Building up the perfect selection of villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be a difficult task. In order to get a varied island you ideally want different personalities and animals. There are 8 different personalities in all and 35 species of animal. Since you can only have a maximum of 10 villagers on your island getting a true mix is impossible. Therefore tough decisions have to be made.

Luckily Amiibo cards are here to help. The majority of villagers have an Amiibo card or figure which can be used to summon them to your island. Here we’ve picked out the very best villagers who can be invited via the Amiibo system in order to create a truly unique, diverse, and interesting island.

10 Roald: Amiibo Series 1 Card 98

Roald is a jock penguin who loves to catch fish and bugs. He’s a staple of the franchise and we still adore him. In previous games, he’s had a child-like bedroom but in New Horizons he’s all grown up.

His new home is now ice-themed and looks amazing. He has ice sculptures and themed walls and floors. What’s not to love? It’s worth adding Roald to your island just to visit his magnificent home.

Rodney: Amiibo Series 2 Card 146

Rodney is our favorite smug hamster. He’s polite, kind, and easy to get along with, and he knows it. He’s mostly quite chilled out and tends to get on well with others, usually causing you no issues.

We’ve always adored Rodney’s home and in New Horizons it’s just as cool. He still embraces the arcade idea while also utilizing the awesome diner wallpaper we love so much.

Whitney: Amiibo Series 2 Card 148


In order to balance your island, a snooty personality is a must. While these villagers often struggle to connect with others they love to gossip and often inject some drama into island life.

Whitney is the perfect snooty addition. She looks lovely, being a wolf matches nicely together with her persona and her domestic is nicely adorned. Whenever you see her she’ll usually be immaculately groomed, adding a few fashion to the island.

Beau: Amiibo Series 2 Card 167

Beau is one of our favorite villagers. He’s characterized as lazy but we prefer chilled out. With a love of comics, superheroes, relaxing, and food we can identify with him in a way we can’t with others.

Inviting Beau onto your island is a choice you won’t regret. He loves to make relatable comments and is inherently memeable. What’s not to love?

Agnes: Amiibo Series 2 Card 172


Agnes is a sisterly pig and is one of the most helpful people you can have in your village. She offers tips on relaxation and always offers medicine to those with wasp stings. Once befriended she has your back and will even offer to fight off anyone upsetting you.

Agnes doesn’t tolerate gossip and rumors but she’s generally easy to get along with. She also has a cute home.

Ankha: Amiibo Series 2 Card 188

Another snooty personality Ankha is an Egyptian icon and we love it. Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats and Ankha seems to thrive on this and embrace her position as a self-appointed Goddess.

Her home is a shrine to pyramids and artifacts and her dress is that of an ancient Pharoah. For all of us who loves Egyptian records and architecture, Ankh is an absolute must-have villager on your island.

Marina: Amibo Series 3 Card 234

If you love pink and cute decor then you’ll love Marina, the pink octopus. She has a normal personality type and is very kind in interactions. She’s adorable and lovable and makes a great villager.

Her home may be overloaded with vibrant colors inside but the outside is cute without being in your face, meaning it won’t look out of place with its pale walls and cute brown roof.

Apollo: Amiibo Series 3 Card 297

Apollo is a cool Eagle. He may be cranky but we still want him on our island. The bald eagle not only looks magnificent but he also has a super stylish home and a lot of personality, even if it is somewhat hostile at times.

While not always being the easiest to get along with he’s the perfect patriotic addition to any island. His birthday is on July 4th, he’s the US’s national bird and he’s named after a Greek God.

Goldie: Amiibo Series 4 Card 317

Goldie is a very happy dog and makes an adorable addition to any island. Her normal personality makes her easy to get along with and she loves natural wood furnishings. She’s often found in PJs and is very relatable.

You’ll find Goldie to be kind and friendly with a cheery disposition. If you’re looking for an adorable dog to add to your island, Goldie is perfect.

Peggy: Amiibo Series 4 Card 365


Not only is Peggy very cheerful-looking but she’s almost always in a good mood. She looks adorable, is over-excitable, and enthusiastic as well as being easy to befriend.

Peggy goals of turning into well-known, like many peppy villagers, and can not be discouraged. She’s shiny and nice and is certain to deliver true vibes to any island. We all need a satisfied buddy like Peggy.