Not all of Final Fantasy 14’s tale secrets are revealed in the ones masses of hours of questing. Expanding upon its universe previous to Endwalker’s launch, Final Fantasy 14 just dropped its subsequent facet tale, Her Father’s Daughter, revealing extra tales from Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn’s past.Tales from the Twilight, the most up-to-date series of side stories uploaded to Final Fantasy 14’s Lodestone, is a series of five memories following liked characters you could already recognise—in case you’re all stuck up with the principle state of affairs, this is. The series isn’t entire simply but, but the closing story is set to release on September 24, and the two already published cognizance on Yugiri and now, Limsa Lominsa’s pirate chief.

Her Father’s Daughter is a check out the stressful life Merlwyb lived earlier than you even met her, going returned years previous to model 1.0, even. The story opens with the admiral reflecting on her past, recalling reminiscences of her father, Bloefhis Bloefhisyn, and her first mate and gunner, Lorens. Her father’s tale turned into one already revealed, just with out as much detail, however Lorens appears surprising.

The tale leaves off on a notice which can come returned to be crucial for aspect tales or predominant quests later on, making for an splendid tidbit to squeeze in before Endwalker. While Final Fantasy 14’s story is easy to comply with and perfectly high-quality without supplemental lore material, its group has a records of profitable people who interact with those extra tales—the Omega raids are a terrific example of that.

Final Fantasy 14’s Endwalker enlargement is just a couple of months way, and director and manufacturer Naoki Yoshida will detail more of what is to come in this month’s Live Letter. The MMO’s popularity has seen a large surge in 2021, ensuing in a single records middle to close to new players absolutely, at the same time as Japan’s statistics center braces for destiny expansion site visitors with a strain test.