Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Won’t Include New Pokemon, Says Nintendo France


Hope you like the first four gens.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl can also stray from remake tradition, and most effective consist of the Pokemon that had been round all through the unique sport’s release. A comment from Nintendo France seems to indicate that simplest Pokemon from the primary four generations will be blanketed in the upcoming re-launch, which means we may not see any of the later additions around Sinnoh.

If real, this is a miles special approach from preceding remakes, as they as an alternative opted to consist of any Pokemon that were released by the point of its very own launch. This supposed that gen four Pokemon made it into both the gen two and gen 3 remakes, but the equal courtesy will now not be prolonged here.

In a Facebook comment seen through Nintendo Smash, the legit account for Nintendo France is translated as pronouncing you may, “rediscover all Pokemon as much as 4G”. However, it’s miles well worth noting that this comment can’t presently be determined on the page, indicating that it has been taken down.

Instead, a post from August is a whole lot the identical, but leaving out the bit about it best being up to the fourth era. Either Nintendo is looking to announce this disappointing information at a later date, or the French team were given mixed up.

Of route, this would not be an unsurprising flow given the infamous “Dexit” of Pokemon Sword and Shield. For the primary time, now not every Pokemon made it into a chief collection name, so it is viable that’s the method the crew will have going ahead.