Destiny 2 – Concealed Void Lost Sector Guide Plus How To Get Exotic Loot Solo

Concealed Void is a Lost Sector on Europa and it’s one of the locations you can get the Beyond Light Exotic armor pieces. Today I am going to walk through step by step how to tackle this Lost Sector, so if it appears on the daily rotation you have all the info you need to know to get a chance at getting that Exotic Armour.

First of all today I am going to go through the Concealed Void, then I’ll briefly touch on preparing for Legend and Master Lost Sectors plus how to access them, and finally check out some of the Exotic Armour that’s on offer.

Preparation – Weapons, Mods & Power Level

Before you pass in you’ll need to do a sure quantity of guidance. When you hover over the icon for the Concealed Void Lost Sector on Europa you’ll see the requirements, and it’s essential to note the Champions and additionally the Shields. For instance, when searching on the Concealed Void Lost Sector the Champions had been Overload and Barrier. Therefore you’ll want to ensure you have got Anti-Barrier and Overload mods for your guns. These mods may be determined on the seasonal artifact. Unlock the mods on your seasonal artifact after which location them on your armor before you go in, in any other case, it’s going to be tough to conquer the Champions in the Lost Sector.

Once you recognize the necessities then you’ll want to pick out a decent loadout that suits the necessities. I even have selected Arctic Haze (Auto Rifle) and feature a matching Anti-Barrier Auto Rifle mod to take care of Anti-barrier Champions. For Overload, I have been the usage of the Fatebringer and the Overload Handcannon Mod. The burn is ++Solar Damage, which is why I’ve decided on Arctic Haze, this is a decent Auto Rifle, plus it’s going to assist us tear thru the ones shields very quickly in any respect. For the Power weapon I’ve selected Anarchy, that is going to deal harm over the years and is probably the first-class weapon for handling bosses in Legend or Master Lost Sectors. I’m also using the Breach and Clear mod from the Seasonal Artifact, which definitely enables to cope with Champions.

Therefore before you go in, check out the requirements for the Lost Sector and craft a construct that lets in you to beat the champions and ruin the shields, in any other case a hard hobby is going to be made near impossible.

Finally the power requirements. In Season of the Splicer, Legend Lost Sectors are 1310 and Master are 1340. You can pass in below-leveled, but it’s going to make your existence pretty hard, so it’s quality to level up and reach as close as you can to the strength level necessities before entering into.

Concealed Void Lost Sector Guide

When you first load into the Lost Sector, the first element you are going to must deal with is a group of Fallen Shanks and some Dregs. There’s an Overload Champion hiding in the back of the wall. Use your Overload weapon, in my case, this is the hand cannon, and take him out as fast as you can. What I have a tendency to do is stun the Champion thru the Overload weapon and then ship some Anarchy pictures of their route, and it kills them quite quick. Once they’re stunned and feature some Anarchy bolts attached, some greater hand cannon photographs will take them out excellent and easy.

Once you’ve got bumped off the Overload Captain you’ll want to show the nook and here there’s going to be Dregs with solar shields. Take them out along with your Solar Weapon and then you definately have the huge heavy Shank to deal with and some Vandal Snipers within the distance. Pop the shields of the huge Shank with your electricity weapon and then take out the Vandals, being careful of their sniper shots. Jump up and thru the space, and it’s onto the following phase of the Lost Sector.

The subsequent large impediment in your direction is going to be the Barrier Servitor, and he’s going to be providing protecting shields to other shanks and Dregs. There’s also a Captain within the distance which goes to be giving you some trouble, plus you’ll have grenades coming in from left, proper and middle. I could take out the Captain with some properly-positioned Anarchy pictures. Check out the shields at the enemies, they will glow in specific colorings – orange for solar, purple for void and mild blue for arc. Our Captain right here has arc shields.

Once you’ve handled the Captain, try to take out the Barrier Servitor ASAP, the usage of your Antibarrier weapons. Careful as he’s going to offer shields to the Shanks, so that you can try to assault you, so take him out as quickly as you may. The Servitor goes to teleport all over the area, but hold an eye on him, recognition your fire and take out the final enemies.

Jump over the structures after which jump as much as the proper, where the Captain become earlier than. There’s some other huge Shank with shields to take care of. In my case this become a Solar protect, so I popped them with the Arctic Haze and then fired some Anarchy shots into it to complete it off. Jump over to the platform wherein the large Shank became striking out, and you’ll have some Snipers and an Overload Captain to deal with. It’s probable first-class to take care of the Snipers first, in any other case, you’re now not going for you to get a clean shot at the Overload Captain. Stun the Captain along with your Overload Weapon, shoot some Anarchy shots to finish him off then it’s onto the following phase.

When you bounce up to wherein the Snipers were previously, there are a few Wretches in right here so as to rush you with spears. What you may do is jump and height-shoot them, to guard yourself otherwise you may die. Take them out and move onto the next segment. This is a bit bit of a lure here, as you have a hall with an Overload Captain, plus exploding Shanks. Run in there and tease out the Exploding Shanks after which run backward. This will draw them out into the open so that you can kill them quality and smooth. Don’t rush into the hall, as they’ll truly explode on you and kill you. Take out the Overload Captain as you have completed before with nicely-positioned hand cannon pictures, and anarchy and that need to end him off.

Next up, it’s the boss location. Continue down thru the underground parts of Europa. The boss room is going to be full of Dregs and Wretches, look out for them and take them out. Once you try this the boss goes to seem. Try and get a few Anarchy photographs into him earlier than chickening out. What I did was take a seat again close to the entrance and I used my bubble for protection, whilst getting off a few anarchy pictures on the boss. There’s a shielded Servitor in right here too. It can get pretty frantic, but hold an eye at the time, take it sluggish and methodically choose off the enemies one by one.

Once you’ve carried out this, open up the chest and congrats you’re performed! Hopefully that Exotic loot will drop for you. If it didn’t drop the first time, optimistically those procedures will provide you with some recommendations so you can start to speed run the Lost Sector. I find the Exotic loot has a tendency to drop for me after some runs, so if you’re no longer lucky the primary time, don’t just give up, attempt it again and also you’ll get the loot.

How to access Legend and Master Lost Sectors

To be able to access Legend and Master Lost sectors you have to do a couple of things:

Reach 1200 power level

Beat the Lost Sectors on regular difficulty (Cosmodrome, Europa, Moon, Tangeled Shore)

Getting to 1200 power should be fairly straightforward, just go out there and play the game, and drops from any activity will help you. Public events, strikes, the crucible – all drops are going to contribute towards getting higher power levels. Once you’ve done that run through the lost sectors on regular mode and you’ll unlock the legend versions. When you have unlocked them they will be indicated on the map by a blue icon with a sword and shield.

Exotic Armour Rewards

Each day at reset time the place rotates for the Legend Lost Sectors, and once you have opened them up by means of doing them on generally problem, you’ll observe them on the map. Each day the reward will rotate too, with Head, Arms, Legs and Chest armour on provide every day.

We’ve had some new Exotics brought in Season of The Splicer, all leg armour.

The Path of Burning Steps (Titan)

Firewalker – Solar very last blows periodically furnish you an escalating bonus to weapon damage. You are more difficult to slow or freeze with Stasis, and when you break out, you take no harm from doing so, developing a burst of Solar electricity round yourself.

Star-Eater Scales (Hunter)

Feast of Light – You advantage extra Super electricity from Orbs of Power you pick out up. While your Super strength is complete, picking up an Orb of Power overcharges your Super, causing you to advantage a burst of restoration while solid and a bonus for your Super damage. At maximum overcharge, you furthermore may advantage an overshield.

Boots of the Assembler (Warlock)

Blessing of Order – Standing in a healing rift creates Noble Seekers that are seeking for out allies that are not in a rift and heal them. Standing in an empowering rift creates Noble Seekers that grant each you and your best friend a harm bonus. Each time a Noble Seeker unearths one among your allies, the duration of your rift is in short prolonged at the same time as you are status in it.

In Season of the Chosen we had chest armour introduced.

Cuirass of the Falling Star (Titan Chest) – Increases Thundercrash harm
Omnioculus (Hunter Chest) – Bonus smoke bomb and bonuses for buffing allies

Mantle of Battle Harmony (Warlock Chest) – Increased Super fee price and damage for matching Subclass and Energy weapon element
In Beyond Light we had Helm’s and Gauntlets delivered.

Precious Scars (Titan Helm) – Prove your power, even if getting back from the threshold. Upon revives, the Titan gains an Overshield charisma that protects the wearer and nearby allies.

Mask of Bakris (Hunter Helm) – Don the Mask to replace the Hunter’s Dodge capability with an extended range Shift capacity that also quickly cloaks the wearer during use.

Dawn Chorus (Warlock Helm) – Feel that sweet burn. The Warlock’s Daybreak projectiles deal greater damage and reason enemies to burn on contact. Gain melee energy every time a burn damages a target.

Icefall Mantle (Titan Gauntlets) – Stand tall in opposition to the oncoming hordes with this strengthened armour that replaces the Titan’s Barricade with Overshield, soaking up harm from incoming fire.

Arthrys’s Embrace (Hunter Gauntlets) – The Hunter’s weighted knife profits a 2nd ricochet; rapid precision hits to advantage a harm bonus and might quickly stagger enemies.

Necrotic Grip (Warlock Gauntlets) – A lethal caress, compounded. Melee assaults corrupt enemies with increasing damage over the years. Defeating a corrupted combatant spreads the corruption to nearby goals and restores melee strength.

Let me recognise what you watched in the comments of the Lost Sector, plus when you have any guidelines for beating Legend and Master Lost Sectors proportion them with the community.

That’s it for this manual for the Concealed Void Lost Sector at the Europa.

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