5 Social Media Video Tips To Get More Engagement


Videos have become a crucial content type on social media. They help you

  • Reach your target audience
  • Build your brand
  • Build your online community
  • Advertise your products and services
  • Generate leads and sales

The consumption of videos on social media has grown more drastically than ever before; as per the survey conducted by Wyzowl, the number of videos the audience watches online has nearly doubled since 2018.

Most experts believe that the engagement a video receives (shares, likes, and comments) is said to determine the video’s success.

With a diversified presence of audience across various apps and platforms, Video content has evolved into various formats like:

  • Short-form videos for stories, Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, YouTube shorts.
  • Long-form videos for YouTube channels, Facebook pages, LinkedIn accounts, etc.

Producing and launching videos in varied styles and formats and getting the best results is always a challenge.

Metrics like engagement rate, views, comments, shares, and click-through rates are essential factors to determine the performance of a video campaign and its success.

Here are the top 5 tried and tested video tips that can increase the engagement and success of your social media videos:

1.Create videos that your audience will benefit from

Remember that social media is overloaded with content; the social media feed of your audience is cluttered with posts of various formats and styles.

Identify your ideal audience and create videos that are relevant, useful, fascinating, and interesting videos to them. This will not only stop your audience from scrolling down but spend time on your video, consume your content and interact with it. Most online video editor have features that can easily help to make such videos with ease.

If you’re not sure what kind of videos and content your audience will find useful,

  • Utilise the data available on your social media analytics to the audience.
  • Study your competitors and audience behaviour with similar brands
  • Or consult with a seasoned marketer to analyse what topics, themes, creative assets, or campaigns draw the most attention to your target audience.

Tip: Experiment, Test, Optimise. This is the golden thumb rule to analyse and identify the likes and dislikes of your audience.

2.Add CTAs and captions

It is highly advisable to create videos with captions as it helps the audience follow the video’s narrative and directs them to a call to action.

Start your video with a strong hook so that it captures the viewer’s attention in the first 5 seconds and helps them understand that your video will add value to them.

An effective call to action plays an important role in increasing engagement, as they guide the audience to take the next steps after watching a video. Interactions that are followed by a call to action often lead to building a loyal audience base and qualified leads.

CTAs also help in inviting the viewers to continue watching related videos from the brand, increasing the reach and brand awareness.

Did you know: Several sources cite that 85% of Facebook videos are watched on mute; adding captions makes sure that the audience consumes the video’s context and narrative.

3.Add interesting titles and thumbnails

As much as a strong CTA is needed at the end of the video, an equally strong thumbnail and titles are required at the start of the video.

Thumbnails grab attention and stop the audience from scrolling away.

Strong titles also keep the audience hooked to the video for the first few seconds, where their attention can be captured further.

Some effective ways to design a strong title or a thumbnail are to:

  • Use superlative words in your titles, like best, top, most, perfect, etc…
  • Use simple and readable fonts and colours.
  • Include a person or an object to capture the attention.

Most online video editors provide high-quality thumbnail and title templates that can be easily added to your videos without much effort.

Disclaimer: Do not design clickbait thumbnails, as they can hamper your overall brand reputation.

4.Use the right formats and dimensions

With the need for publishing on various social media platforms, make sure you are using the right formats suitable for each platform or app.

Making sure the dimensions are optimised for each platform helps increase engagement and views drastically.

Also, uploading the videos as per the recommended quality of the platform plays an important role in increasing the reach and engagement of a video.

5.Keep it simple

As the famous quote goes, “Less is more” when it comes to social media content in 2022.

While we can spend a lot of time on the technicalities of production and publishing a video, the crux of its performance comes down to its ability to hold the attention and interest of the audience.

Keeping the videos short and engaging is highly advisable unless it is an educative or informative long-form content type.

With the reducing attention spans of the audience and the increase of short-form video content on most social media platforms, the need to produce shorter videos is increasing day by day.

Hence, it is important to ensure that the videos are produced at an optimal duration, and the message is conveyed simply and effectively.

Bonus tips:

  • Avoid flashy and overwhelming transitions and effects in your videos, as they distract the viewers’ attention.
  • Use trending and suitable background audio.
  • Humanise your videos; avoid making videos that are too robotic and that sound less enthusiastic.
  • Optimise your videos for SEO; practising video SEO strategies helps increase the discoverability of the video and reach the right audience.
  • Implement hashtag strategies for reaching the right audience, leading to better engagement rates.
  • Cross-promote and implement paid promotion campaigns to target the right audience and increase engagement rates.
  • Using online video editors and tools can assist you greatly in creating effective videos faster and easily.

Wrapping up

Whether you are a brand or a content creator, the need to create videos has become an important part of your social media campaigns and brand-building exercises.

Creating videos that produce the expected final results can be a frightening challenge, especially in case you are a amateur. However, you may have a superb head begin or improve the engagement of your video content material on social media via implementing the guidelines stated above.