Destiny 2: A Complete Guide To The Quarry Master Lost Sector


Earn Exotics with ease by farming this easy Legendary Lost Sector.

Destiny 2 The Quarry Lost Sector Entrance


Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer has added four new Legendary Lost Sectors for Guardians to conquer. One of these new Lost Sectors, the Quarry, is one of the easiest Lost Sectors you can farm on Master difficulty.

Foud on the EDZ, this Lost Sector contains a handful of Champions and fodder Cabal enemies. So long as you have a decent medium-range weapon and a high-damage Heavy weapon, you can clear this mission in a few minutes with some practice. We’ll go over what modifiers this Lost Sector has, which weapons to bring, and break down the enemies you’ll be facing in each section of the Lost Sector.

Destiny 2 Deathbringer


The Quarry is one of the easiest Master Lost Sectors in Destiny 2. It’s quick, doesn’t have many enemies, and has enough cover to make most gunfights trivial if you play smart. Here’s what you’re up against:

Key Modifiers

  • Master Difficulty: Extra Shields, Match Game, Locked Equipment, Extra Champions
  • Champions: Barrier and Unstoppable
  • Faction Modifier: Scorched Earth (enemies throw grenades significantly more often)
  • Destination Modifier: +Arc and knockback damage taken
  • Master Modifier: Chaff
  • Burn: ++Void damage
  • Shields: Solar (Final boss)

There is only one enemy with a Solar defend in this venture, so you can run definitely any elemental damage kind. The Void burn makes Void Heavy weapon, particularly Void Rocket Launchers, an top notch alternative for killing Champions. Each arena is so small that Warmind Cells are exceedingly effective right here.


  • Hunter: Way of the Pathfinder is excellent here. You gain on-demand invisibility, deadly grenades, and a devastating Super that can single-handedly kill Champions.
  • Warlock: Attunement of Chaos, when paired with Contraverse Hold, allows you to annihilate Champions with just your grenade. This is your safest and best DPS option.
  • Titan: Code of the Siegebreaker or Code of the Defender are great picks here. Siegebreaker is a must if you’re utilizing Warmind Cells, allowing you to spawn dozens of Sunspots if you have Burning Cells equipped. Defender has a powerful Super that boosts your damage significantly, making Swords a viable option for the final encounter.


  • Breech-Loaded Grenade Launcher: Unstoppable Grenade Launcher is a mod this season, and it’s arguably the strongest anti-Champion mod in Destiny 2. A GL with Blinding Grenades is best, preferably Empty Vessel. Witherhoard and Anarchy are great too.
  • Deathbringer: This Rocket Launcher deals absurd damage each round and just got a Catalyst. If you can afford to use it, Deathbringer is an excellent option.
  • Bad Omens: If you can’t use Deathbringer, Bad Omens is a good alternative.
  • Dead Man’s Tale: It can use Anti-Barrier Rounds this season, gains damage when you chain precision hits, and can roll with Vorpal Weapon to assist with breaking Champion shields. This is the ultimate jack of all trades Primary.


  • Concussive Dampner: Use two of these on your chest to take 40% less damage from explosions.
  • Rocket Launcher Finder And Scavengers: Scavengers only cost one energy this season, pairing nicely with finder mods on your helmet. You’ll always have Rocket Launcher ammo if you run both mods.
  • Unstoppable Grenade Launcher: This mod gives you on-demand staggers with your Grenade Launcher. Works exceptionally well with an auto-loading GL.
  • Breach and Clear: Damaging a Champion or boss with your GL causes them to take 30% increased damage for 10 seconds. This is a must-have if you can afford its high energy cost.

A Detailed Guide: Entrance

Destiny 2 The Quarry Lost Sector Entrance


Entrance Enemies

  • One Barrier Colossus
  • One Unstoppable Incendior
  • Legionaries
  • Psions
  • War Beasts
  • Phalanxes

Right as you spawn in, you’ll be shot at by multiple Legionaries, a Psion, and an Unstoppable Incendior. Kill the fodder enemies first, then use your Unstoppable weapon to stun the Champion. A few shots from your Rocket Launcher should kill it.

Destiny 2 The Quarry Lost Sector Entrance Barrier Champion


Slightly push up to the rock the Champion was at. A Barrier Colossus will be directly across the cave. Use your Scout Rifle to weaken its health. Force it to pop its shield, break it, then use your Rocket Launcher to kill him. Be careful! If you push too far up, you’ll cause a pack of War Beasts to spawn. They can one-shot you if they get close, so take them out as soon as they spawn. If you stay back, you can force them to spawn after the Barrier Champion is dead.

When you’ve dealt with the Beasts and Champions, delve deeper into the Lost Sector, killing the small group of Phalanx enemies in your path.

A Detailed Guide: Tunnel

Destiny 2 The Quarry Lost Sector Tunnel


Tunnel Enemies

  • One Barrier Colossus
  • One Unstoppable Incendior
  • Legionaries
  • Psions
  • Gladiator

You’ll have a narrow space to fight in here, so stay back during this part. You’ll have a Psion and a few Legionaries fire at you. After a few seconds, a Barrier Colossus will hop down from a vantage point, lighting the tunnel up with slow rockets and chaingun fire. Immediately fire a rocket at the boss to lower its health, forcing its barrier to appear. Swap to your Scout Rifle to break it. Finish the Champion off while it’s stunned.

Destiny 2 The Quarry Lost Sector Tunnel Unstoppable Champion


Creep up to the Champion you just killed. An Unstoppable Incendior and a Gladiator will spawn when you walk halfway through the tunnel. Immediately retreat. The Incendior will follow you. Get it separated from the Gladiator, stun it, then kill the Champion. Kill the remaining enemies, grab any ammo bricks on the floor, then make your way to the boss arena by sliding under the rocks at the end of the path.

A Detailed Guide: Boss Encounter

Destiny 2 The Quarry Lost Sector Boss Arena


Boss Encounter Enemies

  • Two Barrier Colossi
  • Two Unstoppable Incendiors
  • Centurion Boss
  • Legionaries
  • Psions

Three Psions will be grouped together when you arrive. Pick them off, but don’t expose yourself; there’s a Colossus beside the Lost Sector chest that’s overlooking the area.

Try to make your way to the platform the Champion is on, using Blinding Grenades or any defensive tactic to head up. Use a Rocket Launcher to chunk the Champion, break its shield, then finish it. A second Barrier Champion will spawn immediately at the same location. When it spawns, kill it the same way you did with the last one.

It’s just you and the boss now. Pop its Solar shield and pick off its HP from a distance. You can kill its Nightmare escorts to obtain a temporary damage boost.

Destiny 2 The Quarry Lost Sector Boss Arena Unstoppable Champions


When the boss losses a third of its health, two Unstoppable Incendiors will spawn at the foot of the ramp leading to the chest. A single Grenade Launcher shot can stun both of them, giving you a window to deal some substantial damage with your Heavy weapon or Super. If these Champions are giving you a hard time, try to split them up by focusing your damage on just one of them. Standing near the Lost Sector chest will force one of them to run up towards you.

Once the Champions are useless, your simplest remaining risk is the boss. Use any closing ammo and skills to kill him. Defeat the boss, then loot the chest to complete the run.