Whenever people complete the main storyline of a video game there is a huge sense of accomplishment, but also a feeling of, ‘what now?’ For a lot of video games, there is nothing else to do, with gamers having to move on to a new challenge, however when it comes to the Fallout franchise that is not the case.

As anybody who has played a Fallout game will know, there is so much going on that the game certainly does not end when the main quest has been completed, and that is especially true in Fallout 4, which is arguably the strongest game in the franchise.

When the main quest for the game has been accomplished, there is still so much that can be done within the game.

Updated on May 2nd, by Matthew Wilkinson: Because there is so much detail and hard work placed into the Fallout video games, nobody should ever just stop playing because the main storyline is finished.

There is still so much that can be seen, done, and achieved after, we just had to come back and rank even more things that you can do once finishing the main story of the game. 

15 Follow The Radio Beacons

Radio beacons are something you will likely have encountered at some stage during your time playing the game, and they aren’t just there to add theming to it, they do have an actual purpose.

Radio beacons are intended to be accompanied, all of them. The chances that you will have accompanied every single beacon at some stage in it slow on the primary quest may be very not going, so move round and follow them and notice wherein you come to be.

Some are just what has happened to a certain family, but others are major mysteries just waiting to be discovered, and they will test you and force you to identify clues, adding a real challenge.

14 Build, Build, Build!

Something that many people often overlook doing throughout the main quest is building up the settlements. This is mainly because people want to just crack on with the action, rather than taking the time to build things.

However, building the settlements is a lot of fun and it really allows gamers to showcase their creativity in a way that nothing else in the game offers. It’s something that is underrated from the game and should be done by everyone when they have the time after completion.

13 Complete All Companion Quests

The companion’s in Fallout 4 are vast and unique, with each one offering something completely different to the game, and while they can all impact the main quests, they all also offer other missions.

Each companion has their own quests that are personal to their character, and while they do not add to the main storyline, they provide a serious amount of backstory to the characters that help you understand them on another level.

On top of that, there is tons of detail and story that has been placed into each of the companion’s quests which make them a lot of fun, and they tend to last a while, which will keep the game going for you.

12 Try Another Fallout Title

If Fallout 4 is the only game in the franchise a gamer has played, then heading off to purchase another one would be a great idea after completion. While the other installments of the franchise offer slightly different experiences, the core gameplay and ideology behind it is the same.

Anyone who enjoys Fallout 4 would likely thrive playing one of the older versions of the franchise. There’s a reason that Fallout has built up such a strong reputation for itself, and that is all down to how good the games are. Therefore going to play another one is always going to be a good idea.

11 Collect All The Bobbleheads

Finding bobbleheads might not be a priority during your first run through Fallout 4, instead, putting time and effort into the main quest itself, which is understandable for any gamer.

However, once you have accomplished the main quest of the game, going around the map to try and find every hidden bobblehead in the game can be a whole lot of fun, and something that is more difficult than you might realize.

Not only do you get a real sense of accomplishment in finding all of the various bobbleheads, but it will allow you to see parts of the map you may have previously missed, opening up other elements of the game.

10 Collect All Magazines

Once a gamer has found all of the bobbleheads, there is something else that needs to be hunted down — magazines. These are just as tough to find as the bobbleheads and searching for them forces the gamers to go and explore the world.

Not only is this incredibly fun to do, but it also opens up the opportunity for gamers to bump into other characters and start other stories. Finding them all is something certainly worth doing though, as the detail put into them really is superb. You can then display them on a magazine rack!


This might not seem very specific or exciting but the fact is that the map on Fallout 4 is so vast, with so many things to see and do that taking some serious time to explore the surroundings can offer up tons of excitement.

If you really take the time to explore the map and look at the details, you will be surprised by just how many locations there are with things to do, with tons of abandoned buildings being placed around that you do not have to visit to complete the main quest.

There are plenty of enemies to be killed and items to be found for those willing to put in the mileage, with clues and minor mysteries needing to be solved on the way that will keep the game going for a lot longer.

Talk To People

There are tons and tons of characters that can be found within Fallout 4, and nearly all of them have something interesting to say. It is very unlikely that any gamer would have bumped into every single character during the main quest.

Therefore going around the map and finding the different characters that can be spoken to makes for a fun objective. While not everyone has something good to say, many of the characters have tons of dialogue that can lead to more things for people to do.


For those that are willing to get them, the DLC’s are not part of the main storyline in Fallout 4, meaning that there are plenty of stories for people to delve into if they really want to continue their Fallout 4 experience.

Whether or not it’s The Mechanist, Far Harbor, or Vault 88, there is lots of absolutely particular storylines that sense totally new because of the truth they may be unbiased of the main tale for you to have committed masses of time.

Of course, the DLC’s demand the player to part way with some money to bring them in, but if you want to stick with the game then these add-ons are a great method of doing so.

Find All The Hidden Quests

At this point, it should be known that any game made by Bethesda is going to be full of hidden gems and secret goodies to be found, which is why Fallout 4 is a game that can be played for an endless amount of time.

The map in the game is huge, and due to that there are heaps of hidden quests all over the area just anticipating human beings to discover, and at the same time as the quests are not usually targeted, they’re constantly interesting to discover.

Searching around for the different quests is something that can take up an awful amount of time, with different equipment and enemies to be found. Some of them provide rare rewards such as magazines and special armor, making them worth your while.

Survivor Mode

Another idea for gamers after completion of the main mode is to try out the Survival Mode of the game, which is the toughest difficulty available. It is the hardest version of the game and will test people to their absolute limits.

Once it is activated, it is something that cannot be stopped. On top of that, there is no autosave in this version, meaning a gamer has to actually go to a bed to sleep and save it.

Console commands are taken off and ammunition has extra weight as well. Everything in the game is made tougher and that creates a great challenge.

Replay It

While there are plenty of things to keep you busy after the game, whilst maintaining the same levels that you have worked towards, with powerful weapons and armor, which makes the game more fun.

However, because there are so many options and avenues that you can go down during the main quest of Fallout 4, the game experience can totally differ from one player to the next, and that is the same for the same player having a second run through.

There is something exciting about going through the game a second time, knowing what is about to happen, which can make the experience a little quicker, but making different choices is certainly the way to do it, making things totally different.

Brave The Glowing Sea

The Glowing Sea is something that you have to visit in order to complete the main quest of Fallout 4, so it is something that you will have experienced in order to complete the game, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t return to.

Of course, going to the Glowing Sea comes with its risks due to the high levels of radiation, but that only adds to the excitement, with preparations being needed beforehand which adds more time and quests.

In the Glowing Sea, there are multiple locations and things to find that you likely will have missed out on in the rush to complete the main quest, and therefore it’s an area that should be explored.

Quincy Ruins

The Quincy Ruins is an area of Fallout 4 that you do not have to visit at all during the main quest, so unless you have explored and found it then this could be a totally fresh area for you to explore after the game is over.

The Quincy Ruins is also no longer just a random area both, as that is where the Minutemen firstly got here from, and their betrayers nevertheless inhabit the region. So when you have a critical alliance with them, then going to avenge them will be a amusing undertaking to do.

The area is incredibly detailed as it was originally planned for a DLC, but it was cut due to time restraints. So if you want the quality of a DLC, without any real storyline, then head to the Ruins and cause some chaos.


Within the Fallout 4 world, there are plenty of things to find and do and find, and for those who have the patience and are willing to put in the time, the game is packed with weapons and attachments to create some incredible creations.

Whether it’s far by means of accumulating lots of bottlecaps or destroying an enemy to take what’s theirs, there are lots of methods of amassing items and there are a few extremely rare things to be discovered.

Of course, it means putting in the time to go around and find them, but that is all part of the fun that ensures the game continues for far longer when the main quest is all complete.