Dark Souls 3: 10 Pro Tips For Soul Farming


Farming souls in Dark Souls 3 is a necessary evil to overcome an obstacle at times. But applying these tips and tricks can make it a breeze!


Whether you’ve hit a roadblock and need to level up quickly or you want to buy an expensive armor set and you’re strapped for cash, or rather souls, you could go out and farm for the souls you need.

There are lots of reasons and plenty of ways to farm souls in Dark Souls three but if you’re searching out some suggestions on the way to maximize the amount of souls you could earn, appearance no in addition. This list compiles a few pro-stage pointers on soul farming so that you can get out there and rack up your souls.

10 Location Location Location


Before even going out to farm souls, players first have to decide where in Dark Souls 3‘s world to go farming in. Players need to farm in a location with the best combination of routes and enemies that will net the biggest amount of souls each run in the shortest possible time.

Even within these areas there are locations better suited for farming for souls than others, so finding the best location to farm is essential.

Find The Best Route For Your Farming Run


More of a continuation of the previous entry, it’s extremely important to get the best route for your farming run so you’re not wasting any extra time running around when it’s not necessary.

Players need to figure out the best and quickest way to go from the bonfire to the enemies that need killing and back to the bonfire to reset the enemies to do it all again.

Jolly Cooperation


If the monotony of traditional soul farming has players feeling bored with the endless cycles of running around killing enemies only to rest at a bonfire and do it all over again, there is an alternative.

There are several covenants that allow players to be summoned into another player’s world to help them get through an area or defeat a boss, and doing so will net a percentage of the souls earned. It’s not the best way to farm souls but it sure beats the monotony of traditional farming methods.

Maximize Damage Output


If spending as little time as possible on each farming run is your goal, then maximizing the player character’s damage output, i.e. how much damage you’re dealing, is hugely important.

There are some of ways to gain this relying on the situation. If the enemies you’re farming are satisfactory fought with backstabs, equipping the Hornet Ring to growth backstab damage is the manner to go. Or maybe you are handling harder enemies, in which case it wouldn’t be a awful concept to position factors into faith to decimate them with Sunlight Spear.

Boss Rush


Though it seems counterintuitive, a great tip for farming souls in Dark Souls 3 is to simply rush through every mandatory boss in the game then go to the next New Game (NG) cycle. Just run past all the enemies, get to the boss, defeat them, and move on to the next one.

This method isn’t advisable if you’re not confident in your skills fighting bosses at low levels. But if you are, this method takes about 2 hours to do and by the end you’ll rack up nearly 4 million souls if you’ve used the right soul boosting equipment.

Covetous Silver Serpent Ring


When farming souls, it’s very important to wear the right equipment, as there are pieces of equipment the can boost the amount of souls you receive from defeated enemies. The most commonly known piece of equipment that boosts souls received is the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring.

Found behind an illusionary wall at the top of Firelink Shrine, the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring makes enemies drop 10% more souls than normal, and on subsequent NGs, you can find improved versions of the ring to further increase the percentage yielded.

Mendicant’s Staff


The Silver Serpent Ring is not the only piece of equipment that increases the amount of souls you receive from fallen enemies. The Mendicant’s Staff is another piece of equipment that is recommended to have when soul farming, but it is trickier to get than the Silver Serpent Ring.

The Mendicant’s Staff is a random drop from Man-Serpent Summoners in Archdragon Peak. But once you get one, having it equipped with cause enemies to yield 20% more souls.

Shield Of Want


Here’s yet another piece of equipment that will increase the amount of souls gained from fallen enemies. And like the Mendicant’s Staff, it will increase that yield by 20%.

The Shield of Want is a splendid shield to have whilst soul farming however it could be risky to gain. The defend may be determined in the Smouldering Lake, in the equal region that you need to take care of a giant worm and a big ballista constantly firing at you, but it is virtually really worth the hazard.

Symbol Of Avarice


There’s nothing like running around Lothric with a Mimic’s head over the player character’s head. It may look ridiculous, but it’s the single best piece of equipment for soul farming as it increases soul yield by 50%. However, it also has the drawback of draining 10 HP per second.

The Symbol of Avarice is a rare drop from Mimics, but an easier way to get one is by farming Mimics using Undead Hunter’s Charm to put them to sleep without killing them.

Stack Equipment Effects


If it wasn’t obvious from the lead up to this final entry, to maximize the yield of souls from enemies, you can equip each piece of equipment previously mentioned and stack their effects together.

While in my view they most effective boom soul yield by way of a small percentage, when stacked collectively, the full growth in souls absorbed from enemies is 237.60%. It’s a huge increase in souls a good way to have you raking in the souls right away.