How to create an accountant website: the easy way to your online presence


Each field accompanies its own difficulties. However, one thing remains constant in all cases: Almost every business needs to have an online presence. Furthermore, this is valid for bookkeepers similarly as much as any other individual. Most potential customers search online for somebody to deal with their funds. Fortunately, with only a couple straightforward tips, you can without much of a stretch make a bookkeeper site.


  1. The benefits of having a bookkeeper site
  2. Unique conditions: bookkeeper sites in the midst of crown
  3. The most effective method to make a bookkeeper site
  4. Outline: which choice is appropriate for you?
  5. What are the basic pieces of a bookkeeper site?
  6. Making a bookkeeper site – a bit by bit direct

The advantages of having an accountant website

In by far most of enterprises, the procurement of new customers happens only on the web. For bookkeepers, informal exchange and print advertisements actually assume a greater function than in many fields, however a site is in any case absolutely critical for reaching expected customers. You can utilize a site to introduce your administrations, show your contact data, and prevail upon new customers.

Practically every business needs a site. That is the reason we’ve made aides for different fields:

  • Sites for specialists
  • Sites for dealers
  • Sites for realtors
  • Sites for cafés
  • Sites for dental specialists
  • Sites for picture takers

Making your own bookkeeper site additionally allows you to flaunt your expert knowledge. You should think about, for instance, setting up an assistance page where you distribute little messages on assessment and account themes. That way, you can exhibit your capability and ability to help. You can likewise utilize the articles for search motor optimization to get more individuals to your site.

Special circumstances: accountant websites in times of corona

Coronavirus has encouraged various changes to our lives. Inside merely weeks, a huge piece of our expert and public activities were pushed on the web. Individuals are working from home and seeing loved ones generally via video gatherings. The impacts have arrived at bookkeepers also, the same number of bookkeeping workplaces have shut their entryways and moved their business on the web.

A site presents an open door to keep your customers educated. You can disclose to site guests that you are as yet working regardless of the conditions and clarify that their touchy monetary information is in acceptable hands. It’s likewise an extraordinary opportunity to promote your contact data. Notwithstanding phone and email correspondence, for instance, you should seriously mull over contribution arrangements by means of video conferencing.

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How to create an accountant website

You don’t necessarily need to have knowledge of HTML and CSS to create your own website. You can either use some simple tools or work with specialists who take care of most of the work for you.


Content administration frameworks (CMS) were initially intended to make the distributing of online substance like blog articles as effectively as could be expected under the circumstances. Nowadays, the product can be utilized to acknowledge whole sites –  without the requirement for much IT information. With WordPress, for instance, you can make a pleasant site in a moderately short measure of time. The close to interminable number of formats and modules make it simple to get a site up, and a functioning network is there for help.

Website builder

With a web designer, you can undoubtedly make an expert looking web presence. Utilizing intuitive and a WYSIWYG editor, you can move the different web components to where you need them on the page, change the shading plan, and add content. Web designers are an incredible alternative for beginners, since you needn’t bother with any IT information to utilize them. Be that as it may, this availability comes at the expense of independence: Your plan will be perfect, yet you’ll have generally couple of alternatives for customization. Since a bookkeeper site doesn’t need any uncommon highlights, however, this shouldn’t present an issue.

Web design service

In the event that you’d preferably work with experts, you may choose for a website architecture administration. Several hosting providers now likewise offer this administration. They will utilize formats and work intimately with you to make an individualized site. Also, you’ll get valuable tips for making your bookkeeper site fruitful after its dispatch.

Web design agencies and freelancers

In the event that you need to completely give over control, you can work with an office or an independent website specialist. They’ll tune in to your desires and thoughts and make a unique website for you. Anything that is mechanically conceivable can be executed by organizations and consultants. These experts additionally normally offer to remain engaged with the undertaking long haul. That implies they’ll deal with support work and changes. Yet, this sort of exhaustive assistance accompanies an exorbitant cost tag.


Overview: which option is right for you?

The decision is in your hands. Depending on your wishes, your budget, and your own IT knowledge, you can take full control of the project or seek the help of experts.

CMSWebsite builderWeb design serviceAgencies and freelancers
BudgetLowMid-rangeHighVery high
ProsMany plugins and templatesEasy to use, fast implementationWorking with experts; hosting and design taken care ofIndividual attention from web design experts
ConsLearning curve; additional costs for hosting and premium plugins and templatesFew options for customizationOnly partially customizableVery high costs; high dependency on the service provider

What are the essential parts of an accountant website?

An accounting website doesn’t need to be particularly extensive. It mainly acts as a digital business card. You should nevertheless not be too sparing with content – a well-constructed website builds trust. The following sub-pages should be part of any accountant website:

  • Home page
  • News
  • Services
  • Team
  • Guides
  • Contact information
  • Privacy policy


The primary page that guests are demonstrated is the landing page. That is the reason, it’s significant that this page establishes a decent first connection. On the off chance that conceivable, you would already be able to indicate at the favorable circumstances of your administrations. Make it clear to guests why they ought to pick you and your office. However, don’t try too hard: two or three catchphrases will do the trick at this stage. You can save longer clarifications for the sub-pages.


You can utilize a news page for advising your customers about any new advancements in duty guidelines or in your business. Yet, be cautious – whenever you’ve set up this page, you need to consistently refresh it with new substance. On the off chance that the last bit of information is months old, your whole web presence will appear to be obsolete.


For many visitors to your accountant website, the “Services” page is the main destination. This is where you should present more detailed information about what you can offer clients – list the services you provide and provide an explanation where necessary. Keep in mind that potential clients probably have little to no knowledge of finance and taxes. All the text on your website should be easy for anyone to understand.



There’s a ton of trust engaged with choosing to work with a bookkeeper – that individual is, eventually, working with one’s cash and will approach delicate information. That is the reason it’s significant for likely customers to get familiar with somewhat about you. You ought to devote a page of your site to presenting yourself and your group. You don’t have to go a lot into detail, however the peruser ought to get a decent impression of your business. Try to keep things genuine, however – portrayals of you and your group shouldn’t get excessively close to home. Finally, an expert photograph of you or a gathering photograph of your group can assist with seeing your business.


Functional articles about subjects in money and duties furnish guests to your site with fundamental guidance and furthermore feature the mastery of your office. The degree of these aides is up to you: If you or your representatives have a lot of time to put resources into them, you can routinely make new messages on different subjects. Be that as it may, you can likewise make a supportive page in generally brief period: For instance, you can make a FAQ with answers to the inquiries you most every now and again get from customers.

Contact data

For the situation that your site has persuaded a likely customer to work with you, you’ll need them to have the option to discover your contact data as effectively as could reasonably be expected. You ought to have a devoted contact page where you show the various alternatives for connecting with you – telephone number, email address, postage information, and actual location (if your office is at present open to general society). By incorporating a contact structure, you can make it significantly simpler for individuals to contact you.

Security strategy

Pretty much every site is needed to have a protection strategy. States have varying requirements for what data should be incorporated there and where it should be shown, so you should check the specific prerequisites for your state or district.

Creating an accountant website – a step-by-step guide

If you want to build your accountant website without any outside help, the following list will help make sure you don’t forget any important steps.

Step 1: Choose the right domain name

Every website has a unique address that visitors use to get there. The domain functions as a kind of signpost that gives users a first impression of your website, so it’s important not to rush your choice. Be sure to take the following points into consideration when deciding on a domain name.

  • Present your business: Your business is likely named after you or your partners. By using your business name as your domain name, visitors will immediately know what your website is about.
  • The importance of simplicity: Choose as simple a domain as possible. In the best case, clients will be able to access your site from memory.
  • Be unique: Before you set your heart on a domain name, make sure that there aren’t already web addresses that are very similar. You don’t want a visitor to land on the site of a competitor due to a typo. Sometimes all it takes is a missing dash or an extra letter.

Step 2: Choose a favorable design

Generally speaking, a website’s design should match what it offers. It’s especially important for an accountant website to have a well-structured and clean design. Less is more: Reduce design elements to a minimum and concentrate on clearly presenting your information. Elegance and clear lines will come across better than playful creativity.

Step 3: Publish interesting content

The design and domain are important aspects of your website. But the most important part is of course the content. The content is the reason why your website is sought out in the first place. For accountant websites, the most important content is text. Images only come into play when introducing yourself and your team. When writing up your content, you should take the following into consideration:

  • Concise style: Don’t get too wordy, even when it comes to complex topics. Instead, call on the reader to get in touch with you if they’d like to know more about the topic at hand.
  • Important things first: Readers’ interest can quickly decline, especially when reading online content. That’s why you should always place the most important information at the beginning.
  • Guide the user’s attention: You’ll have many options for designing the text. Use them to emphasize the important aspects of a page.
  • Clear structure: Visitors should never feel lost on your site. Lay out your content so that users easily understand where to find the information they’re looking for.

Step 4: Spread the word

In one possible scenario, your accountant website serves as a point of contact for people who have already heard about your business from other sources. However, you can also use your presence on the Internet to acquire new clients. If you want to be found online, you’ll have to promote your website and appear as high as possible in search engine results. To get Google and other search engines to treat you favorably, follow these tips:

  • Use the right keywords: Set up a keyword strategy by thinking about which terms potential clients might enter into a search engine. Then integrate these keywords into prominent places on your site.
  • Register as a local business: Google gives you the option to enter your business and business address into a database. This will improve your local SEO, so that users in your area can find you more easily.
  • Make sure your website is fast: Websites’ performance is becoming more and more important to Google, especially when it comes to browsing on a smartphone. That’s why you should make sure that your website also loads fast on the go.