QUICK FACTS NAME Confucius BIRTH DATE c. 551 BCE DEATH DATE 479 BCE DID YOU KNOW? Confucianism is not an organized religion, but it does provide rules for thinking and …

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Joseph P. Kennedy

QUICK FACTS NAME Joseph P. Kennedy BIRTH DATE September 6, 1888 DEATH DATE November 18, 1969 EDUCATION Harvard University PLACE OF BIRTH Boston, Massachusetts PLACE OF DEATH Hyannis Port, Massachusetts …

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Sam Houston

QUICK FACTS NAME Sam Houston BIRTH DATE March 2, 1793 DEATH DATE July 26, 1863 PLACE OF BIRTH Rockbridge County, Virginia PLACE OF DEATH Huntsville, Texas FULL NAME Samuel Houston …

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Andrew Cuomo

QUICK FACTS NAME Andrew Cuomo BIRTH DATE December 6, 1957 (age 62) EDUCATION Fordham University, Albany Law School PLACE OF BIRTH Queens, New York FULL NAME Andrew Mark Cuomo ZODIAC …

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Phyllis Schlafly

QUICK FACTS NAME Phyllis Schlafly BIRTH DATE August 15, 1924 DEATH DATE September 5, 2016 PLACE OF BIRTH St. Louis, Missouri PLACE OF DEATH Ladue, Missouri BIRTH NAME Phyllis McAlpin …

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Bella Abzug

QUICK FACTS NAME Bella Abzug BIRTH DATE July 24, 1920 DEATH DATE March 31, 1998 EDUCATION Columbia Law School, Hunter College, Columbia University, Walton High School PLACE OF BIRTH New …

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Kim Yo-jong

QUICK FACTS NAME Kim Yo-jong BIRTH DATE September 26, 1987 ZODIAC SIGN Libra Who Is Kim Yo-jong? Kim Yo-jong is the more youthful sister of North Korean pioneer Kim Jong-un. …

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Shinzo Abe

QUICK FACTS NAME Shinzo Abe BIRTH DATE September 21, 1954 (age 65) EDUCATION University of Southern California, Los Angeles PLACE OF BIRTH Tokyo, Japan ZODIAC SIGN Virgo Traditionalist government official …

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