Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop roleplaying game where players take on the personas of fantastical characters with extraordinary abilities. Its booming popularity in the mainstream of late is due in no small part to popular shows like Critical Role.

While reading the Players Handbook and the Dungeon Master’s Guide will provide the basics, there are always tidbits of interesting information that players miss, either because the books are just so long and dense that they skipped it, or because it’s found in some of the other D&D books.

The Genasi are a race of half-genie half-human people with magical powers – but we aren’t talking about friendly genies that one might see in Aladin. Rather, these are powerful elementals from another world.

10 They Live In The Most Populated Or Least Populated Areas

Dungeons and Dragons Male Fire Genasi via Smilika on DeviantArt

Genasi tend to either live in bustling cities or completely isolated in the wilds. This might seem unusual, but one must consider the complicated social processes that operate differently in cities versus villages. DeviantArt user Smilika conceived their own Genasi above.

The citizens of a city are often used to seeing unusual things passing through their streets, as a trade hub, a political seat, or for some other reason. Meanwhile, the people who live in smaller villages are more conservative, and harras the Genasi for their differences.

Theyre Technically Not A Race

Dungeons and Dragons Planetouched

A planar being — also referred to as outsiders and finally retitled within the fourth version into 3 classes (fey, immortal, and elemental creature) – is any being that comes from a aircraft of existence aside from the “Prime Material Plane” where people stay and most campaigns take area.

Even a demon could count as a planar being given that they come from the fiendish planes. Technically speaking, a Genasi isn’t always a race of half of-genie, half-human creatures. It’s clearly a term that denotes any human with background from a being from another plane. Genie Genasi are actually the maximum commonplace because of how regularly genies have dealings with mortals.


Dungeons and Dragons Ice Para-Genasi

Para-Genasi are born when a half elemental (the child of a pure elemental creature and a human) mated with a pure elemental of a different type from their own. The resulting “para-Genasi” are creatures whose blood expresses both elements.

The para-Genasi can control both their parent’s elements, and, depending on their parents’ elements, would sometimes take on a unique name. For example, an ooze para-Genasi is a Genasi who controls water and earth. An ice para-Genasi controls water and air.

They Used To Be Able To Be Any Element They Wanted

Dungeons and Dragons Genasi Subraces

The Spellplague turned into an event in D&D history, wherein an ancient artifact that contained big electricity was destroyed, and all the raw magic internal changed into unleashed upon the geographical regions.

Until it changed into resolved in the course of the Second Sundering, Genasi were able to choose which element they expressed (even though they might handiest ever happen one by one). The Second Sundering restored order to the fundamental planes, successfully isolating Genasi into their bloodlines’ factors again.

Elemental Tempests

Dungeons and Dragons Elemental Tempest Genasi

There was a small exception to the rules during the Spellplague event. A few extremely rare Genasi during that time could actually control two elements at one time. They became known as elemental tempests for the extraordinary willpower, control, and raw talent they required to accomplish this feat.

These Genasi are said to have returned to their original states, controlling only one element, after the Second Sundering, because they do not have both elements in their blood (unlike para-Genasi).

Overabundance of Ambition

Dungeons and Dragons Fire Genasi via mayakern on DeviantArt

Almost all Genasi are ambitious. Their heritage as half-genies often makes them cocky, and especially gives them a desire to advance their abilities, social status, and personal power. They accomplish this goal by acquiring magical items, making friends, advising people in powerful positions, and by any other means they can manage.

This drive means that Genasi will often pursue their own goals long after a normal human might have given up. It’s fascinating to other races, especially since Genasi are not known to be patient creatures. DeviantArt user mayakern captured a Fire Genasi quite beautifully, no?

Fond of Gladiatorial Sports

Dungeons and Dragons Fire Genasi Fanart via u_kkinsey94 on Reddit

Genasi are keen on recreational sports activities as a casual manner to boost their recognition amongst others and expel pent-up power. They specially adore gladiatorial sports due to the fact they aren’t compelled to paintings on a team. Reddit user kkinsey94 has a few firebender vibes in their Genasi.

Thankfully, their magical abilties and herbal prowess make them a worth opponent – many Genasi can continue to exist against even the satisfactory melee combatants. The interest they obtain from the cheering crowds is a fulfilling enhance to their ego, and adventuring Genasi take part in as many cities as feasible.

Family Is Important In Their Societies

Dungeons and Dragons Genasi Family via @WaywardBeat on Twitter

It’s a fact that few Genasi marriages end in divorce. The entire race is noted to be passionate to a fault, with a dedicated love for their family and friends. Before the Spellplague, Genasi seldom met another of their kind. However, ever since it happened, they have joined into large family units despite the fact that Genasi have no centralized government or society as a race. These families are not exclusively by blood – Genasi consider any other Genasi a relative, and even a potential family member that might join their family unit.

Genasi who lived during the Spellplague learned the importance of engaging with other people like them, and, even after the Second Sundering returned order to the elemental planes, Genasi parents go out of their way to make sure their children interact with other Genasi (especially Genasi who are not the same elemental type as them). The adorable family above came from @WaywardBeat on Twitter.

Many Are Artists

Dungeons and Dragons Air Genasi via kiikii-sempai on DeviantArt

Genasi who choose to be artists create works which might be as wild and chaotic as they themselves tend to be. Subtly is misplaced absolutely on these women and men – they use bold designs, vibrant colorings, difficult and distinctive imagery, and extra. Deviantart user kiikii-sempai portrayed some Genasi variations as such.

An tremendous amount of time and love is poured into every piece. The work is often tailor-made especially to its owner’s needs and dreams. Some of those artists see their paintings as a manner to advantage earn a reputation and end up close to the wealthy folks that can find the money for to buy extravagant art.

They Can Randomly Pop Up In Bloodlines

Dungeons and Dragons Water Genasi

Inevitably, Genasi married people and their elemental blood was diluted in the next generation. As a result, a few human beings have elemental blood without ever figuring out it. It simplest becomes apparent while, once in some generations, a child is born that expresses the detail, their appearance being plenty how their Genasi ancestor might have looked.

Even while Genasi mate with every different, if the Genasi are of extraordinary elements, one detail can be dominant inside the next generations however the other element may appear out of nowhere later down the road.