Greek Proudly Shows Off The Excessive Loose Skin From His Massive Weight Loss


Greekgodx went from 370 pounds to around 200, and it’s left him with a lot of excess skin that he’s proud to show off on Twitch.

Greekgodx went from 370 pounds to round 200, and it’s left him with a whole lot of excess skin that he’s proud to reveal off on Twitch.

Doctors always tell obese humans to shed pounds if you want to stay more healthy lives, however what they don’t tell humans is that dropping that lots weight can have some accidental facet effects. One of those aspect effects is the unfastened, dishevelled pores and skin.

Dimitri “Greekgodx” Antanonatos is aware of all approximately that hassle, as he went from a top weight of 369 kilos down to what is possibly round 2 hundred kilos after a two-yr weight reduction adventure.

The call “Greekgodx” become initially a comic story for the morbidly obese Twitch streamer. Greek is one of these shameless obese guys that had no trouble with displaying some flubbery pores and skin on digital camera, that is one of the motives why he grew to such titanic popularity on the streaming platform.

Loose Skin

About two years in the past, Greek peaked at 369 pounds and determined that sufficient was enough. He started running out and started out eating better, losing approximately 70 kilos over the route of his first 12 months. In his 2d year, he misplaced even more weight so that you essentially wouldn’t even recognize him from years ago. Now the name isn’t pretty so much a joke anymore.

The simplest element maintaining Greek from without a doubt having the body of a Greek god is all the unfastened skin hanging round his middle, which he showed off on Twitch the day before today.

“I can display you my loose pores and skin, I don’t care,” he said before getting up from his chair and lifting up his shirt. You can see that his pores and skin form of hangs around the front and aspects; as it changed into stretched out for this sort of long term, it nonetheless retains its original shape despite the fact that the fat underneath is all long gone. This leaves Greek with some unfortunate excess this is without a doubt difficult to remove.

Greek can try to do a little toning sporting activities to assist, however the best actual approach to disposing of that tons pores and skin is surgical treatment. However, surgery often leaves scars, so it’s a bit of a catch-22 scenario.

Given how at ease Greek seems to be in his frame, it seems dubious that he’ll visit the fee and danger of surgical treatment. He actually shouldn’t need to anyway–his baggy pores and skin is just a reminder of ways a long way he’s come in two years.