be difficult to keep track of it all. Thankfully, the Rotom Phone conveniently has all sorts of information on not just Pokémon, but their surrounding areas. The Rotom Phone can even predict weather patterns and really give a history area on certain regions.

They Originated From The Galar Region

Pokemon Sword And Shield Galar Region Map


There are a variety of one of a kind reviews from the Pokémon community on what the maximum gratifying region is to explore. The most up-to-date identify, Pokémon Sword and Shield, introduces Pokémon trainers to the Galar place and its many wonders. A fundamental introduction right here is that the Rotom Phone seems to be one among its most famous exports. Rotom Phone are featured in all varieties of regions and aren’t precise to Galar, however it seems like the place is the hub for them and wherein they’re maximum popular.