Much of the lauded metroidvania Hollow Knight involves collecting various items from around Hallownest. Some of these items will grant the player new abilities that can open up new areas on the map or help with battling tough bosses. These abilities also generally make it easier to navigate the intricate world. These items are permanently equipped once they are collected, so the player can use the ability for the rest of the duration of the game.

Every ability is necessary to acquire if you want to explore and experience the entire world of Hollow Knight. The Monarch Wings grants one of the most key abilities for many players: the double jump. Since Hollow Knight involves a fair amount of tricky platforming, it’s a good idea to get this item as early as possible in the game.

Ability Granted: Double Jump

The Knight performing the double jump in Hollow Knight


The Monarch Wings provide the Knight the ability to perform a second leap in mid-air. This double leap has slightly less variety than the Knight’s regular jump and is recharged through either touching the ground or sliding down the side of a wall with the Mantis Claw.

Location Of The Monarch Wings

Hollow Knight Monarch Wings (Double Jump) Map Location


The Monarch Wings are located in the left-most part of the Ancient Basin. To get there, you will have to pass over a long section of spikes; in order to get the Monarch Wings, you must have already acquired the Crystal Heart ability.

Battle Requirements: Broken Vessel

The Knight battles the Broken Vessel in Hollow Knight


To get the Monarch Wings you must first defeat the Broken Vessel. This boss is located just to the right of where the Monarch Wings are located, and cannot be bypassed.

The Broken Vessel is a medium difficulty boss and has five moves:

  • Jump attack: For this attack, the Vessel will simply jump in the direction of the Knight, doing damage if it lands on top of the Knight. This attack is relatively easy to avoid and is unlikely to connect as long as you keep the Knight moving.
  • Dash attack: The Vessel will stop short and pull its head up to signal this attack before dashing horizontally towards the Knight. The Vessel can perform this attack both on the ground and in the air. This attack covers a large portion of the battle screen, so in most cases, it is best avoided by having the Knight jump over the Vessel to land behind it. If the attack takes place in midair, walk or dash underneath the Vessel to avoid this attack. Once behind it, attack the Vessel.
  • Flail attack: If the Knight gets too close to the enemy, the Vessel will flail quickly with its nail in all directions. Keep your distance from the Vessel for this attack; it is too quick to avoid when up close. Stand outside the limited range of this attack, and either hit the enemy with a Vengeful Spirit or Soul Shade attack or take the opportunity to heal.
  • Ground slam: The Vessel will occasionally leap and pause above the Knight high in mid-air, then slam itself directly down towards the ground. After landing, it will release four orange globs of Infection that arc up through the ground, two on either side of the Vessel. When the Vessel leaps and pauses in mid-air, dash away to avoid the slam, then stand close to the Vessel to avoid the orange globs and get some good hits in.
  • Infection fountain: At rare points, the Vessel will pause somewhere in the middle of the battle screen on the ground and begin to wave back and forth, spawning globs of infection that arc out randomly through the floor on both sides. This attack is very difficult to avoid since the trajectory of the globs is random and very fast. If possible, get as far away from the Vessel as possible, where the globs are least likely to spawn en masse, and ride this attack out.

In addition to these 5 attacks, the Broken Vessel may also summon Infected Balloons that spawn randomly on the struggle display screen. These Balloons are easy to kill, and it’s really worth taking them out as quick as feasible for the reason that they will continue to spawn and may quickly reach an overwhelming range.

The Broken Vessel will stop its attack at three intervals: when the player has done 25%, 50%, and 75% damage to the enemy. These are great opportunities to heal, but take care not to hit the Vessel too quickly as this will make it resume its attack pattern.

Once you’ve defeated the Broken Vessel, continue left as far as possible to find a fountain of moths that will grant you the Monarch Wings when examined.