Nicole Richie’s Surprising Adoption Story


Lionel Richie was at a Prince show in 1983 in Los Angeles and he was unable to take his eyes off the stage. However, it wasn’t the “Purple Rain” vocalist who had enamored him — it was the 2-year-old young lady playing the tambourine close by him.

Lionel was promptly attracted to her. He ended up making a few inquiries to make sense of who the youngster had a place with. He before long acknowledged she was Nicole Camille Escovedo, little girl of performer Peter Escovedo and associate Karen Moss, who worked for Peter’s sister, artist Sheila Escovedo, otherwise called Sheila E.

“The excellent part about it is I understood, ‘Goodness my god, what a charming little catch,'” Lionel revealed to Huffington Post of his first gathering with Nicole. “We messed about. Never reconsidered it.”

Little did he understand at the time that she would before long become Nicole Richie and be calling him father.

Nicole’s introduction to the world guardians were ‘experiencing issues with their relationship’

Half a month later, Lionel saw Nicole again and found out about the difficulties she was confronting. “We [were] a little stressed that the little child can’t go on visit on the grounds that a 2-year-old should be fixed — they can’t prop up out and about,” Lionel disclosed to Huffington Post of Nicole’s folks’ vocations.

“I don’t have the foggiest idea how we got into the discussion, ‘Well, why not only sort of keep the child here?'” he proceeded in the meeting that was directed by Nicole for the outlet’s “Converse with Me” arrangement.

On head of the coordinations, the circumstance wasn’t going very well. “They were experiencing issues with their relationship,” Lionel revealed to Piers Morgan in a 2015 meeting. At the time it seemed well and good since Lionel knew Sheila and the family.

Before they knew it, around two years had passed. “The circumstance with you wasn’t beating that,” Lionel said to Nicole for Huffington Post, clarifying that he and afterward spouse Brenda Harvey began as legitimate gatekeepers. “It was really deteriorating, the family circumstance was self-destructing.”


Lionel and Brenda authoritatively embraced Nicole when she was 9

As Lionel’s profession soar during this period with melodies like “Throughout the Night (All Night),” “Hi” and “State You, Say Me,” the Grammy-winning collection Can’t Slow Down and the cause hit “We Are the World,” he likewise started to love his function as a dad.

“So it took about perhaps a year for me to simply begin to look all starry eyed at and she was a little catch, and obviously at that point I was Dad,” he told Morgan. “So I stated, ‘Alright, here is the thing that we will do: You will everybody wish that they had embraced you. You will make everybody in your family wish they really got an opportunity to get you back,’ and that is the point at which I stated, ‘We should embrace her.'”

Nicole was 9 years of age when the reception came through. “I can recollect right up ’til today, that little head, sitting up in the little adjudicator’s chamber,” Lionel said to Nicole on “Converse with Me,” understanding that the little youngster didn’t exactly comprehend what was occurring.

It required some investment for Lionel to pick up Nicole’s trust

Setting up trust with Nicole was a test, particularly in light of the fact that she hadn’t had a lot of security in her young life. “I recollect you had relinquishment issues for evident reasons,” he proceeded. “You’ve been given around to each relative in the family. What’s more, recall what I said to you. I stated, ‘I’m never under any circumstance going to leave you.'”

In any case, she questioned his words, as Lionel recalled “this look” all over. However, he persevered. “I stated, ‘no, tune in, I’m never going to leave you.'”

Nicole recollects the discussion well as well and how stubborn he was that she comprehended what he was stating, particularly since he’d regularly be away for quite a long time or months one after another for work.

“Also, when you understood — I thoroughly consider time — ‘OK, he’s not leaving me. He’s simply disappearing to work,’ I think you felt more secure,” he said to her.

On the opposite side, Sheila E. said in her 2014 book The Book of My Own Drum, “As a solitary working mother, Karen was incredibly appreciative, yet torn… On the off chance that Nikki stayed where she was, living sans rent, at that point Karen could gain enough for their future without upsetting her kid’s life.”

Yet, she includes that when the appropriation occurred, it wasn’t unreasonably simple: “The grievous part is that once Nicole Escovedo legitimately became Nicole Richie, it seemed like we lost her. We as a whole lost her.”


Lionel says Nicole ‘mollified’ his heart

For a fruitful artist, Lionel had been laser-centered around his vocation. “Everything up to that point was tied in with songwriting in the business and visiting,” he advised her in the Huffington Post meet. “Out of nowhere, I discovered something I could really go gaga for that was never going to leave me.”

“Thus, I think you sort of changed my life a lot regarding mellowing my heart,” he conceded.

Concerning Nicole, she summarized her father’s character on Live with Kelly and Ryan in March 2020: “Here’s the thing about my father: He’s a similar individual he is on camera as he is behind the scenes.”

She included that at whatever point they talk the telephone, he’s loaded up with that equivalent energy. “He has the humdingers and the jokes and zoom, I’m similar to, ‘Would you say you were hanging tight for me to call? Do you have a rundown recorded? How would you have endless jokes all set throughout the day?'”

Lionel remained close by through troublesome occasions

As life has tossed Nicole high points and low points, her father has consistently been there to help her. At the point when she went to recovery for drug use in 2003, he dropped everything to be close by. “I stated, ‘I am with you’ and I dropped [my] visit,” Lionel told Morgan. “I stated, ‘Me and your mom’ — who didn’t get along that well — ‘Me and your mom are looking into recovery with you.'”

When Nicole got consideration for her skinny appearance, he stepped in. “I brought her over to the house and asked, ‘What’s happening here?'” he revealed to The New York Times, later taking in the weight reduction originated from the pressure of being at the center of attention. “A few people take acclaim and pressure and get fat, some get thin, some get dependent on drugs, however she’s now experienced that, so she’s not returning there… She’s simply got the opportunity to discover her beat and she’ll be fine, however I generally advise her, ‘Become accustomed to it, kid, since it doesn’t beat that.'”

He likewise figured out how to assume a lower priority when Nicole’s profession overwhelmed his incredible one. “Youngsters come up to me constantly and say, ‘Goodness my God, you’re Nicole Richie’s father — I just observed you on The Simple Life,'” he proceeded to The New York Times. “They have no clue about who I am or what I’ve done.”

All things considered, he realizes that is important for being a fair parent. “With my children, I realize their responsibility is to totally terrify me to death — and they’re working admirably, incidentally,” he told People in 2019. “I advised this to Nicole a few days ago, my responsibility is to humiliate them as much as Possible, insofar as I’m here. They’re attempting to do likewise to me, so I believe it’s an equivalent trade at this moment.”

Lionel believes it’s ‘amusing’ that Nicole wedded a performer

Subsequent to experiencing childhood in a family unit with a performer parent continually voyaging, Lionel thinks that its amusing that Nicole wound up wedding Good Charlotte and Madden Brothers artist Joel Madden in 2010, with who she shares two kids, Harlow (conceived in 2008) and Sparrow (conceived in 2009).

“How unexpected… you wedded another artist that goes out and about,” Lionel said to Nicole. “I’m pondering internally, ‘Are you, will be you a masochist?’… In any case, I get it since you can distinguish so well.” And Nicole concurs, “It’s what I’m utilized to… It nearly has a sense of security to me.”

Also, the two offer such a genuine relationship that Nicole can even place Lionel’s affection life within proper limits, despite the fact that he and her mother separated in 1993. “Ladies haven’t generally been your solid suit,” Nicole said to Lionel in the Huffington Post meet. “In any case, you’re delicate with me and, and I feel like you and I have a great, solid relationship.”