After 100 Hours Of Grinding, Someone Beat An “Impossible” Enemy In Final Fantasy 10


Tidus is never meant to beat that Water Flan in Besaid… but what happens if he does?

When you watched of hard fights in Final Fantasy 10, what involves mind? There’s greater than enough to select from, with Seymour Flux, Yunalesca – and of route – Braska’s Final Aeon in all likelihood ensuing in a number of damaged PS2 controllers returned inside the day. Yet as hard as they may be, they are far from the worst in the sport.

Believe it or no longer, the trickiest fight is on the very starting, all of the way returned in Besaid… In opposition to a Water Flan. What makes this hard is the fact that the sport never intends for Tidus to overcome it. He’s supposed to hit it once, however not make a dent in it, prompting Wakka and Lulu to offer the player an instructional approximately the use of magic. However, as determined by using YouTuber Warrior Of Light, there may be not anything to forestall you from grinding until you could one-shot it.

After and superb one hundred ten hours of grinding in this early sport vicinity, Warrior Of Light had levelled up Tidus’ strength sufficient to make the assignment feasible. Despite being a negative matchup against the Water Flan, he’s capable of take it out in a single hit.

Funny sufficient though, this does not absolutely change some thing about the magic academic. Despite the enemy not being there in any respect, Wakka nevertheless chimes in: “Told you. Only magic can beat that aspect.” Alright, properly this is just a lie isn’t always it Wakka?

Even better, Lulu nonetheless rocks up to call you “clueless”. She then talks you through the elements, as she prepares her spell for the non-existent enemy… And then the war ends. I guess the builders sincerely did not account for each person spending extra time than it takes to overcome the sport itself simply to peer Tidus take out a tutorial enemy. Square Enix absolutely underestimated its fanbase.

“110 hours of labor for a without a doubt virtually dumb question, however all inside the name of technology”, concluded Warrior of Light. Indeed, we now understand that the characters will take any possibility to dunk on Tidus, even though he is right.