Adam Rippon

NAME Adam Rippon OCCUPATION Ice Skater BIRTH DATE November 11, 1989 DID YOU KNOW? Adam Rippon underwent ear surgery before his first birthday to correct hearing problems. DID YOU KNOW? …

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Alice Paul

QUICK FACTS NAME Alice Paul BIRTH DATE January 11, 1885 DEATH DATE July 9, 1977 EDUCATION Swarthmore College, University of Pennsylvania, University of Birmingham PLACE OF BIRTH Moorestown, New Jersey …

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Boss Tweed

QUICK FACTS NAME Boss Tweed BIRTH DATE April 3, 1823 DEATH DATE April 12, 1878 PLACE OF BIRTH New York, New York PLACE OF DEATH New York, New York AKA …

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Patrick Henry

QUICK FACTS NAME Patrick Henry BIRTH DATE May 29, 1736 DEATH DATE June 6, 1799 PLACE OF BIRTH Hanover County, Virginia PLACE OF DEATH Brookneal, Virginia FULL NAME Patrick Henry …

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Al Sharpton

QUICK FACTS NAME Al Sharpton BIRTH DATE October 3, 1954 (age 65) EDUCATION Brooklyn College PLACE OF BIRTH Brooklyn, New York FULL NAME Alfred Charles Sharpton Jr. ZODIAC SIGN Libra …

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Rachel Maddow

QUICK FACTS NAME Rachel Maddow BIRTH DATE April 1, 1973 (age 47) EDUCATION Stanford University, Castro Valley High School, Oxford University PLACE OF BIRTH Castro Valley, California FULL NAME Rachel …

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Kellyanne Conway

QUICK FACTS NAME Kellyanne Conway BIRTH DATE January 20, 1967 (age 53) PLACE OF BIRTH Camden, New Jersey ORIGINALLY Kellyanne Fitzpatrick ZODIAC SIGN Aquarius Kellyanne Conway is a surveyor and …

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Tom Steyer

QUICK FACTS NAME Tom Steyer BIRTH DATE June 27, 1957 (age 63) PLACE OF BIRTH New York, New York ZODIAC SIGN Cancer Tom Steyer is an American tycoon and donor. …

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Mahalia Jackson

QUICK FACTS NAME Mahalia Jackson BIRTH DATE October 26, 1911 DEATH DATE January 27, 1972 PLACE OF BIRTH New Orleans, Louisiana PLACE OF DEATH Evergreen Park, Illinois ORIGINALLY Mahala Jackson …

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David Ben-Gurion

QUICK FACTS NAME David Ben-Gurion OCCUPATION Prime Minister BIRTH DATE October 16, 1886 DEATH DATE December 1, 1973 DID YOU KNOW? David Ben-Gurion’s lifelong Zionist activism was rewarded in 1948 …

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