Persona 5: Every Possible Way To Increase The Charm Social Stat


Persona 5 gives players plenty of stats to play with and even more ways to increase them. Here’s how to get your charm stat even higher!


The last few main Persona titles have featured the social stat mechanic and Persona 5 is no exception. There are five social stats in total: Knowledge, Guts, Charm, Proficiency, and Kindness. Each of these stats has five ranks, with players being able to rank up by earning a set amount of points. Persona 5 Royal requires more points to rank up, likely because this re-release offers more opportunities to increase your stats.

Raising your Charm social stat permits you to rank up with the Death confidant and Priestess confidant, in addition to unlocking the Star confidant and the Flower Shop part-time activity. Check out these approaches to increase your Charm stat.

At School


There are a couple of ways that you can increase your Charm stat while at school, but these are not things you can repeat whenever you like. Acing your school exams will give you +3 Charm, but you need to be rank 4 knowledge in order to do so.

There are also three occasions where you can earn +2 Charm by dodging the chalk thrown at you. This happens on 4/16, 10/15, and 10/24 and requires a high rank in Proficiency to do it successfully.

At Leblanc


There are a few things that you can do while at Leblanc to increase your Charm stat, and considering there are times where Morgana makes you stay in due to it being late, this is a great way to pass your time.

You’ll need to first purchase the TV and retro game console from the second-hand store called Yumenoshima, which can be found in Yongen-Jaya. After you’ve obtained these items, you’ll have more options available to you. Firstly, you’ll be able to watch DVDs, which you can rent from Central Street in Shibuya. The following DVDs raise your Charm: Bubbly Hills, 90210 adds +2 Charm, and Not-so-hot Betsy adds +3 charm. You can also play videogames, with the following games increasing your Charm by +2 when you play them: Gambla Goemon and Punch Out.

Part-time Jobs


There are two part-time jobs that can help to increase your Kindness stat. The first job is as a bartender at the Crossroads Bar, which requires you to have rank 4 in Proficiency, rank 3 in Charm, and rank 3 in Guts to be hired. During your Sunday shifts, if you choose to speak to the woman in the evening dress, your Charm will increase by +2.

The other activity is on the Triple Seven Convenience Store, wherein on any date that includes a “7”, seventh, seventeenth, and 27th, you could increase your Charm by using giving an appropriate answer approximately wherein to locate an item’s barcode location. Your Charm will growth by using +2, or +3 if you give the precise solution.

Leisure Activities


Utilizing the bathhouse in Yongen-Jaya will increase your Charm, but you can’t earn bonus points every day so try to time your visits right. A normal visit will give you +2 Charm, but if you visit on a Monday or Thursday you will receive an additional +1 Charm. Furthermore, visiting when it is raining will add +1 Charm, or +1 Guts if you choose to stay too long. Visiting the Maid Cafe in Akihabara will give you +2 Charm each time, as well as +1 Guts or +1 Kindness depending on your reaction to the maid making a mistake. In July, you can order Fruit Tea while studying at the diner and this will increase your Charm by +1, as well as +2 Knowledge on a clear day, and +3 Knowledge on rainy days.

Furthermore, watching certain movies at the various theatres will increase your Charm also. The following movies all add +3 Charm: Like a Showtime Tiger (Yongen-Jaya in September), Fighting Friends (Shibuya in January), and Love Possibly (Shibuya in July, when invited by Ann). Visiting the Big Bang Burger restaurant and taking part in their burger challenges will also increase your Charm stat, though you’ll need ranks in Proficiency, Knowledge, and Guts to succeed. The Comet Burger adds +1 Charm, the Gravity Burger adds +2 Charm, and the Cosmic Tower Burger adds +3 Charm. Other social stats are raised by these challenges too.

Toranosuke Yoshida


Toranosuke Yoshida is the Sun arcana confidant, which grants Joker more options when negotiating with shadows as it is ranked up. Spending time with this confidant will increase your Charm social stat by +3 each time.

To access this confidant, you must first begin work at the Beef Bowl shop, where Yoshida will eventually notice you once you have worked there twice during the evenings. He will then invite you to listen to his speeches; he is available on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings, as long as it’s not raining.

Ichiko Ohya


Ichiko Ohya is the Devil arcana confidant, which lessens the security presence in palaces with there being a greater effect the more this social link is ranked up. You can gain access to this confidant by meeting her at the Crossroads Bar in Shinjuku.

Spending time with Ohya increases your Charm by +3 each time you spend time with her, she is available every evening, regardless of the weather.

Miscellaneous Activities


There are also a few miscellaneous activities that increase your Charm social stat. One of these is reading, which you can do when sat on the stool in Leblanc, in the school library, or during train journeys if sat down. The following books will increase your Charm by +3 when you finish them: The Alluring Dancer, Playing the Game, and Reckless Casanova. It takes more than one session to finish a book, so reading the Speed Reader book can make this more efficient, as it increases the chapters read at a time from one to two.

Additionally, every Sunday you should buy a juice drink from the Shibuya Underground Walkway, and consuming this could randomly boom one of your social stats with the aid of +1. Another random stat boom can be found through gambling billiards at the Kichijoji bar.