Just about anybody who studied in school from the late ’70s until today has played the Oregon Trail  at least once in their life. Educational games do not always have the best reputation, but the retro historical adventure manages to have tight survival mechanics while also teaching kids about a time in history.

Given its importance in gaming culture, many have paid tribute to the title the best way the Internet knows how; memes. The ten bits of jest below discuss the comedic moments of the game and its place in people’s childhoods. As anyone who played the game can guess, quite a lot of dysentery talk is coming up.

10 Carly Rae Jepsen, The Original Frontiersperson

Call me maybe I'll die of dysentery copy

Nothing makes the sting of losing a loved one to dysentery while out of the trail less severe than making a rhyme out of it calling out to the classic Carly Rae Jepsen song. It makes one wonder if people joked about dysentery and getting the runs back when such afflictions were actually life threatening. Will people joke about deadly diseases in the future which modern society is currently dealing with?

The Methamphetamine Trail

Breaking bad meme copy

Some video games have taken the Oregon Trail’s format and reimagined them for different settings and stories. This meme imagines the popular show Breaking Bad as the game. Walter White gets a terminally sick analysis and makes a decision to turn out to be a drug producer and supplier that allows you to help his circle of relatives after his passing. Things spiral way out of control, with occasions becoming as unpredictable and dire because the random obstacles gamers come across in the game.

A Boy Named Terry

Dissing terry meme

Anybody familiar with the popular Johnny Cash tune “A Boy Named Sue” knows not to make fun of any guy with a girl’s name. Surviving so long with a name most make fun of creates a tough skin.

If a traveller on the trail thinks dysentery is deadly, just wait until they encounter Terry and his attitude towards those who make fun of his name. That toughness comes in handy on the Oregon Trail.

Hunting For Sport

Hunting meme oregon trail

Many players overindulge in the hunting minigame because it is one aspect which is not dependent on chance and strategy. Players actively hunt animals for meat to bring back to the camp using the keyboard. While killing literally thousands of animals for no reason wrecks havoc on the ecosystem, in a video game it is without consequence. It is still terribly unkind to needlessly kill virtual animals, however.

Grand Theft Auto Versus Oregon Trail

GTa vs oregon trail copy

Many see Grand Theft Auto as one of the most violent and cruel game franchises ever made. Players can run amok in the fictional cities and the main story path often makes the player engage in anomalous activities. However, it is not nearly as intense as venturing into uncharted territory as settles in The Oregon Trail. After all, no protagonist can die of dysentery in Grand Theft Auto V.

Listen To Sean Bean

sean bean oregon trail

If there is one person who knows all there is to know about dying in fiction, it is Sean Bean. When he shows up in a movie, one can almost bet money the character he plays will bite the dust eventually.

When he shows up in the Oregon Trail and warns of impending doom from floating a wagon across a river, it is wise to listen. It is no surprise, since death and misfortune greet players around every corner in the game.

The Modern Take

oregon trail 2016 copy

Thanks to modern medication and technology, most of the illnesses and injuries players come upon in the sport would no longer be existence threatening in recent times. A similar recreation up to date for a present day putting would need to discover new approaches to prevent players and add trouble. Cars and planes would also make the ride appreciably shorter. That’s not to say the present day international is absolutely free from deadly sicknesses and viruses, however.

Vaccines Are DLC

Oregon trail vaccine meme copy

If The Oregon Trail were made today, players would probably be able to buy vaccines as DLC and microtransactions to make the trek through the United States significantly easier. Much like choosing the banker gives the player more money to buy supplies at the start of the journey, many games give players an advantage for putting money into microtransactions.

At Least They Accept Their Fate

Oregon trail dysentery meme

The group of people in the above meme are not pessimists, they just understand the reality of the situation. Given the amount of people on the trail, at least one of them will bite it from dysentery. It is a nasty way to go, but at the time there was no way to avoid it. Thankfully, in a video game dying of dysentery is significantly less painful. Some long for the past; these people do not remember dysentery.

Education Was All Just A Rouse

oregon trail pie cahr copy

The magic of The Oregon Trail turned into how children may want to play it in college right in view of instructors and no longer get in hassle. It become educational so those establishments had it on most of their computer systems for kids to enjoy. However, a variety of students likely forgot maximum of the lessons the sport tried to teach and instead spent most of their time looking animals.