CEO Distances Twitch From FerociouslySteph In Clarification Statement


CEO Emmet Shear has released a statement to clarify the council’s role and Twitch’s position on comments made by “Deer Girl” FerociouslySteph.

After all the drama surrounding the new Twitch Safety Advisory Council, CEO Emmet Shear has released a statement in order to clarify the council’s role and Twitch’s position on comments made by “Deer Girl” FerociouslySteph.

In the note posted to, Emmett starts by acknowledging that there are a lot of questions and concerns about the council, specifically: what role it will play, what power it has, and to what degree it represents Twitch. Emmett concedes that when they announced the council they could have been clearer about what the council will and will not be involved in.

As Emmett explains, the council isn’t a moderation undertaking force. They will now not be worried in any precise cases of streamer moderation or have get admission to to details about instances. He states genuinely and immediately that the council members “are not Twitch personnel, and that they do not communicate on Twitch’s behalf. While we fee their opinions and their proper to proportion them, they are unbiased actors who can have reviews that aren’t shared via either Twitch, Twitch personnel, or even by way of other members of the council.”

The statement is specifically responding to complaints about council member FerociouslySteph and the comments she has made since her appointment was made public. Steph has met criticism and harassment with repeated claims that she “has power” and that Twitch is endorsing her to go after harmful people, saying “there are some people that should be afraid of me.” According to Emmett though, that won’t be her (or anyone else’s) role on the console.

Emmett explains that the role of the council will be to “advise, offer perspective, and participate in discussion with our internal teams pertaining to the work we do to help keep our community safe and healthy.” The council is not a governing body, rather, they are a purposefully diverse group of content creators and industry professionals that Twitch will work with in order to learn more about the wants and needs of the community, as well as how to make Twitch a safer place.

Emmett ends by reminding the community that abuse and harassment will not be tolerated on the platform and that they will continue to take action against anyone that engages in bullying or harassment, something they have certainly had their hands full with since announcing the council. “Harassment directed at council members or anyone at or on Twitch only underscores the importance of the council.”

What effect or have an effect on the council finally ends up having will possibly in no way be immediately understood through the community, however it’s clean that so far it’s accomplished greater harm than appropriate. We share council member Cohhcarnage’s sentiment while he says that it’s disappointing how an awful lot the drama has distracted from the proper purpose of the council.