Elden Ring: How To Defeat All Death Rite Birds


Breaking down everything you need to know to defeat Death Rite Birds in Elden Ring.

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Death Rite Bird is a Field Boss in Elden Ring. The boss is optional and is not mandatory for any ending in the game. To face the boss, one must change the time of the day to Night Time for a Death Bird to spawn. Death Birds are considered one of the easier bosses in the game. However, Death Rite Birds are different. They have a different move set, more damage, and can inflict statuses such as Frostbite and Death Blight.

As the boss is optional, you can come back to it anytime in the game. Here is all you need to know to defeat Death Rite Bird.

Death Rite Bird Overview

Death Rite Bird Overview
  • Liurnia of the Lakes
  • Caelid
  • Mountaintops of the Giants
  • Consecrated Snowfields
SummonsPlayers and Spirit Ashes
DropsLiurnia of the Lakes:

  • 7,800 Runes
  • Ancient Death Rancor


  • 15,000 Runes
  • Death’s Poker

Mountaintops of the Giants:

  • 77,000 Runes
  • Death Ritual Spear

Consecrated Snowfields:

  • 220,000 Runes
  • Explosive Ghostflame
Weak To
  • Physical Strike Damage
  • Holy Damage

There are four Death Rite Birds, located in various areas, and they only appear at night time. The boss fight is optional, and you can come back to them later. There are no summonable NPCs for the fight as these are Field bosses. Sometimes the Death Rite Birds might be close to enemies causing them to join the fight. To avoid this, make sure the area is clear before taking on the boss.

The boss is Immune to most statuses and is Strong against Lightning Damage. Defeating each boss will give you either a melee armament you can use or a Sorcery for Magic users.


Death Rite Bird Attacks

Compared to Death Birds, Death Rite Birds have a variety of new attacks. The attacks to look out for are Death Roar and Black Flame Rain.


There are three main strategies for fighting Death Rite Birds:

Melee Strategy

For the melee strategy, it all comes down to positioning. If you can manage to stay beneath the boss the entire fight, you can dodge most of its attacks. It does have a few attacks that it will execute to get away from you, like the Jumping Smash or the Black Flame Rain. An armament with good Strike damage is your best tool for this fight. The boss is exceptionally weak against strike damage. In addition to this, the boss is also weak against Holy attacks. This allows the player to use Faith weapons like the Coded Sword or Golden Order Greatsword.

Try to do as many Jumping Heavy attacks as you can on the boss. If using a Greatsword you will cause the boss’s poise to break much faster, giving you the opportunity for a free critical hit for massive damage. In the case of the Death Roar, if you find yourself too close to it most of the time during this attack, you can make use of Order Healing (Incantation) to alleviate Death Blight build-up.

Mounted Strategy

For the mounted strategy, you can choose between going melee or ranged. If you go melee, then you can make Torrent stick to the boss while you attack and focus on the dashing through or away from most of the boss’s attacks. Dashing on the mount allows you to get behind the boss relatively quickly so that you can constantly attack the boss without worrying about getting hit.

Ranged Strategy

For the ranged strategy, you can use powerful Sorceries that will whittle down the boss’s health bar. Rock Sling is an optimal choice as it does serious damage and breaks poise allowing you to do a critical hit. As the boss is not Immune against Scarlet Rot, you can use Rotten Breath or Ekzykes’s Decay and inflict the boss with it. This will allow you to stay away from the boss while its health bar gradually goes down.

Black Knife Tiche is an excellent Spirit Ash if you want to summon one. She can get close to the boss and get out to avoid attacks. She also has a high damage output allowing the boss to focus on her while you spam Rock Sling. You can find her Spirit Ashes by defeating Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader, in the Ringleader’s Evergaol in southwestern LiurniaMake sure to bring Cerulean Hidden Tear to make FP consumption zero for the next ten seconds.

General Tips

  • Be the recommended level for the area when fighting its Death Rite Bird.
  • Its head takes more damage than the other body parts. Try attacking it to take down his health bar relatively quick.
  • The boss is immune to most Status Effects except Scarlet Rot so try inflicting it with Rotten Breath.
  • Stay under the boss most of the time to avoid most of its attacks.
  • Summon an online player if you are facing difficulties.