Danganronpa: 10 Hilarious Memes You’d Only Get If You Played The Games


Danganronpa is a weird series, and these memes get that perfectly.


The Danganronpa series is an unappreciated gem, filled with great mysteries and writing. The games never fail to lure you in with an intriguing narrative, and a multitude of interesting characters to interact with. The series has grown massively since its inception in 2010, with three mainline titles, some spin-off games, a bunch of manga adaptations and even a few anime adaptations as well.

That’s lots of lore o comply with up on. The games may be pretty dense at instances, with lots of statistics being thrown on the participant. But it’s a part of what makes the series so exciting. That being said, there are honestly some matters approximately the video games that could trap every body who hasn’t skilled them off guard. Here are a few Danganronpa memes you’d only get in case you performed the games.

10 Is it Hope?


Nagito Komaeda was a bit of a wild card among the D2 cast. Whle most of the characters seemed to have their own quirks, Nagito was always a little off. The more you go through the game, the more he reveals himself to be the complete opposite of his first impression.

Nagito is so obsessed with the idea of hope that he’s willing to let some pretty awful things happen if it means achieving that ideal. His obliviousness is aptly depicted here.

Seems Right


The first Danganronpa benefited from a great cast of characters, and a number of twists that no one saw coming. The fact that Junko Enoshima was the mastermind behind everything completely threw everyone off, and so did the truth about what Junko had done to the outside world.

Makoto was always an easy protagonist to root for, and his optimism and tenacity is something to be admired. But when you really look at it, he had no business getting the better of Junko the way he did.

Delivery Matters


Makoto really knew how to make the best of a bad situation. Though he wasn’t the most talented of his peers, he was able to show his worth by being active in trying to solve the first game’s mysteries while keeping his classmates’ spirits up.

Nagito’s shtick was pretty similar to Makoto’s. You could tell right away. But his message never resonated along with his classmates within the equal manner. Probably because of them seeing through his character as a substitute effortlessly.



The Danganronpa games have pretty wild names. Though most fans just call them Danganronpa ___, each game has its own extended name.

You don’t have to learn the full name, but it would definitely show that you know your stuff.

No Risk, No Reward


Danganronpa V3 really pulled one out from under its fans with Kaede. The Ultimate Pianist was slated as the game’s protagonist, and players went through the majority of the first class trial in that game through her eyes.

But as the class trial reveals, she’s the sport’s first homicide and the narrative then shifts to Shuichi’s angle. Kaede thought she had the whole thriller solved, but she ended up messing up pretty bad. And it value her.



Danganronpa V3 made an interesting addition to its cast in the form of Keebo, an honest to goodness robot. Keebo’s a funny character and gets a lot of fish out of water type gags with the rest of the cats.

One of his most memorable gags is implying that anything asked about him being a robot is, in his words “robophobic”.

Unrequited Love


The first game in the series had some of the most memorable characters, with the survivors playing a role in the series later on. Byakuya and Toko have one of the more memorable dynamics among the rest of the cast.

At one factor in the sport, it’s found that Toko is honestly a quite well known serial killer within the Danganronpa universe. She always makes advances at Byakuya but none of it appears to faze him in any respect. Serial killer or not, he isn’t interested and he doesn’t mince words.

An Odd Sense of Humor


Kyoko is a big reason why the investigation in the first game went as well as it did. She served as a great guide to Makoto and helped him out of a few pinches as well.

Usually stern and stoic, Kyoko shows her weird sense of humor from time to time. It’s not everyone’s thing, but it’s nice to see her cut loose every so often.

Flawless Plan


The first ever class trial in the series set the tone for what to expect. With Sayaka trying to frame Makoto for murder, things got real, quick.

Her plan would’ve long gone off without a hitch, except she ended up on the other aspect of the equation. In the cease, it probably wasn’t the nice plan. But desperate times name for determined measures.

Mukuro’s Knife: Origins


Mukuro is Junko’s sister and is the first classmate to fall out of the killing game. Disguised as her sister, Junko killed Mukuro in front of all of their classmates.

It was quite the betrayal, and one that fans wouldn’t learn about till much, much later in the game.