Fallout 4: The 10 Best PS4 Mods, Ranked


There aren’t many PS4 games that allow mods, but Fallout 4 has some pretty cool ones.

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Nothing makes a game better than installing some fun mods. Unfortunately, few PS4 titles allow you to do that, but that’s not the case when it comes to Fallout 4. Mod support is one of the best features in the console release of the game, for good reason. Bethesda has a reputation for creating compelling worlds that could greatly benefit from user-created additions, which often seek to resolve unaddressed bugs or improve on what’s already there.

A carefully constructed mod load order can completely change your gameplay experience. Regardless of how many times you’ve played Fallout 4, looking at a few mods might make you want to jump back into it.

10 Cheat Room

A view inside the Cheat Room mod that adds a location with every item in the game.


The items to discover in Fallout 4 are seemingly endless. Power armors, haphazardly constructed weapons, and different ammunition types are scattered about The Commonwealth. It’s not an understatement to say that exploration is key when building a powerful character in this game.

This mod gives you access to every item in the game by adding a cheat room near Vault 111. Whatever you may need is in there. You might want to stack up on Mini Nukes before your next trip to a Radscorpion-infested area.

Zombie Walkers

The Zombie Walkers mod in Fallout 4


Want to turn Fallout 4 in The Walking Dead? Download Zombie Walkers. This mod makes plenty of changes to the Feral Ghouls you encounter, essentially transforming them into more typical zombies. They can’t sprint or dodge, and their walking speed is drastically reduced. To make up for that, they deal double damage and stagger you.

Since those are film-like zombies, headshots are more effective at dispatching them, so try to save your bullets by adjusting your aim. Despite Ghouls being extra competitive, make sure you do not get surrounded by using those modded creatures — you might not be capable of run away.

Water Redux

The Water Redux Mod in Fallout 4


Mods have a reputation for being able to enhance immersion. With this mod, you can look forward to literally immersing yourself in better water. Water Redux doesn’t simply make lakes, rivers, or the ocean lusher. Depending on where you might be, any body of water seems considerably dirtier or cleaner, hiding or revealing what lies beneath the surface.

This mod, which shouldn’t conflict with any others, simply tweaks the water clarity and the underwater visibility. Despite this, the effect is considerably notable.

All You Can Carry

A player equipped with a full power armor and a heavy assault weapon.


Carry weight is every player’s dreaded stat in the early-game. You just wish you could carry more. All You Can Carry makes it so you never have to worry about what to leave behind and what to bring with you ever again. Selling the loot you find is one of the best ways to make money in Fallout 4, but it might take a long time to profit if all you sell is a handful of weapons.

This mod is essentially a cheat. So if you are looking for an immersive or intensive experience, you might want to keep your eyes peeled for another mod.

Better Graphics And Weather

The Better Graphics And Weather Mod makes changes to the lighting and weather system in the game.


Many gamers know that the best graphics in gaming are more readily available on PC. Despite that, you can still make Fallout 4 look a little more interesting. Better Graphics And Weather tweaks the lighting and weather system to create slightly more compelling environments.

Although this mod may not retexture each asset in 4K, it’s still a pleasing addition that overhauls the feel of the landscape, even though in a small capacity. Additionally, nights will appear appreciably darker, so keep your Pip-Boy’s flashlight available.

Legendary Modification

The Legendary Modification Mod lets players put any perk on any gun or armor.


The best modifiers in the game come on specific armors and weapons, and these ultimately account for the best items in the game. However, you might want to put a specific legendary perk on your gun of choice.

Legendary Modification lets you do precisely that. Simply go to a workbench, have the item you want to modify at hand, and gather the necessary materials to unlock the legendary perk. You still have to actually look for components in order to enhance a weapon, which is nice since most mods simply give you unlimited access to cheats without providing a challenge.

Choose Your Own Perks

A view of the top side of the perk chart in the game.


What’s funnier than bumping your charisma and luck all the way up? Choose Your Own Perks adds a locker by the lift in Vault 111, which contains books that give you a specific perk when read. You don’t need to start a new save to use this mod, so don’t be afraid of losing hours and hours of progress.

You might need to use this mod in a separate shop, although, except you already beat the sport. Getting get entry to to each perk effortlessly gets rid of the task from any come across. But on the other hand, not all perks are combat-oriented, so nobody will fault you for unlocking Wasteland Whisperer early.

No Build Limit

The No Build Limit Mod lets players put as many items as they want in a settlement area.


If you are a fan of building settlements in Fallout 4, you need to get this mod. As you might already know, there is a limit to how many items you can place in a settlement. That’s a shame, considering a couple of nice couches and lamps could really bring a room together.

No Build Limit lets you place as many things as you want. Keep in mind that the game developers put a limit to settlement expansions for a reason, so don’t go excessively overboard if you want to steer clear of performance issues.

Outfield Retreat

The Outfield Retreat mod adds a small player home outside Diamond City, stylized after an RV.


Outfield Retreat is proof that mods on PS4 are not boring or lacking in content, despite the limitations of the console. This mod adds an incredibly lore-friendly player home in Diamond City, located in front of Abbot’s home.

It features a cloud-workbench, which offers you get right of entry to to each item for your settlements, masses of specific storage alternatives, and a easy water supply for all the survivalists obtainable. A bed that offers the well-rested bonus is likewise blanketed. The only caveat is this home is tiny, so that you can’t show your energy armor series here.

SimpleGreen – SimpleSeasons ‘Spring’

The SimpleGreen - SimpleSeasons 'Spring' Mod changes the look of the world, and makes it greener.


SimpleGreen is part of a mod series (SimpleSeasons) that changes the overall look of the Fallout 4 open-world. Like the title suggests, this mod is focused on Spring. Considering that the map looks rather barren with its distinctive wasteland style, SimpleGreen adds a touch of life and vibrancy by making the flora notably greener.

This mod uses assets found only in the game, optimized to ensure stable FPS. If you want your world to feel more alive and rich in vegetation, download this.