Belly Of The Beast: Fallout 76 – How To Get Ultracite Power Armor


Here’s how to complete Belly of the Beast in Fallout 76 and get yourself some Ultracite Power Armor.


As the newest member of the Brotherhood of Steel in the wastelands of Fallout 76, you will be tasked with taking on the Scorched all on your own. This will lead up to the Belly of the Beast quest, which will quite possibly be the most challenging quest you will have encountered up to this point in the game. While the difficulty may be high, the promise of getting your hands on the rare Ultricate Power Armor should be more than enough incentive to brave even the most radioactive pits in Fallout 76.

How To Start Belly Of The Beast In Fallout 76


Starting the Belly of the Beast quest is no trouble. Before you can get this quest you need to have found Fort Defiance and become a member of the Brotherhood of Steel. As part of that process, you will be given the quest Recruitment Blues. Belly of the Beast will be activated as soon as you complete the prior mission.

Belly Of The Beast Transponders

The primary task of Belly of the Beast is to locate a set of transponders sending out emergency signals from the Brotherhood. You will need to locate and interact with all four transponders using your Brotherhood of Steel radio before you can continue with the quest into the Glassed Caverns. You will be given a large zone where each transponder can be found, but once inside the zone you will need to find the exact spot by following the signal strength indicator on the top left of the screen.

Also, be careful not to die at any point in this process. If you happen to get killed while hunting down these transponders, all your progress will be reset and you will have to find them all again.

First Transponder


Inside the first zone, head West along the road from Watoga. The signal will guide you up one of several platforms build on the road.

Second Transponder

Head back into Watoga itself, near the Southeast of the map, and look for the crashed Vertibot near the center of town. The transponder is right there, but you may want to clear out the many robots in the area before going for it just to be safe.

Third Transponder


Heading West, you need to make your way over to Survey Camp Alpha. The transponder is placed around the outer edge of the camp in a small outpost of tents, but there are likely a ton of Scorched enemies around so proceed with extreme caution.

Fourth Transponder

The fourth and final transponder is over at Drop Site V9. There is only one building here, and the transponder is placed right on the roof.

Fallout 76 Glassed Cavern


With all the transponders taken care of, you can now head to the Glassed Cavern. You’re not too far from it when you find the last transponder, just head East toward the bottom right of the map. You’ll find a mine labeled “Do Not Enter” you need to, well, enter. That’s easier said than done, however, as the area surrounding the Glassed Cavern is nearly as dangerous as the interior. Either try to stealth your way in or make a mad dash for it after loading up on supplies. If you have Power Armor, now’s the time to bust it out.

Once internal, follow your radio, killing Scorched alongside the way, until you come to an open cave with a Scorchbeast prowling around. This is possibly the primary time you may have encountered this type of nasty monsters, but luckily for you, it is hindered through the cramped cave and cannot fly. On the opposite hand, it still can, and could, use a lethal breath assault and phone on more Scorched to pester you.


Stay moving, apply Stimpaks and Med-X, and buckle down for a long brawl. This is the last challenge the quest has for you, so hold nothing back and squash this oversized bug.

With that done, locate the corpse of Taggerdy and acquire her ID to bring again to Fort Defiance. Use it to release her terminal on the fourth ground and select the “Ultimate Solution” choice to finish the hunt. This may even begin the following major quest, Uncle Sam, in addition to provide you with your candy rewards. This consists of, of course, a complete set of the awesome Ultracite Power Armor.

Fallout 76: Belly Of The Beast Ultracite Power Armor


Assuming you have the stats to use it, the Ultracite Power Armor is almost guaranteed to be the best armor you’ll have at this point in Fallout 76, and likely will get for the majority of the game. However, there are still some situations where you’ll want your other power armors around, such as the X-01 suit being better for resisting Energy damage. Here’s how it breaks down in terms of basic stats:

  • Ballistic Resist: 455
  • Energy Resist: 337
  • Radiation Resist: 337
  • Total Weight: 98
  • Total Value: 632

You can of course power it up more with mods, so throw it on and have fun wreaking havoc in your brand new Power Armor.