Fire Emblem: The 10 Best Units For The Dancer Class, Ranked


The Dancer is a useful class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is a bit niche, but with the right unit, it can work wonders.


Dancers are a strange but powerful class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. They’re largely a support class thanks to their ability to enable allies to move again and a lack of useful combat abilities or proficiencies. When they’ve fully mastered their dance moves they can even give an ally a plus four bonus to Dexterity, Speed, and Luck.

Given their niche role, it can be hard to identify not only who would make a good dancer but who would be best at it. While anyone can become a dancer given enough work here are the best units to step into this role.

10 Annette


Annette is a good candidate given she has good Dexterity and Speed stats starting out which is important for a Dancer. Her high magic can also be useful as Dancers can synergize well with magical abilities and lend aid with Faith. The lore also supports her becoming a Dancer given her love of singing and dancing.

The motive she ranks low is that her Charisma ability isn’t very excessive that’s the most important stat with regards to Dancers. She’s truly a better desire than many other college students, but it’ll take quite a bit of work.



Flayn can be a powerful Dancer given a strong starting Charisma and decent Dexterity. Her speed is a bit low which is why she doesn’t rank higher, but she makes up for it with a high Resistance to tank magical attacks. Her special ability Lily’s Pose is also helpful as it provides damage resistance to allies near her.

Again, her low Speed is the liability here and makes her susceptible to physical based attacks. But honestly she makes a strong Dancer that can hold her own against magical opponents.



It turns out the lone wolf Felix can make a halfway decent Dancer. He has incredible speed and while his Dexterity and Charisma aren’t amazing, they aren’t bad either. His high proficiency with swords will also help when he has to get his hands dirty.

While he makes a better Dancer than most other characters in the game he is best suited to being a Swordmaster, plain and simple.



Petra falls into a similar situation as Felix, she has incredible Speed, one of the highest in fact, and her Dexterity and Charisma are above average. She can also hold her own with a sword in combat. But once again she’s much better suited to be a warrior not a Dancer.

Especially when you aspect in her unique capability Hunter’s Boon that gives her a plus 20 to Critical hits when her foe has less than 50% HP. Something a dancer might not be able to take gain of all that often.



Given Dorothea is a former singer for the Mittelfrank Opera Company and has a love of music it makes sense she’d be a good Dancer. Her Charisma and Speed are high and her Dexterity isn’t half bad giving her a great early game and end game stat position for Dancer.

Her special ability Songstress is also incredibly helpful as nearby allies will recover a max of 10% of their health at the beginning of each turn. Combine that with the extra turn she provides as a Dancer and she’s a strong candidate.



That’s right, the vicious leader of the Black Eagles is actually a prime candidate for a Dancer. She has an incredibly high Charisma and her Speed is also high. Where she falters is that her Dexterity is about average which might cause her to struggle now and then in this role.

That being said, her magical prowess would combine well with Dancing giving her a support role with teeth. Like others on this list she’s better suited to be a straight forward damage dealer, but she’s got some moves.



Picturing this young warrior on the battlefield swaying his hips to support the troops is an odd image, but his high Charisma, good Speed, and Dexterity suggests he’d make a great Dancer. He also has the added bonus of having a high Defense, which makes him resilient to physical attacks.

The simplest cause he doesn’t rank better is that he truely is higher suitable to a more competitive fight position. He’d make a very good Dancer, but it might mean running under his potential. Plus the time bypass would make him being a Dancer even stranger.



The leader of the Ashen Wolves you encounter in Cindered Shadows is a competent Dancer. His Speed growth rate is off the charts and he has a great deal of Charisma and Luck, which are essential for Dancers. He also excels with a sword, which is handy.

The only reason you might hesitate to use him as a Dancer is that he’s similar to Felix in the sense that he’s a lone wolf. His Honorable Spirit ability actually gives him a boost to Attack when he’s not around an ally, which is not a great position to be in as a Dancer.



It seems oddly fitting that the tactical genius prone to tricks and deceit would make a good Dancer. Encountering this young man on the battlefield dancing given his reputation would make enemies think he’s up to something.

But he’s certainly very powerful as a Dancer given his excessive Charisma, Dexterity, and Speed and he’s now not too bad with a sword that’s the weapon of desire for Dancers. Granted he’s a Lord so he’s right at most matters, however he’s oddly appropriate for Dancing.



Manuela is another that seems a solid fit for a Dancer role given she enjoys it and has some great starting stats. Her Speed and Charisma are high and her Dexterity is good. She also has some skills fighting with a sword and her Speed stat becomes one of the highest in the endgame.

Her special ability Infirmary Master will provide adjacent allies with a plus 10 to Critical Avoidance. Perhaps the strongest case for making Manuela a Dancer is that she was built to be a Dancer both in terms of her stats, abilities, and personality.