Fallout 76: All Gatling Gun Mods (And How To Craft Them)


Here’s how to get and craft gatling gun mods in Fallout 76.


You can never be too careful in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 76, when mutants, robots, and other nightmarish creatures roam the landscape looking to tear your flesh off. What better way to protect yourself in the wastelands than with a gatling gun? This heavy-duty weapon can spit out bullets with enough force to stop any ghoul in its tracks, but they can be even better with the addition of mods. If you’re looking to really personalize your favorite tool of destruction, take a look at all the gatling gun mods in the game, and how to craft them.

Fallout 76 All Gatling Gun Mods

There are seven different mods you can make and equip on your gatling gun in Fallout 76, but before you can even think about using them you will need to meet a few requirements. Obviously, you will need a gatling gun. Sure, you technically could get the mods first, but what’s the point in that? Second is you’ll need to have the Gunsmith Perk at level four or five depending on which mod you want to use.



  • Speedy Receiver – Boosts your rate of fire. Requires Gunsmith four.
  • Prime Receiver – Superior Damage, plus deals bonus damage to Scorchbeasts and Scorched. Requires Gunsmith five.
  • Long Barrel – Increases range. Requires Gunsmith four.
  • Comfort Grip – Improves recoil and accuracy while firing from the hip. Requires Gunsmith four.
  • Extra Large Magazine – A massive increase to your ammo capacity at the cost of reload speed. Requires Gunsmith four.
  • Front Sight Ring – Increased Focus and ADS accuracy. Requires Gunsmith four.
  • Large Bayonet – Much higher melee damage but lower range. Requires Gunsmith four.

How To Craft Gatling Gun Mods

If you’re looking to try out some of these mods for yourself, you’d better get to crafting. The only way to craft gatling gun mods is through the use of a Weapons workbench, which you can build in any C.A.M.P or public workshop, or found around the world of Appalachia. If you want to make one for yourself, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Six Aluminum
  • Three Gear
  • Three Rubber
  • Three Screw
  • Four Wood


Once you have the Weapons workbench, here are all the ingredients for each gatling gun mod.

  • Speedy Receiver – Adhesive x2, Aluminum x8, Copper x5, Gear x7, Screw x4
  • Prime Receiver – Adhesive x4, Aluminum x14, Copper x10, Gear x11, Pure Crimson Flux x2, Pure Violet Flux x2, Screw x7, Ultracite x5
  • Long Barrel – Adhesive x4, Gear x8, Glass x4, Oil x4, Plastic x19, Screw x9, Spring x6
  • Comfort Grip – Adhesive x4, Aluminum x12, Screw x8
  • Extra Large Magazine – Aluminum x6, Copper x9, Gear x7, Screw x11, Spring x10
  • Front Sight Ring – Adhesive x5, Steel x21
  • Large Bayonet – Adhesive x2, Screw x4, Steel x10

Where To Buy Gatling Gun Mods

If the material value of making your own gatling gun mods is just too steep, or you’d alternatively now not bother with the crafting procedure in trendy, you should purchase those mods from positive carriers in the global. However, simply remember the fact that the gadgets a seller has on offer will alternate on occasion, so you might not be able to get the mod you need when you want it, or even any mod at all. Unfortunately, there may be not much you could do however wait and check their inventory later to look if it up to date.

The vendors known to have the chance of selling gatling gun mods are:

  • In the Enclave Bunker Armory
  • At Whitespring Lookout
  • At the Watoga Plaza