Dreaming City Cats

All cat locations in the Dreaming City in Destiny 2

Learn where to find all of the cats hidden around the Dreaming City in Destiny 2.

Hidden around the Dreaming City are cats which accept offerings and small gifts that smell faintly of mint. Finding all these cats can be tricky, as they’re hidden in obscure locations, often far off the beaten track. Players who wish to collect a full set of Reverie armor will need to finds all the cats and given them a gift.

All cat locations in the Dreaming City

There are nine felines covered up around the Dreaming City and in the wake of giving these felines a little blessing, they reward the player with a piece of Reverie protective layer. The Reverie reinforcement set is very incredible as it builds player harm while in the Dreaming City, however harm against the player is additionally expanded. Fortunately, there’s a method to eliminate the negative piece of the mod from the protection, leaving simply the constructive outcome

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Note: This guide has as of late been refreshed to incorporate another feline. The feline has been put as #5 on the rundown beneath.

Destiny 2 Dreaming City Cats

For those that favor a video control, look at the short video underneath for the area of the multitude of felines, or proceed for headings and gifs of their areas.

Concerning the area of the multitude of felines, they can be found in each significant zone, however they are completely tucked far removed. Players should have a little blessing to get a prize. It’s additionally important that subsequent to getting a blessing, the feline will vanish.

Dreaming City Cat 1

The primary feline can be found behind the Oracle sanctuary in the Spine of Keres. Start at the Divalian Mists, head straight ahead and go through the cavern on the left brimming with blue gem. Cross the holes in the track and upon enter the main field, embrace the left side to discover a pathway which leads up the side of the region. Proceed with this side course, crossing spans and going up steps, to locate a huge divider made of blue stone with an opening in it. Bounce over the opening and on the edge underneath is the feline.

Dreaming City Cat 2

The second feline in the Dreaming City is found at the highest point of the Oracle sanctuary in the Spine of Keres. Start at the Divalian Mists, travel straight ahead and afterward experience the passage on the left made of blue precious stone. Proceed with the track, bouncing over the holes, and afterward head straight across the field to discover the prophet room (similar room where players can give a contribution to the Oracle). Go through the overhangs to leap to the most elevated point and stroll to the furthest limit of the lobby to discover the feline close to the window.

Dreaming City Cat 3

The third feline in the Dreaming City is found in the Divalian Mists, straightforwardly in front of the quick travel point. Go straight forward to the precipice (with the blue cavern on the left and the track to Rheasilvia on the right) and investigate the edge. Underneath the bluff are a progression of edges prompting a cavern which conceals the feline.

Dreaming City Cat 4

This fourth feline is somewhat more hard to track down, for what it’s worth far away the beaten track. Head into Rheasiliva by beginning at the Divalian Mists quick travel point and proceeding. Go past the way to the Blind Well to discover a track that leads inside the mountain. Proceed through this until you go over an open zone for certain boxes and other battle cannisters. Go left and follow the edges. Leap to one side across the hole and utilize the following arrangement of edges to fold over the mountain. Look across the hole to see one more arrangement of edges paving the way to a blue sculpture. Move up the mountainside to arrive at the blue sculpture, at its feet is the feline.

Dreaming City Cat 5

The fifth cat in the Dreaming City can be found outside the main building in Rheasilvia. Start by facing the building and then take the dirt path to the left (before the bridge). Follow the path to the cliff’s edge where a few trees should be growing and jump down to the branch to find the cat.

Dreaming City Cat 6

The 6th feline can be found inside the Harbinger’s Seclude, the sanctuary structure at the back of Rheasilvia. Start by confronting the sanctuary and head inside, following the way more profound into the sanctuary. Pass the monster sculpture in the center and take a privilege in the following room. In the following passage, look opposite where you went into to discover a stay with an enormous tree, at the highest point of the tree is the feline.

Dreaming City Cat 7

The seventh feline in Destiny 2’s the Dreaming City can be discovered profound inside the Rheasiliva region, in the Harbinger’s Seclude, explicitly, in the underground city. Beginning external the sanctuary in Rheasiliva, head inside and follow the fundamental way along. Past the sculpture, through the passage (overlooking the live with the tree), and into the huge underground sinkhole. Look to one side to detect a structure, the feline is on the edge of the rooftop. Utilize the stones to the side to arrive at the feline.

Dreaming City Cat 8

The eighth feline in the Dreaming City is found in The Strand, not long before the Gardens of Esila territory. Head up toward the nursery, halting at the little post point. Climb the precipice to the side to arrive at the feline covered up close to a tree.

Dreaming City Cat 9

The ninth cat in the Dreaming City is found in the Gardens of Eslia. From The Strand, head into the Gardens of Eslia (area in the south with the circular/floral pattern). Pass through the crystal tunnel and continue up the track. Stick to the left side to to see two large rocky formations, on the second formation is a tree, below it is the cat.

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