Final Fantasy 14’s Next Endwalker-Focused Live Letter Confirmed For September 17


Only 12 days until the next FFXIV Live Letter, and 75 days until we are Removing Belts.

Final Fantasy 14’s Endwalker-centered Live Letter is now showed for September 17, formally set to start at 7 pm PST. During the printed, you may probable study a little more approximately how model 6.0 will regulate present day jobs, implement warfare changes, and cope with the iconic fanfest slide on Removing Belts.

Just like Live Letters leading into preceding expansions, Final Fantasy 14 director and producer Naoki Yoshida will wreck down how things are changing to house the addition of new roles—Sage and Reaper—and just what you may anticipate from the roles you’re already gambling. Live Letters of expansions beyond generally get quite inside the weeds on how new jobs will work and element any considerable battle machine bits, but precise potencies and capability have a records of changing on release day, so take any damage famous with a grain of salt.

As for Square Enix’s reputable announcement on the move, there is nothing that information exactly what updates Yoshida will cowl, however previous 6.0 shows can help us make an knowledgeable bet. During the Endwalker screen, Final Fantasy 14’s manufacturer mentioned we can expect to look a main stat crunch, so those numbers flying over your head and boss HP bars must shrink substantially to deal with for the exponential increase we see with every expansion. Yoshida also revealed your Warrior of Light will lose their belt item slot, accommodating for the ones stat changes some place else. It’s the same assertion that gave us the long-lasting “Removing Belts” slide that the MMO’s community can’t prevent giggling about.

Endwalker’s launch can even bring in new recovery and melee DPS lessons Sage and Reaper. The addition of Sage marks the first time Final Fantasy 14 has brought a healer given that Heavensward, and the brand new Sage job manner the role will see a chunk of a rebalancing. It’s confirmed that the Astrologian magnificence will shift its attention from a shielding/raw fitness restoration hybrid into a pure-healing role, like White Mage. Sage will leap in where the Heavensward activity left off, turning into a defensive ally along Scholar.