Magpie Games’ upcoming tabletop game Avatar Legends has had unprecedented success, and it’s no longer even out but. The recreation, based on the universe of Avatar: The Last Airbender, broke facts because the maximum-funded tabletop RPG on Kickstarter, a number of that was probably now not harm by using the wildly famous IP. However, it seems that the production of the game has hit a snag because of the nationwide cardboard scarcity inside the US.

Magpie Games despatched out a message to backers this week letting them recognise about “ability challenges.” The fulfillment of the marketing campaign way that the contemporary cardboard scarcity puts a pressure on the sport’s printers. Magpie Games did now not offer precise delays, but did say that it can be difficult to preserve to the game’s unique agenda because of the lack of cardboard.

Cardboard Delay

Cardboard use has exploded as online shopping expanded in the beyond yr, and the improved demand become a scarcity in January of 2021. In addition, recycling from paper-heavy places like faculties and places of work largely stopped, proscribing the amount of recovered fabric that could be pulped to create cardboard. Add to this the reality that many recycling facilities are both closed temporarily or working at reduced capacity out of concern for workers’ health and protection. Since cardboard is crafted from round seventy five% recycled fabric, reduced pulp directly limits the card supply, main to the cutting-edge scarcity.

Magpie Games’ claim that “there might not be enough cardboard within the United States to print these books” is probable exaggerated. After all, while Avatar Legends is document-breaking for a Tabletop RPG on Kickstarter, other books have larger runs. However, many printers are feeling the cardboard scarcity squeeze, and the printer utilized by Magpie Games seems to be one in all them. The Kickstarter-as-preorder paradigm may additionally contribute to the issue, because the initial run is determined through the unprecedented Kickstarter numbers, in preference to a set wide variety of books.

Another looming problem is how this cardboard shortage may additionally have an effect on indie recreation developers. While Magpie Games isn’t as large as some of the tabletop publishing monsters like Wizards of the Coast or Paizo, they nonetheless are a longtime employer running with a famous IP. Indie game builders have none of those benefits, so they will be hit through the cardboard shortage specially hard.