Khuda Haafiz Movie Review : An unsurprising tale of love and longing


Khuda Haafiz Story: The lives of love birds Nargis (Shivaleeka Oberoi) and Sameer Choudhary (Vidyut Jammwal) come disintegrating down as financial log jam hits India in 2008 and the couple’s presently unemployed. The couple goes after positions in the Sultanate of Noman. Yet, as destiny would have it, Nargis is grabbed away by some risky individuals in the unfamiliar land. Sameer takes steps to bring her home free from any danger. What has unfolded?


Khuda Haafiz Review: In the initial succession, a hesitant Sameer inquires as to whether she had consented to wed him due to family pressure and on the off chance that she had a beau that she despite everything has uncertain affections for. This Lucknow kid’s naivety bids to Nargis. Also, before you know it, the couple goes into sacred marriage and is smashed in affection inside long periods of saying ‘Qubool Hai (I acknowledge it)’ to each other. In an alternate setting, journalists Faruk Kabir (additionally the chief) and Zaheer Abass Qureshi depict the abrupt smashing of the world economy and how India catches under its shockwaves. Obviously, the lead pair also faces the brunt and both lose their positions inside long periods of getting married.

Edgy, the couple applies for work to outside nations like the Sultanate of Noman through a crude activity situation organization in Lucknow. While Narigis’ work visa shows up, Sameer needs to hang tight for five additional days. Yet, all’s not well in the Noman heaven as Nargis settles on a frenzy telephone decision to her significant other, guaranteeing “nothing’s what it was by all accounts” and that “she is being dealt with seriously”. Something vile is impacting everything and Sameer knows it, and ventures out from home with the sole mission of bringing his significant other back. After coming to, he is defied with the cruel truth of his conditions—Nargis is currently in the grip of the dim rear entryways of tissue exchange. How is he going to spare her, and in particular, where right?

As the name recommends, ‘Khuda Hafiz’ is the story of a man’s affection and yearning for his adored who’s confronted with an unfavorable circumstance in an outsider world. Valid, when spread out clearly, the screenplay shows gigantic potential and could have all around been a distinct advantage in the exceptional sentiment spine chiller adventure. However, it’s most certainly not. Due to the component of rush and dread of the obscure, the main portion of the film is fairly captivating and for the principal 30 minutes or thereabouts, you would need to realize what’s available for these lovebirds. Yet, that underlying interest is before long butchered by indecisive narrating and a content that assents to the safeguard methods regularly directed in hit wrongdoing spine chiller love drivel.

Be that as it may, the way author chief Faruk Kabir moves this subgenre is, for the absence of a superior term, very helpful. For one, each other character that crosses way with Vidyut Jamwal’s Sameer is either a Pakistani, Indian or a Bangladeshi who is either anxious to help this dubious looking traveler or talks familiar Hindi. Discussing pronunciations, Shiv Panditt’s Faiz Abu Malik from the make-conviction law authorization office ISA is completely diverting; less for his acting yet for the phony emphasize he puts on and sometimes neglects to clutch. A generally gifted Aahana Kumra as analyst Tamena Hamid does not have the pizazz and colorfulness she typically brings to her art. The harming variable of her character circular segment is additionally the emphasize: constrained upon, caricaturish and ought to have been discarded. Nearby cabbie and Jamwal’s partner Annu Kapoor (assuming the function of Usman Ali Murad) is amiable in parts and is endowed with pushing the story forward. Works to a sensible degree yet then the strangeness of the plotline overwhelms Kapoor and he is left in the secondary lounge, hanging mid-air. The blooming of their companionship doesn’t appear to be natural no doubt. Also, honestly, neither does Shivaleeka’s and Vidyut’s. Much the same as the second aspect of the film, the force of their sentiment needs conviction and makes no sense even by romantic tale principles.

In real life groupings, Vidyut Jamwal is an incredible sight: pressing punches, landing strong kicks with his veins popping and face pounding. Between the two, Vidyut is all the more sincerely put resources into getting the subtleties of his character right. Shivaleeka, then again, looks drop-dead flawless as the humble community beauty however her acting slashes need genuine sharpening.

In Bollywood, the embodiment of affection is caught principally through adoration anthems. Furthermore, authors Amar Mohile and Mithun Sharma don’t disillusion. ‘Jaan Ban Gaye’, ‘Mera Intezaar Karna’ and ‘Aakhri Kadam Tak’ are outright melodic enjoyments. The foundation score, as well, is one that strengthens the fear in genuine scenes and mollifies the topic of dismay in places where the pair is seen pining for each other.

‘Khuda Haafiz’ — strict signifying ‘May God be your Guardian’ — doesn’t have the most inventive content on earth however it despite everything could have worked had it not been for the irregularity in the subsequent half and the ridiculously hoax Arabic pronunciations. Watch it for Vidyut utilizing his muscles in the most interesting manner believable, peeps!