Black Desert Mobile: Family Name Vs. Character Name


One of the first choices players will make in Black Desert Mobile is deciding on a Family name and Character name. But what’s the difference?


Black Desert Mobile saw its global release yesterday, December 11th, and judging by the bustling servers it was met with an eager reception. The first thing players are asked to do is choose a Family Name. However just a few screens later during character creation, players may also choose a Character Name, so what’s the difference?

Family Vs. Character Names

When making an account, players must choose a Family Name before even reaching the character selection process. A brief prompt explains the name must be between two to twelve characters long and “will be displayed to other Adventurers.” This might leave some players confused about the purpose of the title, as ‘family’ suggests it would serve as a surname while the explanation insinuates it could be the character’s title.

It so happens that both interpretations are correct. The Family Name applies to all characters created by the player on every server within one region and will appear over the characters throughout their adventures. As most players will only be playing in a single region (America, Europe, or Asia), the Family Name represents the player rather than the individual character. The Family Name also serves to draw a relation between each of the player’s characters and in that way acts as a surname.


Character names must also be between 2-12 letters long and serve as each character’s personal identity, pertaining solely to them. Despite this, the Character Name does not appear all that often. It is mainly used on the character selection and My Info screens within the game.

Changing Names


In order to change either name, a Change Name Coupon must be bought at the in-game Pearl Shop under Misc. The Family and Character Name Change Coupons are each sold separately. Once purchased, players may access the Family or Character Name Change Coupon within their Pearl Inventory. After the coupon has been used the change will be implemented with the game’s next patch update- a near-constant occurrence. Previous names may be reused, but only after thirty days since the use of the Name Change Coupon.


It might also appear abnormal for an MMORPG to not often employ personalised man or woman names, devaluing person identities. However, incorporating the dynamic of getting The Black Spirit companion and different NPCs cope with the participant through their Family Name is a unique way to customise gameplay. Both names serve a reason, but, it’s miles pertinent the participant is happy with their selected family call as it will follow them in the course of the complete adventure.