Fire Emblem Three Houses: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hubert


Hubert’s definitely one of the most interesting characters in Fire Emblem Three Houses, so we’re digging up ten little known facts about him.


Taking a gander at the roster of students at Garreg Mach Monastery shows a pretty simple trend. You’ve got Dorothea making snarky remarks and having enjoyable conversations, Ashe having a polite conversation about his favorite book with Ingrid, Raphael happily stuffing his face in the dining hall, and Hubert crafting forbidden spells in the corner while rubbing Edelgard’s feet.

Hubert immediately becomes the odd one out when compared to the other students, and not just for his height. He looks about as evil as can be, and there’s no mistake that he’s hiding some interesting secrets.

10 Quite the Showboat


When choosing to instruct the Blue Lions or Golden Deer house, you’re going to be seeing Hubert a lot. Like, more than any sane person would want to see Hubert. He acts as an enemy unit in seven whole chapters/paralogues, which makes him tied in appearances with the Death Knight.

In fact, both Hubert and the Death Knight are tied for most enemy appearances in a single Fire Emblem title, which is quite the reward to have given 30 years of tactical RPG goodness and hundreds of battles.

A Fitting Name


Besides the fact of “Von Vestra” being a totally rad name, his full name has a ton of fitting meaning. “Hubert” is a common Germanic name meaning “bright heart” or, “bright mind”, indicative of Hubert’s intellect.

“Bestla” is the Japanese model of “Vestra”, but it’s surely the perfect call for the Norse Deity in query. Bestla is the mom of Odin, Villi, and Vé. Besides the mythological connection, now not a whole lot else is thought about the call, and it stays shrouded in thriller, not not like our favourite Dark Mage himself.

A Voice of Familiar Faces


Fire Emblem: Three Houses has an incredibly talented cast of famous voice actors, and Robbie Daymond is the perfect fit for Hubert. Aside from giving him a distinct and memorable voice to fit his personality, Daymond’s other characters have a striking resemblance to Hubert.

Daymond is known for many voices from games and anime, but characters like Goro Akechi from Persona 5 and the Killer T Cell from Cells at Work! have the hair over the eyes, brooding voice, and personality similarities that all fit together. He also voices Tobin in Shadows of Valentia, and his Japanese VA, Katsuyuki Konishi, voices Xander in Fates and Randal in Shadows of Valentia.

Towering Over Weaklings


If Hubert happened to phase into our reality and have a conversation with civilians, he’d definitely look down upon the shorter souls with his traditional sinister smirk. In both Part I and Part II, Hubert stands as the third tallest character in the game behind Raphael and Dedue.

In Part II, he shares his title of third tallest with a few other characters who were fortunate enough to gain a few extra centimeters, including Lorenz and Dimitri. Poor Ferdinand is forever stuck 2 cm below him, and it probably keeps him up at night.

Loyal to a T


It may not be a shocker after seeing his interactions with Lady Edelgard, as he’s practically glued to her at all times, but Hubert can not be recruited into any other house under any circumstances. He is actually only playable on one single route in the game, Crimson Flower, as the Silver Snow route has him part ways with the rest of the students.

His function in the tale is a pivotal one, and his timeless safety of Edelgard stands actual at some stage in the whole thing. If you are planning on taking the depressing Silver Snow route, strive no longer to get too attached to him.

Not Today, Death


Once your precious little students grow up to become members of a fully-fledged war, they won’t simply retreat behind their professor, as they can truly be killed for good. Going up against your favorite students on the battlefield is never a fun time, but some of them refuse to fall.

Hubert is one of these units, using his seemingly overpowered teleportation abilities to flee the scene in an instant. Hilda, Seteth, and Flayn share this aspect as well, as they’ll retreat upon being bested by your army.

A Not-So-Happy Birthday


Hubert Von Vestra is one of the older students at Garreg Mach, at 20 years of age during the Academy Phase. What you may not have noticed during your frequent tea party birthday sessions is that Hubert is nowhere to be seen, and that isn’t just because of his distaste for human interactions.

His birthday is on April 17th, which precedes the beginning of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, making him the only character unable to celebrate his birthday at the Academy. It’s probably safe to say that he doesn’t really mind either way, as the only birthday gifts he would desire are an ironic joke and a cup of coffee.

Dream Big


Being Edelgard’s vassal since the young age of six, it’s difficult to imagine him having any sort of dreams or aspirations to call his own. However, when looking into the counselor’s notes, some interesting dreams of Hubert’s can be read.

As physically underwhelming as Hubert is on the battlefield, he actually strives to become a Pegasus Knight. It’s ironic to see his weakness in the flying department, as well as the fact that the class is limited to female units, but you can’t help but feel bad for Hubert’s dreams that’ll never come to fruition.

There’s A Heart Behind Those Cold Eyes


Hubert is way more of a perfect fit for Slytherin rather than the Black Eagle House, but he isn’t all sinister and brooding as he initially comes off as. His undying will to protect Edelgard with his life shows just how much he cares for her, and he’d do absolutely anything to ensure her safety.

Apart from Edelgard, he at least tries to indulge in friendly banter and activities with his classmates, albeit in his own unique, Hubert way. With Bernadetta, he attempts to aid her crippling social anxiety by ridding her fear of him and unpredictably praises his friends even when he disagrees with them, like with Linhardt and Ferdinand.

Hubert’s True Love


At the end of Three Houses, there are a few different endings given to the lovely Hubert, and many of them have him paired with some fitting, and not-so-fitting partners. This includes a tactical espionage mission with Dorothea and an odd political marriage with Petra.

The strangest of all, but possibly the most fitting, is his wedding ceremony to Bernadetta. The are quite opposites, however as they say, opposites attract. Fódlan turned into completely stunned to pay attention this information, however the two paintings incredibly well together, and that they sweetly display affection to every other by using carrying matching embroidered vegetation.