Destiny 2’s director and popular supervisor were doing the rounds for the reason that large Witch Queen presentation remaining month. We’ve already determined out more about how weapon crafting will work in The Witch Queen, how the 30th-anniversary occasion might be a “shotgun blast” of content material, and that Nova Warp won’t be going everywhere when the Void three.Zero subclass remodel arrives with the imminent growth.

And now, way to the contemporary interview between recreation director Joe Blackburn and Polygon, we are getting massive suggestions that there is probably new lessons of Legendary guns delivered inside the not-so-remote destiny: Trace Rifles and lever-movement repeaters.

“Dead Man’s Tale is pretty cool, proper,” Blackburn instructed Polygon. “Coldheart is quite cool. These are all stuff that we study in the destiny and say, yeah, we’re as excited because the community is set a bunch of that.”

Blackburn stated that the Destiny 2 team still desires to make sure that sure Exotics remain “specific,” but additionally mentioned that positive weapon archetypes began out as Exotics before subsequently gaining Legendary variations.

“You can look again at our music file here, and you can say things like ‘Hey, I don’t forget when swords have been just Exotic,’ proper? ‘Hey, I consider while there was handiest one sidearm in the game.’ This is some thing that as we explore, we’re clearly enthusiastic about pushing some of the ones.”

Trace Rifle Thing - via Bungie

With 4 Exotic Trace Rifles already and enthusiasts begging for Legendary versions for years, the time seems ideal for a fixed of Legendary Trace Rifles. Blackburn didn’t offer a time body, a new expansion is a pretty accurate time to introduce a new weapon archetype.

In the identical interview, Blackburn additionally mentioned the trouble with sure Exotics receiving Catalysts whilst others must make do with out the benefit of Power Orbs. No hints at a solution had been furnished, but the dev group is working on giving un-Catalyzed Exotics a leg-up.